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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Blue is the new green... Introducing THE BLUE MOVEMENT

There is a NEW MOVEMENT that is emerging in our everyday culture.

Green has been associated with the Environmental Movement and this has successfully brought awareness to our environment.

BLUE continues where green has not been able to go. THE BLUE MOVEMENT combines Human Awareness with Environmental Awareness. This includes Peace and Social Activism, as well as a healthy sustainable lifestyle.

Every once in a while, something comes along that is clearly a next step. The idea seems to answer some collective question hanging out in the culture. It becomes an underground buzz, and within a period of time it becomes part of our cultural vernacular. The Blue Movement is such an idea. In a time not too far off from now, it will have spread like wildfire.

BLUE is the color of Conscious INTEGRATION - where heaven meets earth: The embodiment of spirituality.
BLUE is the color of Embodied LOVE (as in the Blue God Krishna who represents the enjoyment of Divine Love; playing together, sharing together, supporting and enjoying one another while on earth as humans).
BLUE is the color of CONSCIOUSNESS (as in The Blue Pearl in Yoga).
BLUE is the color of Conscious UNITY: Coming together for both individual and collective peace (and the color of the United Nations and the European Union Flag).
BLUE is the color of Embodied TRUTH (as in the Deep Blue/ Indigo Chakra which is the highest vibration while still in the body, as we move above the green chakra).

Somehow, I personally have known about The Blue Movement since I was a child (since I was about 8). And somehow I had some pretty clear dates as to when it would begin to emerge in the collective consciousness. Meanwhile, I worked as a healer and spiritual activist using the Blue Light without really ever telling anyone. I was afraid that people would not understand and so I did what I did mostly in silence.

I also knew that one day, the world would be ready to begin to consciously embrace The Blue Movement. As far back as I can remember, I knew that the time would come one month after I would turn 33. (33 is known to be a significant year for most spiritual teachers.)

I turned 33 on December 19, 2008. The month that followed would be a transitional period between the old and the new (Dec. 20, 08 - Jan. 19, 09).

January 20, 2009 would mark the "official" beginning of The Blue Movement. A quantum lead in the collective conscious - a conscious beginning of for The Blue Movement. What a tremendous "coincidence" that this is the day that Obama became president and that the world rejoiced in knowing that something at the collective level had shifted.

I have also known how these dates connect with 2012 but I will save that for another blog!

Meanwhile, I am slowly beginning to surface, hesitatingly, still a little afraid (old habits die hard). Somehow it feels a little safer now.

It helps to have some powerful names beginning to back up what I have always known:

JWT (the largest advertising firm in the US) declared that "Blue is the new green" and that
"There is great evidence that cutting edge ADVERTISERS as well as ACTIVISTS are already using BLUE."
[for instance, Mercedes' new "green" engine is called BLUE TEC]

Adam Werback (the youngest president of Sierra Club) gives a speech called "The Birth of Blue."
"The answer to the change we all seek... in search of a greater sense of health both personal and environmental.
Just as Green hits covers of Newsweek, Time and Vanity Fair... Green will now be superseded by Blue, the next color along the spectrum. Blue builds on the foundation that green laid, but lets go of its baggage."

My website has more examples about the BLUE and how The Blue Movement is already spreading:

I am grateful for this social network (talk about perfect timing!!!) that allows to connect with other BLUE ARCHITECTS so that we can share all things that help raise both personal and collective awareness, inner and outer peace. I promise to write more about specific ideas that I have for creating personal and collective peace!

Oh and by the way, my full name is Michelangelo (arch angel Micheal) - which I only recently discovered works closely with BLUE LIGHT to protect from false illusions and ego and to cuts away all that is unreal.

May we all Love and be Loved,

P.S. I welcome and appreciate questions & comments & would love to begin a dialogue about BLUE here!

David Deida wrote "Have you ever looked closely at a flame...? The reds and yellows are easy to see, but deep in the center of the flame is blue. You can easily avoid the blue, miss it altogether if you just look at the surface colors. But always blue is here, deeper than where your vision stops...

Look into the sky. Look deeply. Blue. Look into the ocean. The deeper the water, the bluer it gets. Blue is the color of deep. And beyond everything you can see, deeper than all the things you like or don't like, there is a place where everything is blue, so blue, like water that does not end."


Another Spiritual Teacher wrote:
"Perhaps thinking of the blue of the ocean and the sky can serve as a reminder to care for the earth and make choices that lead to sustainable development. Perhaps remembering those who inhabit the expanse of land between ocean and sky should remind us of our obligation to build a world that honors the dignity and equality of all people."

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Comment by mary rose on June 11, 2009 at 1:09pm
Had not considered this previously, but feel you are onto something here. i am the founder of Future Dawnng which is a 14-ning-based website designed as a learning center and think tank whose purpose is to bring together the most creative minds we can find to address the "unprecedented in past recorded history" challenges the human family faces today. We also intend to unite movements so that we are speaking as "one voice" instead of as fragmented particles. We visualize uniting the human consciousness movement with the sustainable living movement and the women's movement as being our first priority, and as we do this, the other movements will fall in alongside. We are loosely linked with the worldwide "Transition Towns" movement via TransitionsUS, and, are as well, linked loosely with the Zeitgeist Movement. I, personally am attracted to the ZG movement as it proposes a "Future by (conscious) Design" rather than by haphazard particle thinking as exemplified by political manipulation.

