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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

"The mind must cling on to something.
It clings on to the body,
clings on to thoughts,
clings on to emotions.

When it can cling on to something, it feels real,
it feels as though it's something solid,
defined, and that feels safe.

Even though there's suffering in that safety,
there's limitation in that safety
there's separation in that safety
there's even conflict, stress,
it prefers that safety.

But when the mind begins to recognize
that which is beyond thinking,
beyond emotions, beyond the physical,
it recognizes a sense of being
that it can cling on to.
And there's nothing wrong with that.

So you cling on to a sense of impersonal being
that does not have form
but still has a sense of self to it
which is peaceful to a certain degree;
blissful to a certain degree.

But if the mind does not cling on to that self,
if your attention does not have to cling on,
if you release that clinging urge,
when you relax that sense of being enough
it becomes something
that cannot be spoken about in any way.

It's the absence of everything.
It is the absence of everything yet it is infinite.

You no longer have a center,
you're scattered in all directions;

Words like nothingness, the void
they kind of point to it but
they're almost derogatory
they're not good words,
but they point to that absence of everything:
Not this, not this, not this.

See the mind clings on
clings on to thinking, the personal self,
then it clings on to a sense of being as consciousness
but the nothingness it cannot cling on to.

The infinite, it cannot cling on to.

Yet the mind does recognize
incredible delight, happiness, joy
when that clinging is no more.
When consciousness no longer
has a center.

It mischievously becomes intoxicated
by its own relinquishment.

Much love,


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