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new wording for a new paradigm

I notice a lot of people saying lately..."lets connect" and actually I say it a lot now too. It's what we want. To deeply connect is what was missing before....but now we are coming together as never before for whatever it is that needs to be shared, created, or dis-created. The intensity of the wondrous connections are increasing. LIfe is oh not so boring these days. It's practically intoxicating. We are connecting more to one, and now all to one even!! it's a stunning show of human ingenuity to create the ultimate connection...this instant internet communication with anyone or any group anywhere around the globe. I like it. I believe it is laying the foundation for our own consciousness "dial up" to each other, and as we can identify each others vibration, we simply dial it in and communicate. It's brain training, laying foundations for the new plan for earth by our collecting up these benevolent intentions and broadcasting them like streamers to bathe the world in a new light of possibility. Free of constraints, traditional structures, we are free to connect.
This movement is a wave of potential for good. For Artists to shine and illuminate the density. Our creator devised a lovely plan to re-pattern the mesh grid of earth..through the vibrational field of music, color and light! That is through us, the artists. Through our spoken word, a song we lovingly sculpt, painting, dancing or just daydreaming colorful thoughts. If we only harnessed this tremendous power by blowing off all that "isn't" us, (that is what all this healing we are going through is about)... we have the ultimate power to burn off the predatory leadership and commerce practices still struggling for control of our beautiful planet. The more we heal, the more we glow, the more the truth shines in all areas of our planet.
Last night here at the Song and Spirit center at group we fellow "artists" envisioned ourselves free of traditional labels, roles and structures. We peeled off the constraints of our perceptions. We felt new space in our body, to open the lines of authentic, honest free communication. To be truth, light. Like children. Joyful. No one wanted to leave. We brought heaven to earth. We made homemade rose ice cream, and sang together. From this space,.....
we can and lead the world to a new space and place. I felt compelled to write this today, and if you are reading this I wish from my hear to yours, a rainbow of joyous childlike connection, Namaste, love and blessings....Jan

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