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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Arms of Love will twine around our world on 1st of May 2012

As long as the world is populated there is a yearning for unconditional and forgiving love. Seemingly inaccessible and hidden in the morass of fears and worries of mankind it has to emerge somewhere and embrace, protect and love all of us.

Over thousands of years there always have been single persons who reminded us to change. Their words had the effect of an invisible seed lost in the weeds. But the sowing of the most yearned plant, yet unknown, spread out in the unseen without awareness of anyone. The seeding survived many hundreds of years waiting for a first strong rain to let it sprout – and it came.
The yearning was heard.

A tiny, mousy man with a radiation of a holy wise one, whose words have been like a warm but strong rain, entered the spotlight of the public. He unfolded as an idol to mankind, for his peacefully way showed results nobody would have expected.

Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi’s being, words and deeds have been the warm rain the seed of love all overall in the world was waiting for. Fundamentally to his work we can see this saying:

“Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Its true, nearly hundred of years have passed over since these wise words, but something is going on now. Due to so much suffering and pain accumulated during the wars, people started to go inside and try to carry out the knowledge of their Indian idol. And see what happened, it was easier than one had thought. The sowing of love had germinated and is looking for its way up to light. Now we can say:

„I am the change I want to see in the world.“

With love in my heart I can make it possible looking to my fellows with other eyes. Love in my heart makes my neighbour aware to see me with other eyes and look on me more gently.

With love in my heart I perform miracles of smiles when I look into the eyes of my opposite and the smile radiates back from his eyes to me.

With love in my heart it is easy for me not to battle when there are different points of view but reasoning calmly. My calmness radiates into the heart of my opposite person and together we are able to find a solution for our problem.

With love in my heart it is easy for me to forgive my fellows if they have caused any pain to me, to Earth or its inhabitants.

Looking upon our world today we can recognize several changes. If we are honestly,

We are already the change we are longing to see in the world.

The love seed from former times, united with the new consciousness, had moved several persons in the world to be a radiant example.
Martin Luther King, Mutter Theresa, John Lennon, Michael Jackson, Lady Diana, Amma and many unknown to the world public.
They have shown the world due to their words, deeds and music, that it is love between us that connects and strengthens us – that we are One Humanity with the fantasy of separation, for love don’t know our differences. But in the separation is the pain we all have lived. Now all of us around the planet are more conscious that it is this divine power in our hearts that could heal us.

This tiny plant has its roots grounded just widely beneath the surface. All overall where the screaming for equality and freedom is growing louder, Earth is helping love to brake through. Then its fragile foliage are peeping and seeking for halt in society. All over the word new companies are built for peace work. Organisations are growing against poverty and Institutions to help our environment. All such behaviours we have now to each other and to our planet are born out of this mystic force.

This little love plant is bound to be a strong growth, whose branches are rambling around the whole world, at each limb growing strong twigs with magnificent leaves and sweet juicy fruits for the whole world.

„Yes, we are the change we want to se in the world.“

Through the thicket of inhumanity love tendrils are finding their ways, reaching light, in every country on Earth. These fine love tendrils are all around the world and helping each other to find power and halt.
For many years we see now that there are more and more events connecting the world.
Such as:
Music events for world peace
World peach march
Simultaneously World wide lightful meditation at the same time
Global love day on 1st of May

We want to show the world our best face, honouring us and our planet with a big party, which reaches every one around the glob.
I am very glad to present you a project that connects the world on Global Love Day, 1st of May 2012. Love is grown so much that it can embrace the whole world. Therefore we call it The BIG HUG.
In mutual respect we will reach our hands to reconcile opposites. Those, who once had been fighting each other, will perceive the two sides of the same coin they are representing in live. Together they are whole.

How will this BIG HUG be expressed by us?

Well, all together we will be on the streets to stretch our hands. This will demonstrate symbolically that we are there for each other; we protect and strengthen us mutually; we have a friendly smile for each other and we show us reciprocally our appreciation with a hug.

It depends on us how much love can be linked that day. The human chains could be as long as the distance from Chile to Alaska or the Chinese Wall, or from Scandinavia to Asia or such as long as the distance between South Africa and North Africa or passing the whole Australian continent.
But there could be also a lot of small connections in the cities that want to be with us that day.

Those human chains symbolize the OUT of war and hunger and financial madness in our world and the beginning of our responsibility for each other. We invite all organizations, institutions, non-profit communities to demonstrate their presence in the human chain. Their expressions help the other to feel safer in the until now very weak love movement in our world.

We want to celebrate this day with lot of happiness and music. We invite artists of all countries to be with us and show there creativity, songs, pictures, sculptures, poesy, etc. We put no limits to your fantasy.
Every one who will present his art at that day will help our fellows to radiate much more. That day love will make rise blossoms.

Long live LOVE

And we will see what we have achieved by

“Being the change that we wanted to see in the world.”

We take this chance to ask all manufacturers in the World who like to sponsor the love event to put our logo type on their goods. Give love more power by the symbol of global cohesion.
Furthermore the non-profit association “By Mankind for Mankind” (already in paperwork) will appreciate donations which will flow to the organization of the event as well as to needy persons in their region.

Please contact
Sylvia Klaere
Director of BIG HUG

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