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Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, I am a proud survivor of the sixties there. I am an Altruistic Visionary, Writer, Composer, Musician and Producer. As a frequent visitor to "The Fillmore", I experienced Carlos many times. Oh...the memories Carlos...Mahalo for creating this space...Good to be here. As so many of us from that Time and Place, I too carry Dreams and Visions of a Peaceful Planet...a New Dawn...New Beginnings. In 1972, after several years managing night clubs, bands and producing rock concerts, I "left it all behind and sailed to Lahaina". I have lived on Kaua`i since 1982. My soul purpose, in this life, is to assist with the Bigger Picture: the Production of World Peace...Global Aloha. When I was first introduced to 'Architects of a New Dawn', the bell tolled. Yes...truly, World Peace must be intelligently designed and Produced. I have been shown, and do believe, that Hawai`i is the Gateway to Peace on Earth. In support of this belief, I am in production of a multi-media stage show and sound track CD entitled: MU RISING...A Hula Rock Dream. The project represents the culmination and distillation of my life's experiences and meditations. I share the narration and lyrics of this significant project at and welcome your comments and participation.
Craig Davies

My most recent writing takes the form of a letter I sent to President Obama. It speaks to a 'New Approach'...a new 'Design' towards our future...Peace emanating from the 'Aloha Spirit' of Hawaii. I post this letter entitled: 'Another View from the Mountaintop', ironically, as Mr. Obama sits down to a Hawaiian Luau at the White House.

Obama's 'Hawaiian Revelation Proclamation' Sends World Community Spiraling Towards Peace!

June 9, 2009
An Open Letter to President Obama…

Barack Hussein Obama, all hope for America and the World seems to rest solidly on your shoulders. You are an extraordinary man…born of a Black African father and a Caucasian American mother, in an Island Paradise known as Hawaii. An Ebony/Ivory President, although a first, is not overly remarkable. However, your relationship with Hawaii is extremely remarkable. It is the cornerstone of your “purpose driven life”. I pray you understand this calling…

On the day of your Inauguration, there was a definite shift…a true sense of change in the air; a feeling that yes…Peace is possible. The days surrounding your event were also extraordinary. The Train Ride; the Abraham Lincoln theme of Freedom, Unity and Justice accented an American first, as a Black President signaled the arrival of Equality for all. There was Martin Luther King Jr. Day…Civil Rights, a reminder of the profound efforts and sacrifices that guided us to this era of awakening. In the end, the day was about you; your arduous calling…an inherent responsibility to lead the World to Peace. Your ethical, moral and conscious solutions to critical Global chaos, in a dangerously naive World, are clear to me. Nevertheless, I ask you:

Have you seen the View from The Mountaintop?

You have opened yourself to suggestions, ideas and visions. The Internet has come alive with creativity and resourcefulness…ideas are coming from Joe the Plumber to the Dalai Lama. Deepak Chopra spoke for many saying: “As a society, we want peace, and we want to be seen as a nation that promotes peace”. He believes: “ending our dependence on war is far more important than ending our dependency on foreign oil”. Deepak goes further with a list of “nine steps” towards achieving these goals. In their “A Call to Conscious Evolution” petition, Chopra and renowned visionaries, prophets and healers of our time suggest ‘changes’ which hail from an alternate consciousness; a mindset that recognizes war and greed as barbaric and sees the need for thoughtful progress towards a peaceful, sustainable and simple future for us all. One aspect of their petition reads: “Building Global Community: The new story is about all of us who share this planet. Together, we can create a culture of peace that eliminates the need for armed conflict, respecting and appreciating the glorious diversity of our human family.”

The Dalai Lama, on Fareed Jakaria’s news hour, mimicked this concept as the ‘One World-One People’ vision. In this model, a conflict in the perception of an issue is respected by the oneness of all. Resolution comes through dialog rather than war. The overall message is one of a grand awakening, a major change in how we view each other and ourselves.

