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How would you Connect Arts, Human Rights and Modern Day Slavery (ART & CSR) into Core Business Strategies?

SICU has agreed on a STRATEGIC PARTNERSHIP with ARTISTS FOR FREEDOM - A globally active project fighting for human rights and to use the POWER OF ART to spread the facts, knowledge and misery of


Tom, in your own personal opinion what is the difference between the Artists for Freedom (AFF) project and other projects concerned with global human trafficking and human rights?

Unfortunately, I don’t know enough of other projects concerned with global human trafficking and human rights to be able to compare them reasonably with AFF. Generally I see that there are thousands of (non-profit) organizations having similar projects and working as concurrents for the same cause, overlapping one anothers work and investments. Most of these actors are trapped in “box-organizations” I call creativity killers. In these org’s they are jealously fighting for the same money, publicity and attention, staring only at their own navel. In many cases projects are started only because it’s the duty of the organization.

The starting point of AFF is exemplary. By having had the freedom to think creatively without boundaries and by integrating several parties (artist), working with similar projects worldwide under a mutual “AFF sunshade” has offered an excellent total view of the project to start with. This has activated comprehensive thinking, and the understanding of creative collaboration, which make it much easier and faster to develop and implement the project in different environments.

The elements mentioned above, builds-up a great platform to create cost-effectivity, and to increase the opportunities for added value and multiplicative effects. Creative collaboration offers also better chances to find external funding, and other money worth benefits, such as media space and time.

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