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~Divine Messages or Meaningless Coincidences?~

Lately, things have been strange. Weird feel to the air, weird sleep patterns, restlessness, even impatience at times.
I began to come down with something---that everybody has been passing around at work.
Recently, one can hear---the sounds of a very different type of cough---moving in waves across our working area.
A week ago, I thought I was getting it---and somehow, I think I willed myself not to get sick.
This past Thursday night and then Friday morning, I knew it was hitting me. I spent Friday feeling like someone had knocked the tar out of me.

But, when I woke Saturday morning, and saw how beautiful it was outside, I knew it was going to be into the 80's and probably perfect beach weather.
I sat out on the terrace, the full eastern sun completely bathed my body in warmth. I was so tempted to go to the beach.
I wasn't sure it would be the best thing---what if I spent the entire time there blowing my nose, how much rest and healing would I be getting if my sinuses all decided to run at the same time?
I drank coffee and allowed myself to talk myself into it.

Immediately upon arriving, and then settling in on the beach, it began to happen.

We began to notice a flock of pelicans flying south to north.
We counted them as they flew towards us and then overhead.
22 pelicans made their way in tandem across the blue sky above us. I know that 22 is one of my power numbers.

I settled into my chair, closed my eyes and became aware of the sounds of the waves and the feel of the sand under my feet.
I can't lie.
The experience was incredibly sens-ual.
Almost all at the same time, I could feel the air as it moved around me; I could both see and hear the incredibly beautiful ocean--gentle waves moving into shore; I could feel a different kind of charge in the air---it smelled and felt fresh and pure.
Then, my attention was again pulled to the sky and now 17 pelicans were flying in a magnificently graceful formation---from south to north--
Something was definitely happening---- what that was---I did not know.

I closed my eyes again and began to draw my focus back into what I was feeling---I knew I had made the right decision---and my nose was not running, I could feel myself begin to give in---to just being in the ocean realms.
My body began to sink into the chair, the warm air all around me and the rhythm and pulse of the ocean waves cascaded over me. Bliss, Bliss, Bliss and an effing half!
Just as I was slipping away with the winds of my thoughts---my beach buddy's voice urged me to look at the sky----
15 pelicans were heading our way, flying south to north!

I wondered about what was going on---yes, I know---I was at the beach----
And---yes----there are times that pelicans pass frequently overhead at this beach.
I understand your concerns---big deal, right?
Okay, so shortly after the 21 pelicans, what would you say to a group of 8 more pelicans, flying in perfect unison?

Shortly after that 5 flew over---then another 5 pelicans---but with a crow among them!

Divine Messages or A Pelican Power Bird Morse Code Message?

I looked at the numbers of the pelicans that I had written down each time they passed over and wondered if perhaps it was some kind of numerical code, perhaps a divine message of some sort?
What if it was a phone number that I was supposed to call, to receive some kind of secret messages from the Ascended Masters?
It could possibly even be some of the Arch-Angels, who wished to use me to decipher the cryptic numerical sequences in the pelican flights---in order to bring order and structure and hope to a world gone crazy, right?

No sooner was that thought in my head, when, would you believe that a flock of pelicans numbering 7, chose that time---out of all the times they could have possibly chosen---to fly over head?
What are the chances?
Things then began to speed up.
Every single thing I'm writing here actually, honest to goodness, cross my heart, no crossed fingers or anything like that---is true.

Where was I?
Oh, then as I was gazing out at the sky above the ocean, I noticed that the moon was rising so I tried to see the numerals on my cell phone---- I knew that it was highly important that I see the numbers that would represent the time-- 3:49pm---it just had to be an important clue in all this number stuff that was happening! And, then 2 pelicans flew over!
At that time, I made the decision to keep my notebook and pen on my lap, I was getting tired of reaching over to the beach bag to pull it out every time a group of pelicans flew over, and boy was I glad I did!

10 pelicans and another crow make their presence known and I look at the time----uh-hum---4:04pm.
Pretty damn hard to deny the numerical numbers that were being deliberately used, by either the Ascended Masters, or, what if it was the Lords of the Akashic Records--- sending secret coded messages?
Or, it could just simply be a power animal type of thing---but I think it sounds far more dramatic to refer to the Ascended Masters or the Lords of the Akashic Records, don't you?