In your native Hawaii, another remarkable event took place around your inauguration. It was basically unreported by U.S. media; unseen and unheard by most Americans. There were parades, concerts, cultural events, demonstrations and prayer. Each year, Native Hawaiians observe and mourn January 17 as the day they lost their Nation, their Queen and their Independence…the day the United States overthrew the Hawaiian Kingdom.

In 1893, without regard or concern for moral or legal right, the Hawaiian Kingdom’s legitimate government was toppled, using threat of American military force, by a handful of greedy American plantation owners and Military interests. A Provisional Government, condoned by then U.S. Minister Stevens, was formed and took control of the Palace. Martial law was declared as armed U.S. troops were stationed nearby. Minister Stevens later wrote the State Department urging the annexation of Hawaii saying: “The Hawaiian pear is now fully ripe, and this is the golden hour for the United States to pluck it.”

Upon learning of this disgraceful act, Democratic President Grover Cleveland knew that he must do everything in his power to correct the wrong. The United States held International Treaties with the Independent Hawaiian Nation. In the name of Justice, Cleveland withdrew the Hawaiian annexation Treaty submitted to the Senate by previous President Harrison. He also called for the immediate reinstatement of his personal friend and Hawaii’s Queen, Liliuokalani.

Cleveland had harsh words for the landing of American troops at the request of the Revolutionaries:
…“This military demonstration upon the soil of Honolulu was of itself an act of war.”
…“When these armed men were landed, the city of Honolulu was in its customary orderly and peaceful condition.”
…“But for the lawless occupation of Honolulu, under false pretexts by the United States forces…the Queen and her government would never have yielded to the Provisional government, even for a time and for the sole purpose of submitting her case to the enlightened justice of the United States.”
…“If a feeble but friendly state is in danger of being robbed of its independence and its sovereignty by a misuse of the name and power of the United States, the United States cannot fail to vindicate its honor and its sense of justice by an earnest effort to make all possible reparation.”
Sadly, Cleveland’s term ended before resolution.

In 1898, the U.S. entered into the Spanish/American War to free Cuba from Spain. In doing so, the United States gained dominance of Cuba and aquired Puerto Rico. As the war moved into the Pacific, the importance of Hawaii, once again, became clear. Once the U.S. gained control of The Philippines and Guam, President William McKinley advocated the annexation of Hawaii saying: “We need Hawaii as much and a good deal more than we did California; It is Manifest Destiny.”

Manifest Destiny is the historical belief that the United States was destined and divinely ordained, by the God of Christianity, to expand across the North American continent from “sea to shinning sea” while redeeming and remaking the World in the image of the U.S. It was used to advocate and justify territorial acquisitions to include the genocide of the Native American populations. Some ridiculed Manifest Destiny as “justification for actions motivated by chauvinism and self-interest.” In 1896, Republicans in the White House cited Manifest Destiny to promote overseas expansion.

Today, some historians interpret the overthrow of Hawaii as the antithesis (reverse) of Manifest Destiny. The Hawaiian people signed petitions against annexation as U.S. ministers and ambassadors to Hawaii continued to defy International law, International treaties and even the US constitution in order to control Hawaii through statehood. Cleveland wrote that McKinley's annexation of Hawaii was “a perversion of our national destiny” and declared: “I am ashamed of the whole affair.”

In his article, ‘Hawaii's Still Waters Run Deep for the President-Elect’, The Washington Post’s Philip Rucker states: “Obama appeared to be channeling the Aloha Spirit of his native Hawaii. Far more than a greeting, Hawaii’s Aloha, which has many meanings, often connotes a certain laid-back, live-and-let-live attitude.”
Your wife Michelle said: “You can't really understand Barack until you understand Hawaii. But to understand Hawaii is to make sense of America's most exotic outpost. It's the nation's last frontier, the 50th state.”
You said of yourself: “What’s best in me, and what’s best in my message, is consistent with the tradition of Hawaii.”