Author Paul Hawken has already written about what he calls the "Blessed Unrest" movement in a book by the same name, revealing that it is the largest movement the world has ever seen. But i believe this began as the "Cultural Creatives" as defined by values researchers Paul Ray and Sherry Ruth Anderson, in their book by the same name. Unique about this is that it is a spontaneous, "intuitively-led movement" in which almost no one is aware of the others involved. Sixty percent have been found to be women, but all concerned wanting to move into a greener environment for which they would be willing to pay more to achieve. However, in order to achieve this, we will, as a "collective unconsciousness" need to move into another level of "consciousness by choice" which will require major changes in lifestyle.

As to colors, i would like to refer to Dr. Valerie V. Hunt's work recorded in: "Infinite Mind - Science of the Human Vibrations of Consciousness". The color Green is associated with about 300 hz in vibrational frequency (as reflected in the human aura) and then we move up the scale into 700 hz for "high blue" with the pure white light being up around 1100 hz. The pure white light, according to Hunt's research reflects a highly organized coherence pattern in the human body, which is considered to be what most of us would call a "highly evolved spiritual state" -- one to which we all aspire. One's body coherence pattern is controlled by one's heart beat and reflects how we manage our emotional states of being. The Institute of Heart Math in Colorado, U.S., is very much involved in studies as to how this activity takes place.

I offer this information in hopes that it provides some sort of scientific basis from which we can begin to work together and assure ourselves that we are on the right track rather than repeating mistakes of the past. Would also like to be part of any discussion taking place as this is a subject dear to my heart.

with love and appreciation to everyone involved.

We must be the change we wish to see in our lives. M. Gandhi . . . .
Comment by Meta on February 4, 2009 at 5:49pm
Sometime check out just how many songs there are around the world with the word Blue in them.
''Crystal Blue Persuasion'' , ''Into The Blue'' , ''Blue River'', Blue Moon'', ............on and on and on and on
Comment by Meta on February 4, 2009 at 5:46pm
How wonderful that You are feeling more comfortable! and how wonderful Your words and feelings are!
Write on ~ Feel on! The Blue Movement has begun ~ ~ ~ honored to be a part of it I am
a soft deep smile''
Comment by Richard Lukens on January 24, 2009 at 8:11pm
I think you are right on and I have seen that a color can represent a movement... blue is bluetiful...

If you want to think about how we could work together with this concept, I would love to have a dialog. We are producing several projects here with Architects of a New Dawn... and if our timing was perfect... it's for a reason... best regards....
Comment by Beverly on January 22, 2009 at 6:03pm
I totally agree. GAchin spoke well of the chakras and color. We healers have used blue always. Glad to hear you speaking your truth - our inner power always grows when our own truth is told.
Peace - Beverly
Comment by GAchin on January 22, 2009 at 4:33pm
Crystal blue of pure devotion
..........lifting passions Creativity
.....changing choppy oceans of emotion
to mirrored-glass smooth
..........reflections in Creativity

Green is blending, balancing, naturally flowing refreshment, a wellspring of renewal streaming through the senses centered in the heart, where the feeling nature--- (unhindered by the ever shifting swirl of astral storms in ever buffeting waves entraining the feelings and sensitities to think this is where they belong and should be rightfully expressed, exercising emotions, "letting those feelings out".....) ---returns and finds itself at home........
The centering point for the sojourn upon the Earth, the Heart.
Once rested, refreshed and renewed, the freshness and joy of green tunes the perceptions with harmony to a Being harmonious----->>>>
With a good tune-up like that, and Joyfully refreshing green green grass of home ever present within, one IS Harmony and moves in Harmony, with Harmony to serve.... :-) --
Crystal clear blue is purifying, clarifying, cooling, lifting, sweetening, light-ening, refining..... opens the throat, even literally, and "roundly" stimulates, facilitates, sustains intunement with the creative stream, freely Letting Universal Creativity express itself-----This, is the quality in the use of "pure devotion" in the little verse..... untinged, unhindered, Letting oneself be freely perceptive and conductive that "The Creative Stream" is Freely enters and freely passes through all at once and continuous..... This is ALL Creative, Arts and Sciences, swimming laps too :-)
Indigo is the next color frequency after blue, but just as blue is not green, indigo is not blue. Most people are as yet quite "color blind" to indigo and cannot differentiate it from blue, just as there are many who are color blind to blue/green and cannot differentiate between them.

Well, gee, the anti virus scan just started up so time to let it do its thing, will continue on with a bit more color later, if you like. I'm brewed and "steeped in color" :-)
Comment by Erin Michelle on January 22, 2009 at 10:35am
Perfect timing. I loved your blog, not just for the information or the clear communication. It simply strikes the right tone. You've been listening. To the messages around you and the love inside you. You listen to yourself. I was fascinated by the scientist who has stopped light. I wonder if it's similar to splitting the atom in the way it will effect our consciousness? Love, Erin (my name means Peace)


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