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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

The video I just saw about the rocket stoves is phenomenal, something anybody can create, to save on fuel and be able to cook, thanks alot for the video. Jackie

I have a fantastic site would love to add but can't find where a link is added: anyway here it is.

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Comment by Jackie on February 8, 2011 at 9:22pm

It has been awhile, or maybe not, but as I sit here writig in this blog it is February 2011 and everything is truly so calm and feeling good no explanation can I give except that I have certainly been bounced into my spiritual existence for the umpthteen time and shall always be here now for once have seen the  beauty of all this who wants to return back to yesterday, with all it's traumas etc., which were totally not real, but at the time sure thought so.  Looking forwad to a life beyond my wildest dreams, maybe there really wern't dreams but jus a look into my future, anyway whatever doesn't matter anymore for everything is wondrful now. 

No fears, learned my lesson about fear that it truly is nothing but false evidence that we conjour up in our mind, ha!! 

Judgment another bugaboo for me to get rid of but since have I now know the truth, we certainly are all one, in reality, with various forms that is all.

Freedom is totally within and cannot be taken from anyone, unless they want to give it away. 

Thirty years ago is when I first recognized the light with love all around, in and out, everywhere if I only cared to truly look.

We are who we are, at least I speak for myself and in truth is all I can really speak of, for each one of us has to speak for self only.

Glad too see this site is still here for now I know.

Tuesday Feb. 8, 2011.


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