In 1972 San Francisco, after watching childhood fields of green become condos, shopping malls and parking lots, I decided to “leave it all behind and sail to Lahaina”. On Maui, I fell in Love with Hawaii, the Hawaiian people and their spiritually oriented culture. It is a most special and sacred land. Hawaii just may be home to the World’s most Loving, Understanding and Generous People with an unmatched sense of Community. What is it about the Hawaiian people and their culture that is so right?

While pondering this, I realized that America, in less than 250 years, had become a rogue, world super power. The U.S. military is shamefully over-kill with bases in nearly 200 countries. As self-proclaimed world police, the U.S. is constantly at war commanding other country’s governments and resources. With excessive emphasis on war, America neglected its own store and now, when compared to other “advanced” nations, the U.S. has the appearance of a developing country. In this time of conscious awakening to the pillage of war and the need to pay attention to our global environment, America has taken a hard fall, bringing down much of the world community with it. As Russia’s Putin recently phrased it, America has been “Asleep at the switch…the Perfect Storm.”

I applaud your reaching out to the Middle East. In the first government reaction to your video, Iranian press adviser Ali Akbar Javanfekr said: “Obama has talked of change but has taken no practical measures to address America's past mistakes in Iran. If Mr. Obama takes concrete actions and makes fundamental changes in U.S. foreign policy toward other nations, including Iran, the Iranian government and people will not turn their back on him.” It appears that your communication yielded a very exciting promise. The Islamic Nations are expressing trust in your Leadership. To top it off, Hawaii declares: ‘Islam Day’…what synchronicity.

Your three-week world leader tour was indeed a noble effort! Although sparsely covered by a media distracted with Pirates and Swine Flu, the U.S. was chastised, in some form or other, as an arrogant, meddling and greedy menace. You returned from your trip admitting: “…perhaps we’ve made some mistakes” and we must “change America’s Image”…“follow our Values”…“including the Rule of Law.”

Mr. Obama, you have referred to these times as “the opportunity of a lifetime!” You said: “This is not about dollars and cents…it’s about fundamental values.”
I agree! America must rethink and perhaps reverse past thoughts and actions which are now realized to be far less than admirable, if not criminal. You have begun this process yet most Americans have no clue as to its magnitude.

In 1989, the U.S. Army announced its “Star Wars” missile program was coming to Kauai. As Hawaii’s ‘Garden Isle’, Kauai is home to the largest military training base in the world…the Pacific Missile Range Facility. There was something ‘fundamentally’ wrong with the U.S. test launching missiles to the South Pacific while displacing indigenous peoples in the Marshall Islands. To this day, as the U.S. commands the entire Pacific arena, missile testing and countless military operations continue in the land, skies and waters of Hawaii. Having knowledge of the true Hawaiian heart, I have come to know and understand true Hawaiian Pain.

The Hawaiian Spirit has been obscured by the clouds of America for far too long. Once a model of neutrality, self-sufficiency and sustainability, Hawaii is now 90% dependent on U.S. /Foreign oil and goods. In my 35+ yrs as witness to the American capitalization and militarization of Hawaii, I have seen the premeditated and insensitive destruction and genocide of a beautiful people, their culture and a land we once looked to as a Paradise. Today, where there is not a Military base, there is a Walmart, Home Depot or Costco. Quaint Plantation towns and precious agricultural land have been erased by Hotels, Condos, Gated Communities, Gentleman Estates and GMO experiments.

U.S. Senator Daniel Akaka’s ‘Native Hawaiian Government Reorganization Act’, commonly known in Hawaii as the ‘Akaka Bill’, seeks to place Native Hawaiians in a category similar to that of the Native American Indians…on a reservation.
I have heard you support this? I pray I am misinformed.

Akaka has said: “America needs the Aloha Spirit…sharing the Aloha Spirit with the World is Hawaii’s Destiny.” Is Akaka’s statement grossly inconsistent with his proposed bill or, is he actually aware of the true Hawaiian Responsibility? Mr. President, you once said: “It is only when you hitch your wagon to something larger than yourself that you will realize your true potential”. Do you understand the significance of hitching your wagon to the Hawaiian Responsibility?

