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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The Divine Feminine is taking the Planet "HOME" and there is no place like home

How the Voice of the Sacred Divine Feminine is Taking us HOME….…….The passion of Dorothy’s slipper unveiled     

Our present society is failing us, crumbling in its ability to nurture and create a safe “Home” for humans. Like Dorothy in her endless Oz adventures, we are tired, the earth is tired and we are searching on a tiring path the way out of this state. What Dorothy sought in her Wizard of Oz Journey the Divine Feminine delivers to earth in spades…. truth, beauty, love and goodness that spreads and heals and Never fails us…. and most importantly:

  The Feminine deeply feels, rather than thinking, and reminds and shows us we each have the ability to heal and align ourselves with our inner sense of peace and HOME and create a new way.  The masculine, corporate nature of our global thinking has cut the cord of collaborative, motherly thinking for benevolent consensus government.  How did we get so off? And how can we get back home? As my grandmother said, the pendulum must swing back. Thousands of women, and men,  around the globe are creating organizations, springing up to be the Voice of change.

This…is the secret Passion asleep in her slippers, the fire hydrant that needs to be unleashed. She can FEEL through her heart the image of home and then use her voice and hands to create it.. re-aligning the future from this sacred fire and leading us there.  We can call ourselves home at any minute…simply by commanding and believing and it is this feminine essence that exudes the possibility.  So we can remember that we had the Power inside us all along, our Passion!! 

     This is the jewel of the entire Divine Feminine movement…to remember this innate power and to act upon our Passion.  The emerging feminine voice urges us to remember the truth of our ability to command reality. And The Feminine does not mean female gender. It is a way of thinking, deciding and acting this is in alignment with collaborative mother like behavior. Harm to none, good for all. And boy do we need it. So the “feminine” part of the Divine Feminine movement is just an undercurrent of good thinking that is inclusive, fair and good, just like the things we learned in kindergarten of how to get along and do well. The Divine Feminine woman is fully birthed now…. Ranks of circling women are now leading the edge of change for earth and her man is learning how to see and support her in new healing ways.

       The “Divine” part of this equation is simply the remembrance and activation of this Passion, like sacred living prayer… that was always there living in Dorothy’s slippers. It is the ability to call upon and demand that our prayers match up to the light of Gods power... Like super powers that wipe out any counter-possibility. It’s the gift of the feminine intuition that will create new ways from the heart. My Grandmother said Prayer moves mountains and it certainly helped her keep her children and dozens of grandchildren in good hands!!

     The Voice of the Divine Feminine now emerging in the slippers, or mouths, of women everywhere carries with is a mandate   through enlightened artwork, impassioned songs, speeches. It says... NO MORE to violence and war.  The Divine Feminine is a thought field that HOLDS a space of truth that by its very nature exposes all that is not true or good.  No mis-deed goes un seen.  Just as the internet web has circled the earth with a grid of unharnessed truth…the golden threads of the Divine Feminine connecting through circle after circle of committed people shall shine over and heal and lift up humanity. One person at a time.    Dorothy started with herself…exhausted from her yellow brick road travels she showed the entire Emerald city and then the American and then Global world that yes…say the magic words and mean it and…

The Vibration of Heaven and earth meet through the Voice of Divine Feminine Leadership…the feminine aspect of God.


This is her message. To support... nurture and light this VOICE of impassioned truth and love to bring a sense of family, HOME, to humankind. Weaving each person back into the grid of existence to experience dignity respect and love in sustainable communities aligned with their own light and truth. This is by its nature, a feminine activity, infused by Divine inspiration.  All artists, men and women, express this feminine nature through their music, paintings and creative expression. And as the  feminine aspect  within men is wakes up,  partnerships can  find a new higher consciousness.  Jean Houston says it so well,  in an interview with   "It is important that women rise to full partnership with men in the whole domain of human affairs.   This is happening whether men like it or not.   As women rise, men are regaining some of their deepest capacities, instead of being so patterned by their traditional roles, which don't work so well anymore as the economy and the ecology are collapsing.   This is the time for women to get together WITH men and make them see what women can offer, such as the sensibility for process, patterns of connection, and-above all-creative wonderful strategies for issues in local communities; not as power, but with love.   This is giving us a very great and different perspective on the relationship; men and women are deeply, deeply, deeply needful of each other."

A cry has been sent out to our creator…the earth and her people are in pain. And so an army has been sent in. Half the population is within this new regime…. Some are waking up and being given their marching orders.  This Army is powered by love and it is the Women who are the officers and sergeants and enlisted …

Perhaps it is the greatest emergence of all time…. an Army of half the population dedicated to Good, not opposed to war but dedicated to Peace thru the principles of Truth, Beauty and Goodness. …the Voice of the Feminine is a tsunami wave becoming the dominant leading force for change in our society with staggering political and financial influence. The women are saying “enough” and signing up to join the ranks thousands of pro-active Women’s groups and circles and leadership initiatives worldwide.  The feminine intuition is the counter-force for the failing systems that are out of alignment with sustainable, dignified human systems.    Giving Voice to the absolute truth is shattering the patterns of violence, greed and manipulation we have suffered. Rank and file women are finding their natural passion to just say NO…and install new thinking that is inclusive, collaborative and holistic.

By holding Sacred all that is living. by holding their hearts truth as the only is this Sacred Divine Feminine essence that is flowing through this new courageous leadership. It is spirit in action. A spirituality that is natural like a spring from source itself to breath life back into our staggeringly flailing global life systems. Their hands and hearts are re-building the life-blood of our dear earth. And so it was written!!!


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Comment by Mary Ann Isom on February 19, 2013 at 11:04am

An inward consience awakens everywoman today to be a Warrior.  i remember waking up my daughter and son on their way to catch to school bus in pure darkness, time changes, etc, but that I woke them gently, put their nourishments of hot cereal in winter and cold cereals with fruit for spring, getting them up to wash their bodies, comb and brush and oil their hair., a drill had been performed.  Reviewing for a test or quiz from last night's hard assignments was on my  mind as i combed their hair and quizzed my daughter for her studies the next day.  As for the young man, straightening his jacket, putting the pockets back inside his pants that were slightly hanging out, making sure that both their book bags had lunch, books, pens and paper, plus a n extra piece of fruit was the War I taught them.  At the end of this war, when graduation day, mom thought she could lay it down after laying the law about defending onself as a child for preparing an attainable future, free to be what they could be on the road of Promise and Prosperity.  What I did not ever do, was bang on their heads, tell them they were dumb and stupid, throw things like the brush and comb at them and say  nasty , distasteful words just to comb their hair, that was another type war, but that war only led to self destruction of what network a family together could have gone forward together.  I majored in Psychology which really helped me today cope with todays dangerously traded and faked society out of control, now everybody has to war just to survive.  Good coping skills and temperaments with a softer hand of guidance goes much farther after our wars today than anything else.  The soul having had faith courage and passivity relaxes the rage we often must have to just say i have had enough and I know God will not press more on me than I should bear, and then that beauty of rest and truth of peach gives us comfort to our senses, our eyes, our ears, our nose, our body relaxes with that perfect zazen where in a place no wrong or evil can befall us,  As a small loving family who starts out good, can you show us a way home?


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