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Becoming Homeopathic: You Are Your Own Medicine

Just as our planet contains all of the resources we need to create and heal — awaiting only our discovery and ingenuity — we contain the ability to self-heal on an intrinsic level. This was brought home to me the other day when, in the midst of a strong (and highly unusual for me) allergy reaction, I was looking at a homeopathic remedy.

To my great astonishment and amusement, one of the chief ingredients in the remedy I selected was ignatia amara. I picked another remedy off the shelf for insomnia, and discovered ignatia amara listed there as well. In fact, when I did an online search of the remedy, it seemed to describe my very nature to a "T": "Women of sensitive nature, mild disposition, quick to perceive, rapid in execution. Rapid change of mental and physical condition, opposite to each other." The website also stated a supreme aversion to coffee — and I can't bear the smell of brewing coffee!

I smiled in wonder at all this: I am my own antidote. The feeling was immensely empowering. We each, all, contain the answer to whatever "poison" we're currently immersed in, whether physical or psychic, personal or global. We need not use a canon when a kiss will suffice: becoming homeopathic is about recognizing, and choosing to use, the smallest possible "dose" to activate healing. READ THE REST!

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on January 20, 2011 at 9:37am

the smallest "dose" to activate healing you say.

We have to be critical with ourselves but not too much......................

and so active principles if dose is too low no effect if too high reverse effect.

We need everything of anything at the proper dose. This is the wellness path in which we have to involve our feelings, meditation, brain-stormings.

When we feel down we are not able to make a point of the situation.

we need everyone for anything, it's important we select our good feelings without shame.

It could be better being apropos in 6 to 10 remedies than being apropos with 4 tp 4.

we are to convey bfeelings which are considered good but also ask for help in a simple sentence "we have to be ourselves" and communicate as much as possible without walls even sometimes forgetting the scandal of the truth"

The 2012 power shift is causing an outcome of truths as much astonishing as much efficiency we have to gain with it.

the only thing we need without a dose is love and when it exceeds we have to donate in resonant vibrations. It's the only way for being always happy and wealthy. I will follow.

I read very carefully to your posts always inspiring.




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