On Martin Luther King Jr. day in January of 1995, an editorial I wrote was published entitled:

“Hawaiians Have the Highest of Responsibilities”

The theme: Hawaii is the Gateway to Global Aloha…World Peace.
Some excerpts:
“...The World does not have a role model of how to live Peacefully.”
“…Modern man apparently needs to see it with his own eyes, touch it and feel it before he can live it. A full-scale physical model must be created if we are to actually produce World Peace. And to create a model for “Global Aloha”, what better place to start than in the Land of Aloha itself!”
“…Hawaiian Sovereignty is the key to enabling Hawaii to become the visible example of Peace the World has been waiting for.”
“…This cannot happen if Hawaii is under control of the U.S. government. And, if the U.S. government is the world peacekeeping police it portends to be, it should recognize this and support the project.”
“…Once the door is open and the Independent Nation is (restored)…we will then co-create a role model of Independence, Self-Sufficiency and Peace. We will create a living proof example the rest of the world can touch, see, believe and follow. It is all about creating Global Aloha…World Peace! It is about Hawaii becoming the prototype pivot point on which the World will turn towards Peace.”
“…And where is that person who will pull it all together? Who will unite the Hawaiian people and lead them to the ultimate goal of Independence, Self-sufficiency, and Peace? Where is the Martin Luther King of the Hawaiian Sovereignty movement? I know that person is out there with a master plan and answers to all your questions.”
I concluded with: “You Hawaiians have the Highest of Responsibilities. You are holding the key to World Peace! I beg you…please use it. I’d hate to have to visit you on your Reservation.”

There’s a Rumble in the Rocks…the Native Hawaiians (Kanaka Maoli) would like their Nation back! You have been receiving quite a bit of correspondence from Hawaii. While in Hawaii, as President elect during the Holiday season, you received a letter from Hawaiian Kupuna (elders), PhDs and Statesmen. In part it states:
“The tragedy which befell our Kanaka Maoli Nation in 1893, the ramifications of which continue to this day, deserve the respect of careful scrutiny by your Presidency…We are asking you, among many things, to create a high-level Kanaka Maoli (Hawaiian Native) – U.S. Commission to review the ramifications of the injuries done to our Hawaiian Nation and people by the U.S. since 1893…”
In closing: “We urge you, even as you absorb the natural blessings of the land of your birth, to reflect on its Spirit which permeated you as you grew up here in Hawaii: the Spirit of Pono, or alignment with that which is right and proper, just and correct.”

The Hawaiian Sovereignty movement has been active for decades; its leaders insisting the United States end its illegal occupation of their Nation. Hawaiians had a tea party in Boston years ago; they marched on Washington, twice, years ago. They have been to The Hague and The United Nations. Dialog with The Carter Center and work with International lawyers pursues as I write.

Shockingly, 99% of Americans do not have a clue about this movement. Most, including those who live in Hawaii, believe that Hawaii is one of America’s States. In a world in which nations are bound by the rule of law, it is not. Every step along Hawaii’s path from sovereign and independent nation to statehood was done in violation of international laws and treaties then in effect. As one Hawaiian patriot put it…“The illegality of the initial act (the overthrow and seizure of Hawaii) means that anything else based on that illegal act is likewise, illegal; The State of Hawaii and its constructs are illegal entities. That means the only valid, lawful claimant to the lands and jurisdiction of the Hawaiian Islands is, after all these years, the still-existing Hawaiian Kingdom.”

In 1988, the U.S. Justice Department concluded that Congress did not have the authority to annex Hawaii by Joint Resolution. On November 23, 1993, President Clinton signed ‘U.S. Public Law 103-150’ acknowledging the illegal actions committed by the United States in the overthrow of the Hawaiian government. Known in Hawaii as ‘The Apology Bill’, it confesses that the Hawaiian people never surrendered their sovereignty. It is an official admission that the U.S., to this day, illegally occupies Hawaii and that Hawaii never legally ceased to be a sovereign, separate and Independent Nation.

