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Strategies To Meliorate Your Happiness

To improve the quality of your lifespan, you need to re-arrange your life in harmony with God and passion. Meliorate your spirituality to reach concordance with God in all one does .

Take advantage from the "Spiritual Treasures - Final Edition" and implement Jesus pedagogies all told situations of your life time . The more you live in concord with our heavenly father's passion, the more happiness you have altogether your life .

Study Jesus of Nazareth teachings of passion to manage your complete incarnation and make full your lifespan with caring actions and a loving work . The Kriya Yoga initiation obtained in Christ instructions of passion contains all meditation techniques to reconnect with heavenly father .

The better your overall quality consciousness in your day after day work , recreation and all other activities, the greater is your lasting readiness to make the best possible quality of happy making love too . Quality consciousness is something that you either have or not. If you are you looking for more info regarding how to make happy. When you have a true devotion to quality - then you definitely have it in all you are doing - this includes infatuated . Of course love also includes sex. Quality consciousness in your daily life directly reflects on our spiritual being besides and is expressed by a more divine, more refined and more efficient passion. Love in its definite manifestations of a God realized individual can be shown in an infinite number of ways.

Only those services and merchandises that directly and exclusively are used to improve the overall spiritual cognition and development of all all mankind toward finding their way home to God are of true and valuable spiritual nature. all other services aiming at making profits or just for the sake of developing something new, fascinating or different are of zero spiritual content and value and usually of spiritually destructive nature. destruction can be manifold. many merchandises and services - the great majority of today's industrial products and services - are taking aim at nets profit, expansion or influence , making or developing client basis and repetition business - repetition business happens to be the result of dependency . today's carmaker have zero interest of making a permanent auto - a lasting car can only be sold once in a lifespan . Industry however wants individuals to be little felicitous but more significantly coming back for updates, upgrades, care and fixing and finally after awhile for a total replacement . industry has understood that humans need to be satisfied - however they most of the time provide minimum satisfaction resulting in the need to purchase supplements and upgrades to gain more satisfaction .

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on August 29, 2013 at 12:10am
may I resonate with your thoughts dear Pasty?
The paths to infinity are disclosed into almost each and every religion.
If we consider the message of Christ we see he spoke with facts (and miracles) and when was asked to defend himself he didn't.
He refused the temptaion of devil.
We are into a network of brains wich are single networks themselves. People like Carlos (he's the only one i khnow to be so decent in the world) are masters of life but since
he reaches success he has to be able:
1) to survive the success itself without caring hooplas and consideration like mine deep one for him.
2) he has to do another supernatural - meganatural shift in his life going beyond survival commercialism strategy.
to reach as many as people as possible through the delice of his music and his vision (himself vision passes through his music but not the opposite)
3) realise and edit each and every concert he does (like Zappa did but Carlos is superior quality) quitting the major hits and bringing back old numbers especially the ones of great energy time (1986-1988)


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