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Nondual Awareness: Transcending Subject/Object Experience

"The intellectual mind
fixates on subject/object;
me and you;
fixates on defining me, naming me,
defining you, naming you,
with descriptions and judgments attached.

Therefore, you never meet me.
You never meet anybody.
You only meet your idea of the other person;
your definition, name, description
& judgment of the other person.

You never even know yourself
because you have an idea of who you are
and you hold on to that idea rather than
(directly) experiencing who you are.

But if you drop that perception;
if you release yourself from being involved
with subject/object, definitions, descriptions judgments.

It doesn't mean you stop or change
your thinking in any way
you just stop perceiving this moment through thinking.
You let go of your involvement with thinking.

Then where am I and where are you?
Where is this idea of me and you?

It's not here.

There is just formless consciousness
felt as peace, felt as bliss, felt as energy
felt as joy, felt as love.

Again, its not something you hold on to,
its what's naturally here
when you let go of your fixation on thinking,
on doing, on control, on resistance, on distraction.

When you let go
of your involvement with these things,
it's not a doing, its a nondoing,
a letting go of doing,
you just release yourself from that involvement,

then you are what is,
what cannot be named,
what cannot be accurately described, defined
but, which is fulfillment (itself).

Much love,


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