In 1999, the United Nations confirmed that the vote leading to Hawaii’s statehood was in violation of Article 73 of the UN Charter. The Hawaii statehood vote in 1959, under Treaties then in effect, was illegal and non-binding. If one holds that the government of the U.S. is obliged to obey International Laws and the UN Charter it freely signed, then the status of Hawaii and her people, as a distinct and sovereign nation, is beyond debate…there is no argument. As Gandhi described the British in India, the U.S. in Hawaii is “Acting as the masters in someone else’s home.”
Frequently, as an American in Hawaii, I feel shame.

It is not my intention to focus entirely on the Independent status of Hawaii and appropriate U.S. restitution. It is the ‘significance’ of Hawaii’s Independence and Hawaii’s Responsibility, her effect on the World as a model of Aloha, which is of importance. Recent condemnation of North Korean nuclear testing, by the world community, suggests a new unified approach is surfacing; ‘Another View from the Mountaintop’ is on the horizon.

In America, this year marks the 50th anniversary of Hawaiian Statehood. This year also marks the 50th anniversary of the Tibetan uprising against Chinese presence in Tibet. The failure of the U.S. backed rebellion in 1959 resulted in a massacre, a violent crackdown on Tibetan independence movements by the Chinese government and the flight of the Dalai Lama into exile. In 1959, two super-powers took final authority and control over perhaps the two most Sacred and Humble Nations on Earth. Were all ‘fundamental values’ of right and wrong, the ‘Spirit of Pono’, tossed aside in the race to be biggest and best? Have we lost all sense of spirituality? Perhaps not…

In March of 2008, as Senator from Illinois, you sent a letter to President Bush. You asked him to encourage President Hu Jintaoo and the Chinese Government to negotiate with the Dalai Lama in resolving the Tibetan issue. Extracting from that letter, you wrote:
“…It is important that we give high priority to the plight of Tibetans and make clear to President Hu that the way in which China treats all Chinese citizens, including Tibetans, profoundly affects how China is viewed in the United States and throughout the international community.”
“…I hope you made clear to President Hu the American view about the importance of the following: a negotiation with the Dalai Lama about his return to Tibet; guarantees of religious freedom for the Tibetan people; protection of Tibetan culture and language; and the exercise of genuine autonomy for Tibet.”
“…Chinese leaders have it within their power to achieve that worthy goal if they take steps to change the situation in Tibet for the better and by reaching an accommodation with the Dalai Lama. Progress in Tibet would profoundly affect the world's perception of China…”
“…Should it appear, however, that the Chinese are taking private diplomacy as a license for inaction or continued repression, I would urge you to speak out forcefully and publicly to disabuse them of the notion that they can thus escape international censure.”

These are conscious words with a touch of the ‘Aloha Spirit’. If, within the context of your letter, one were to replace ‘Tibet’ with ‘Hawaii’ and ‘China’ with ‘United States’, it would be difficult to discern measurable difference in objective or spirituality.

I have heard, from many sources, that China had promised to release Tibet when the United States releases Hawaii. To Free Hawaii would demonstrate a reverse of power and control policies, on behalf of the U.S., and show intention and cooperation towards a more unified and peaceful world. If China, after such a leading gesture by the U.S., were to Free Tibet…can you imagine the entire World population…“Dropping their Jaws”?

Often, the smallest, simplest, one right ‘change’ can address a multitude of issues with the greatest overall effect. What could be more encouraging than to Free Hawaii and Tibet? The World’s leaders, citizens, scholars and visionaries will see the U.S. and China as sobered nations. In today’s atmosphere of awakening, spirituality will rise to the surface, once again, and become a hopeful stimulus for Peace…a magnificent catalyst towards a New Beginning. Imagine a Free Hawaii. Imagine also, a Free Tibet. Imagine who will be next…and next…
Build it…they will come.

