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Broken into Enlightenment

"If you live consciously,
there is tremendous grace in hardship.
We like to imagine that
enlightenment is just another gift we get.
But for enlightenment to happen, you must be torn apart.
The idea of who you are, what you know to be real,
it all gets torn…

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Freedom to Be Yourself

"A lot of spiritual teachings thrown around are ‘shoulds.’

‘You should be kind.’ ‘You should be selfless.’

‘You should be positive.’

But we have been abused by these ‘shoulds’ our whole life.…


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We Realize Peace & Oneness through Allowing our Own Human-ness

"I spoke with my Dad today.  He has Alzheimer's 
and has to go into full time care
and he is upset.
Knowing my Dad is upset makes me upset.
I don’t want him to suffer.
In allowing my unhappiness and his unhappiness
the force of oneness takes…

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To Come Back to Silence & Peace, Do This

"This moment is radiating out of silence;

out of peace.

No matter what is arising in this moment,

it is radiating out of silence.

When you are quiet enough

within yourself, you become aware of this silence.

You become drawn into it,

absorbed into it.

And eventually you will…


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Discovering the Radiance of Being in Meditation

"One of the greatest things that can happen

to you on the spiritual journey

is you lose the will to keep going forward.

Because the mind is always going forward.

It is always seeking the next task,

the next accomplishment, the next attainment,

the next object of desire.

This is how we maintain our sense of self.

Like a carrot…


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The Inner Bowing That is Meditation

“There is a certain attitude

that develops over time

for real meditation to happen.

Most of us start meditating

with a certain level of arrogance and egotism

that we may be completely unaware of.

We come from the perspective that we know things,

we can accomplish things



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How to Find Fulfillment in Meditation

“Everyone has a feeling of void inside them.

And we constantly try to fill this void

with food, with sex, with drugs,

with conflict and distractions,

with beliefs and knowledge.

Our entire modern culture

with all of its gadgets and social media

thrives on keeping us distracted from this void;

keeping us looking for the next…


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How to Strengthen Your Awareness in Meditation

"As you start to grow in awareness in meditation,

it is like you have all of these rubber bands attached to thoughts.

You are present, and then you are pulled back into thoughts.

You move back into awareness,

and then you are pulled back into thoughts.

But every time you rest back into awareness,

those rubber bands start to burn…


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How to Quiet The Mind in Meditation

"The mind projects stories

on top of this moment.


This moment itself in its essence

is free of stories.


It is through the stories of the mind

that you are this person

in this environment

with these desires, worries etc.


In meditation,

we want to surrender the stories as they arise.

Not push them away or control them in…


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How to Realize Nothingness in Meditation

"The mind must cling on to something.

It clings on to the body,

clings on to thoughts,

clings on to emotions.

When it can cling on to something, it feels real,

it feels as though it's something solid,

defined, and that feels safe.

Even though there's suffering in that safety,

there's limitation in that safety



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Meditation is Realizing Consciousness Is

"If you close your eyes in this moment and

let go of being involved with both thinking & doing,

then that sense of being separate disappears

and all that is left is consciousness.

You don't do consciousness in any way.

It simply is.

Only when your attention

contracts into being involved with thinking

do you appear…


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Advaita Vedanta: How to Reach Oneness in Meditation

This quote is from last week's satsang.

You can listen to it by playing this youtube video

Nice to listen to while reading.

"You cannot define yourself.

That's in the superficial thinking perception.

The superficial thinking perception

creates its own definition through…


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From A Live Meditation: How to Live in Oneness & Peace

This quote is from a recent live satsang.

You can listen to it by playing this youtube video

It's nice to listen to while reading:

"The essence of this moment

is oneness, peace, fulfillment.

There is nothing that is separate

from this peace.

To say the physical…


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Meditation Technique: Take Refuge in The Feeling of Peace

"The mind is very manipulative.

Other's people's mind's are very manipulative.

Both are constantly trying to suck you

into a reality that is only made of thoughts.

Beyond the thought, where is that reality

that people are so personally invested in?

But to just try and remain a witness

to the thinking process is very…


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Nondual Awareness: Transcending Subject/Object Experience

"The intellectual mind

fixates on subject/object;

me and you;

fixates on defining me, naming me,

defining you, naming you,

with descriptions and judgments attached.

Therefore, you never meet me.

You never meet anybody.

You only meet your idea of the other person;

your definition, name, description

& judgment of the…


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The Essential Spiritual Practice to Experience Deep Meditation

"In my experience,

the fundamental spiritual practice

is fully allowing this moment to be.

Not to control the thoughts,

but allow thinking to be.

Not to repress feelings/sensations

but allow all feelings/sensations to be.

Without obsessing over them,

owning them;

without dramatizing and without control.

It's a…


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Fall in Love with Peace: The Key to Spiritual Awakening

"When you fall in love with this peace,

you're home free.

When you're not in love with this peace,

then no matter what you attain,

what you experience,

it will not fully satisfy you.

When you fall in love with something/someone,

when it is genuine,

and not just based on needy attachment,

then it doesn't matter



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Realizing Silence

"There's a bushwalk near my house.

It's not very well kept;

it's quite rough and wild

and because of that hardly anyone walks it.

I can walk 5 or 10 minutes

down the path and

there are no sounds of people at all.

No cars, no noises from houses.

Just pure nature.

Although there is the rush of the wind,



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Self Realization & the Joy of Being Nobody

"It's a lot of effort to be a somebody;

a lot of stress.

You have to keep reinforcing

the idea to yourself and others

that you are a somebody.

You have to defend your position,

your opinions, your beliefs, your accomplishments.

You have to keep remembering

your worries and desires;

always planning and manipulating…


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Feeling Your Way into Awareness in Meditation & Yoga

"Awareness cannot be known

by the intellectual part of the mind,

but the mind can and does

recognize awareness through feeling.

It may feel it as peace, as bliss, as love.

It may feel it as formless being,

energy, silence, the witness

or even as a sense of freedom.

And through feeling,,

the mind can recognize…


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