Back to this situation brewing on the beach---
We see one solitary pelican, waaaaaay up in the sky, majestically flying above it all----
Meanwhile, closer to earth, just then a father and son pass by and both are carrying sticks---not man made sticks either. The son carried a thin stick and the father a much thicker, darker colored stick and just as I was noticing that, a yellow butterfly passed by heading north to south! Yup, the plot thickened!

At this point, I knew I had to take swift action, or this could quickly get out of hand.
And I saw a sign that I was right, ANOTHER brilliant yellow butterfly flitted past us, heading south to north!

There has always been a sort of detective in me---
I've always wondered---alright, not always, but sometimes questioned---- if perhaps a part of me had the gifts of the Divine Detective?
This is a recently discovered group of archetypes, some even believe that they're a Special Spirit Guide Detective Unit, that put pieces of puzzles such as these together.
They are clever though. They use whatever they can get their hands on, to send us these weird messages---why can't they just use normal everyday language?
My mindless meanderings were suddenly interrupted by the sound of a single engine plane in distance, flying north to south.
Unbidden, a thought entered my mind---what if the engines of that single engine plane stalled right overhead?
And, more importantly, was the fact that I was thinking such a stupid thought perhaps a sign?

The environment at the beach suddenly took on a different tone.
My beach buddy began to perform some personal grooming at the beach---it was yet another chapter in my friend's quest to rid his foot of a planter's wart.
He reached into his little bag which held his wallet, cellphone, and miscellaneous other items, which frequently spilled out because it's such a mess in that bag.
Anyway, thankful for this distraction from the signs flying and flitting all over the place, I watched him take out a Pedi-Egg and begin to run it up and down the soles of his feet.
Yes----I know----a Pedi-Egg...I can't make this stuff up.

So, as my friend was grooming his feet------ out loud----- I swear he said: "I wonder if I have to use more banana peels on this sucker?"
I knew he was determined to get the core of it out.
I decided to pop into his energy to see what he needed.
More banana peels, or perhaps an herb?
I felt strongly that an herb was necessary to get to the root of the tissue.
Or was that just me? I don't know.
I asked for a sign for him, something unmistakable, so that he would know what to do----

Before I could communicate this message to my friend, he decided to go swimming.
I closed my eyes and began to relax---a few minutes went by when suddenly I heard my beach buddy calling to me. I look out and he points to the sky.
9 Pelicans overhead, and chemtrails forming an X is overhead!
Just then, I heard a single engine plane in the distance again, and it seemed to slow down when I took out my cell phone to photograph the chemtrails.
I knew I had to document all of this, surely this was all adding up to something that I would piece together---but---

Why must they put things into numerical codes?
Why must they constantly present information in riddles, or though animals, or birds? I've even seen messages on bumper stickers!
If it's so important that they don't want us to miss it, why can't they just write it all down for us? They could put it on Post Its and stick those to the wall---
But no---that would be too easy.

Just then, my beach friend/Pedi-Egg Expert, began to excitedly exit the water. I could see that something important had happened!
I looked overhead and spotted another pelican, this time it was heading south; and I saw, unmistakably---a dragonfly shaped cloud in the sky!
My heart began to race as I watched him make his way back towards me. As he was leaving the water, I saw him sort of kicking something with his leg, out of the water.
What could it be?

Guess what it was?

A banana peel! Of all the things to grab his attention in the water, the answer to the question---the sign that I had asked for!
The universe had conspired to bring to him, that day at the beach, the message to continue to use banana peels on his planter's wart!

And so, it was.

As for me, it was probably not the smartest thing to do---go to the beach with a virus brewing in my body.
I ended up sick as a dog yesterday, blew my nose more times than I care to remember, sneezed and felt my left ear clog up---had the chills all day.
And today, I am even worse.

But, in the endless magic and mystery that is all around us----I am certain of this:
Somewhere--in that far away meeting place where pelicans and crows gather before being given their final flight plans of the day---
The Great Controller of the Skies, issued the directives to the pelicans and crows.
And, my beach buddy was rewarded with his quite meaningful Divine Message....
To keep using banana peels to release the core of the issue that has been holding him back---

I love it when the pieces fit together in a perfect pattern to bring us the messages we most need to hear, at precisely the right time....

I need to go blow my nose now, and make some more tea....

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