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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.


W a t e r

this planet is also said to be a water planet. water is the only substance that can go through a whole body even a brain. did you know 70% of the surface of this planet is water, and 97.5% of the water is sea water. the only 2.5% is the fresh water that we could drink yet 70% of the fresh water is our glacier ice and snow ... and the fact is only 0.006% is available for our water supply ...

about 70% of our body is water. 60 trillions of the human cells in a body can not survive without water. children and new born babies have close to 80% water in the body yet as we age, we begin to lose the water inside the body cells by dehydration and in generally speaking, we will only maintain 60-55% water or even less in the body by the time we die. in which if we can maintain as much water as we were born, then that might be the way to stay young and for the brain development & functioning. why can children absorb so much info and we can not as we age ? ... it might really be a lot to do with hydration ?

those links here are just references, I don't hold any responsibility on what they claim to be true

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A i r

Japanese kanji letters AIR has two letters, SKY+KI (kee : CHI/QI in Chinese, the life force energy or vital antenna) ... of course without air we can not survive. and also breathing can help balance our alkalinity in our body. exercise is said to make a body acidic although exercise is necessity to promote our health. taking deep breaths, on the other hand, is said to help bring alkalinity within a body. our lives must slower in order to breathe & smell the nature.

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in Japanese kanji letter BREATH is combination of self & heart ... breathe = self + heart. many spiritual teachings refer to focus on breathing to connect with oneself/ness ... I heard we used to have a hole on the top of our heads like dolphins & whales where we used to breathe and which we lost. I hear babies have the hole unclosed when they were just born. I remember my son's top of his head where I could see the skin was moving slightly up & down and I could have felt the hole under the skin.

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the most significant symbol of Fire is our Sun. in our society, we are led to fear Sunshine/light, however, Sunshine/light is of course the energy source of life on Earth. to grow vegetables & plants, of course, but to help our body produce vitamin D which is important for preventing and treating cancers & diseases ... and to maintain a healthy function in a body in general. also Sun helps produce melanin in our bodies which I have read the article about melanin-rich fungi that feed on radiation in Chernobyl. it is from the article "Interestingly, the melanin in fungi is no different chemically from the melanin in our skin, leading Casadevall to speculate that melanin could be providing energy to skin cells" (for which I linked on Earth element below) ... and also ozone sanitizes. (and there is even ozone therapy, though, on wikipedia : mainstream scientific medicine has found ozone to be harmful to humans, and equipment intended to be used for ozone therapy is banned in the United States )

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E a r t h - S o i l

the soil contains the nutrition & elements for all living beings on Earth, not onlyor the foods, but also for our manifestations of our creations. besides hydration, maintaining the friendly bacteria inside the intestine is also very important for our health. just think about the bugs, animals & microbes and our nature are also working as friendly bacteria for Earth's digestion. ... be nice to our friendly bacteria in the intestine and also on Earth ... everything we see all comes from our planet Earth. I believe, that means, anything can go back to Earth naturally if we understand the Earth's mechanism, there must be the ways to neutralize any toxins in our world and on Earth and that must be what our planet has been doing all along.

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photograph of Earth, taken from Apollo 17

this planet Earth contains all these 4 elements within.
water, air, earth & fire (include magma) of course, even MORE !
... our planet is the jewel, we live on such a jewel !
our planet is the big amusement land !
our planet is the huge art studio or/and museum
for all of us to collaborate together
to express our creativity !

... how luxury !
please treat Earth nice, handle Earth with LOVE.

E A R T H on wiki

another reference

scientists see the essential elements on Earth to be
hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen and carbon,
and I was thinking those are somehow related
the general idea of four elements on Earth

I found a little article of the relation
between these two four elements perspectives

The Biology of the Tarot by La Vonne Parker

Nausciaa of the Vally of the Wind [ wiki ]

the video might look violent
but the story of this movie will touch everyone's core
in where we do all care about our planet Earth

when we think of Earth first,

we will meet the sweetest us in our hearts


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