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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The below method is Christ teachings on problem solving in lifespan for all scenarios, in home life and job .

If you got stuck in a position, if the road of incarnation resembles a dead end road to you :

Quit battling , quit fighting, discontinue contending .


Begin to love. Love is Our heavenly creator 's genuine nature, Love is your true nature, because you are daughter or son of heavenly father - made to his epitome.

Resume your lifespan as if you were reincarnating at this spot of incarnation . Learn from past situations , from past " errors ", do something new and different by employing all the hoarded experiences of your past. Learn to watch your past mistakes as of lessons that you went wrong to understand or to learn successfully rather than calling them "mistakes ". There are but learning situations in lifetime - never can there be any true error - only missed object lessons. Recollect what one does at elementary school when you go wrong an exam - you get more info and try again the topic until you succeed in a fashion that satisfies you. All lifetime serves but to educate you how to behave like an grownup and sacred Child of God - made to his image !

Just remember what rebirth does to humanity - it provides all of us another opportunity, over and over . We ourselves ignore our past and the past of all others, along with all of our " opponents " rid yourself of our past. We keep the essence of our past experiences and find another possibility to boost and learn a great deal more . To learn to love and manage all scenarios in life with Love .

If fail to know any further.

If you appear to be in a one way road and you can't see any possible opportunity to turn back or modify way of your " fate" - surrender the emergency to heavenly father , ask him in a prayer to dissolve the emergency and start loving yourself and all your sacred sisters. Yes, all others are your sisters - because they all are children of supreme being . And since they are children of our heavenly creator , they are definitely Divine . As heavenly as your true nature is. Acknowledge to them all the right to make faults, because they they all are learning to love. And they all are getting better day in day out. Give them tomorrow the chance and the right to comport and act differently than they did this very day, yesterday or the days before. They all may have acquired a great deal and may just be waiting to utilize what they have learned .

Always keeping in mind - the only significant object lesson in life is to learn to love in any and all scenarios in life. It 's the most valuable , the most treasured talent that you can ever render to our heavenly father - your Passion.

If you wish to go to tribunal against someone:

Dismiss your cause, Give it to heavenly father and concentrate on passion.

Your egotism only can be anguished by violative actions or paroles of others - never your soul - your genuine being. Others however may help you to learn loving in all situations. They may do so by provoking you, by indicating you your weak spot in your behaviour , they are instructing you and helping you . Be thankful they presented you another area to further improve , another solution to get roughly God . Thus they may result to be your best allies without you knowing and realizing it at all .

If someone is struggling you and you want to defend yourself:

Drop it - stop defending yourself - defensive measure is an aggressive reaction to aggression . Defense is aggression - whatsoever the cause. Your defensive response most probably may cause another cause and effect for you to suffer any time later. Love can never even be impacted by hostility. Acquire to " suck and dissolve " hostile gestures , paroles or thoughts coming from others toward you in your developing Love within, these are but what you have " spread" among others in former days of your the present day or any former lifespan. The more you dissolve these aggressions from others by just continuing to love more and more and asking God to aid you in ameliorating the quality, the purity of your Passion, the less " ammo" others will have, because your cause and effect is melting down in the flame of your continuous Divine Passion toward all aggressive scenarios.

Keep your brain and your emotions full of Passion - virgin, heavenly Passion. Keep concentrating on God and his everlasting Bliss and Love for your self and act as a channel of this sacred Love to all the individuals involved in that particular position.

If don't know how to act in the least.


It's always spiritually correct to love and it always solves . Just practice it with the strength of your heart and all the power of your soul and pray to our heavenly father to help you to exercise Passion 24 hours a day . heavenly father is the source of all Passion that includes all love you return to others or you receive from others.

Passion is the solution , the end to all your problems . Once you have acquired to truly love like a daughter or son of creator of all creation, there will probably be no more need for troubles to arise in your lifespan , because you have acquired to love.

If you want to find more information on jesus kriya yoga. The only objective of any kind of troubles to occur in your lifetime is to coach you on loving. The problems may keep coming over and over again as long as you keep fighting , struggling, fencing.

Begin loving this very day and keep amending day after day until you shine of love. Be a Divine Child of heavenly father and enjoy a life packed with heavenly Love .

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on September 2, 2013 at 12:26pm

i would like to live a life without doing harm to noone for even neither to a single fly.

quit your fear and anger, see with joy your love triumphing.

forgive your past but learn from your past errors.

don't need to celebrate God in church but do it in your LIFE.

let your noble actions speak.

don't waste your life make your dreams into reality.

we are naturally oriented towards goodness. Bad experiences of life turn us into egoism.

let our compassion reign over success....don't put into light a schandal.

let your enemy humiliate you but let him feel shame for harrassing you.

"si vis pacem para bellum" IS NOT TRUE AT ALL if people see you mighty in love they won't do you harm.




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