As mentioned, to create this ‘example’ will be an arduous undertaking; relationships between the U.S. and Hawaii are vast, complex and corrupt. When looking at relations with Iran and North Korea, we see increasingly dangerous threats. North Korea is demanding attention and wants to be in on the action. Iran, although hostile, promised to ‘support’ your efforts if you make “fundamental changes in U.S. foreign policy toward other nations, including Iran.” To debate archaic wartime practices in the global arena is a misuse of precious time. Vigilance, of course, must be maintained. However, to shift emphasis from North Korea, the Middle East and war in general, to a Peaceful Free Hawaii is perhaps the higher road less traveled.

Remembering Senator Akaka’s words: “Sharing the Aloha Spirit with the World is Hawaii’s Destiny”. True moral courage is proven when one chooses to support that which is morally and ethically just and correct, even when such a position is to one’s own detriment. You possess the opportunity to choose an honorable position that carries with it the potential for a spiritual awakening of the entire planet. To Proclaim a Free Hawaii will be a ‘Reverse’ of Manifest Destiny. This will mystify the world community and set the stage for the Aloha Spirit to come alive and shine bright. To revel in the gift of Hawaii’s Aloha and declare its leadership towards a peaceful and sustainable World Community will be a most stellar accomplishment. I hereby suggest you enact, by Presidential Authority:

*The Hawaiian Revelation Proclamation*

Consciousness is rising Worldwide and you will have much support. The Light of Aloha is visible at the end of the tunnel.
Hawaii’s motto:
“The Spirit of the Land is Perpetuated in Righteousness”

‘The Hawaiian Revelation Proclamation’ will not only curtail U.S. domination over Hawaii but, with U.S. obligations to reinstate the “Spirit of the Land”, Hawaii will be restored to a highly evolved version of her politically neutral, self-sufficient, sustainable and peaceful self. Hawaii will soon become a pivot point example on which the world community will turn towards Global Aloha.

Using knowledge and wisdom of the Past, combined with technology and tools of the Present, we will manifest our Brave New World of the Future. In days of old, Hawaiian land management practices provided Hawaiians with the resources to live in comfort and abundance. Having gained inspiration and insight from these principles and techniques, a wealth of conscious and creative citizens are hard at work creating and implementing sustainable and peaceful solutions for Hawaii. Utilizing today’s technology, tools and resources, the ‘Hawaiian Example’ can be created in just a few years. You have a 'Victory Garden' at the White about a 'Peace Garden' in the Pacific Ocean?
Let’s put every body to work and just do it…Yes We Can!

To manifest this awesome gift for the World, all the while emphasizing American Spiritual growth, will be your most Responsible and ‘Pono’ Triumph as President.

As you become ‘World Peace Ambassador’, you will most likely resign as U.S. President. You will have much more important issues to attend to rather than fixing America. Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton, et al. can handle the fixing of America. Their expertise in foreign affairs will allow them to assist other countries as they begin to understand and desire the many blessings of Aloha. Once out of shock, most world countries will be intently observing and growing with Hawaii’s evolution, evermore turning towards Peace. I can see the headlines:

Breaking News: ‘Global Ambassador Obama and U.S. President Biden
Lead World to Peace, Unity and Sustainability.’

It’s Showtime Barack; it is time for something completely different. The World is watching and waiting to see what is next. Think deeply on this. One signature will produce unprecedented results. There are no problems…only solutions. You have moved from community organizer to Global Organizer. A Revelation giving Hawaii the Freedom to share Aloha with the World is reason for a Proclamation.

‘The Hawaiian Revelation Proclamation’ will expedite the entire process towards World Peace and New Beginnings. So, let it be! Imagine all the people living for today, living life in Peace and sharing all the World. As a spiritual calling, I share with you Another View from the Mountaintop Kauai…all the while believing…

You(we) are the one(s) we’ve been waiting for!

In the Spirit of Aloha,

Craig Davies Metteauer
The Ark of MU
Kauai, Hawaii

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