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Hi to everyone

My name is Sylvia-Hayron. I am a love ambassador and the initiator of the BIG HUG event on 1st May 2012. Looking forward to our new world of peace and love I like to express the following:

It is given to us to create everything we want. By and by, there are the best inventions and discoveries, to realize our desires. Whether it is a question to simply go quickly from one place to another, or put messages at lightning speed from one end of the world to another. We have found the solutions to them, because humanity can. However, we are never really satisfied with what we have because we always discover something that the whole thing could be done better.

Currently, we are aware of imbalances in our world and not satisfied with our society on the planet. Among other problems, we see that one side of mankind has everything, or even too much for living and the other side does not even have what it takes to survive.

If we think about this imbalance we can see that it does not feel right, this must be improved. So we are looking for a solution to this problem. If we have managed to rise up to the skies with wings that we have not given, then surely it should be possible to enable all people to what they are entitled by birth: a joyful life, because we don’t want to see anybody suffer.

I see the cause of the imbalance in the world, mainly in the selfishness and the sense of separation. When we develop our consciousness so that we are ONE human race and our people should not really be separated from each other, we can really change something that has stock.

Here's my suggestion to go the next steps of awareness:
Indeed, we are all individual beings, but if we bundle our energy it makes everything better. We want to improve social interaction?... This needs unconditional love for our fellow human beings, because self-interest and selfishness have brought us in this imbalance that exists on the planet.

Together we can create a just world, as we learn in an unselfish manner to meet the other and open ourselves to his/her essence. People who meet so experience a strange feeling of joy, which they have been shared only with their friends. You open your arms to accept a person as he/she is to develop a sense of friendship for each other, it costs absolutely nothing.
This feeling, however, remains long preserved and enriches us in our every day’s business. Actually, one can say that it remains forever. For the memory of that feeling, we can always take and relive it again.

If a community would develop this feeling, then what happened?
Let's say a community of neighbours in an apartment building, who previously unnoticed because they do not know, or even fear each other. Let us imagine that these people now begin to greet very kindly, if they meet. After a while they start to say a few friendly trivialities with each other. And then, after a certain time, they can embrace each other in friendship when they meet. This greatly enriches, don’t you think so? Can you imagine how many hugs we would get as a result? : o)))

Imagine this scenario remains and we use one day each year to celebrate this feeling of friendship and unconditional love. What would be the best suitable way to experience this feeling of friendship in the community?

Imagine a big city ghetto; these places have so far always been the focus of violence and crime. Due to the friendly grope and embracing new energy poured into this community. On the day of love, I imagine, all will go out of their apartments and combine in a long chain of people who symbolize their community. Of course, they could even hug each other or make music together, dance, eat, play and laugh. Doing this, they have a vision of a life, how it can hardly be better. All are available for each other in friendship or love.
So, I imagine the day of love, which is celebrated now for several years in many countries on 1st May. Global Love Day is under the motto "Love begins with me".
What do you think: Could it be your habit too?

The Love Foundation Presents the 2010 Seventh Annual
Art, Essay and Poetry Invitational
In honor of Global Love Day May 1, 2010
Children of all ages (anyone young at heart) are invited to share their original creative expression of self acceptance, unity, respect, diversity and global love
Each submission shall be based on the theme: “Love Begins With Me”
• We are one humanity on this planet.
• All life is interconnected and interdependent.
• All share in the Universal bond of love.
• Love begins with self acceptance and forgiveness.
• With respect and compassion we embrace diversity.
• Together we make a difference through love.
All entries must be postmarked by March 31, 2010
Please also share this announcement with Students, Family, Friends, Teachers, Clubs and Schools.
For more information, previous awards, printable flyers and guidelines visit: Or email:
Or by post: The Love Foundation, Inc., P.O. Box 10114, Tampa, FL 33679-0114 USA
a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization
Think: Global Love Day
Feel: Love Begins With Me
Remember: May 1, 2010

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