Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Jay, the bluejay was a birdsaint indeed
as he'd never let waste even one little seed
He'd look for what's left and make use of it swift!
and always wipe his bum with leaves!
Always share with those in need,
and show them how sharing stops greed,
while munching on wasted birdseed!

Jay would sing to the Doves and the Eagles and Bugs
who would fly in the fresh air with him
And he'd sing to the Fishes
his heart's prayers and wishes
Who all in the water would swim...
And they'd all sing right back to him
And the Dolphin sure had a grin!
What a world water held within!

Now this bluejay spent time in the forest
Where he had many small furry friends
And they'd jump and they'd play
and rejoice when he'd say
"C'mon you can fly on my wings
And I'll show you a good many things
We'll go drink from the healing springs
We'll be back in time for figs
So leave your worries by the twigs
and climb aboard and we'll go fly
the funky skydance jig!"

And he'd fly them all
one by one by one
to the place where the cleanest of waters run
and they'd drink together
in peace and love
and listen to the Morning Dove
And thank each other for the fun
And smile until the setting sun
And sing for all the stars to come
And shine until the Rising Sun
Called Jay, the Bluejay
to get up at Dawn

"Get up Jay, Jay, get up I say
I come bringing a bright new day"
So don't be lazy,
Don't delay
I want to see your smile today,
You shine like a rainbow in every way
How 'bout you plant some (new) seeds
and I'll call the rain
and then kiss the new seeds
with some sunshine again
and the breeze of the freshest air
soon will blow in
And give breath to the tiny young
sprouts a growin'
So, whadya say Mr. Jay, the Bluejay?
Wanna plant some new seeds
on this perfect new day?
If you don't, I don't mind
but if you do, don't delay!"

"Well sure I would love to
plant some new seeds today!
I will not be lazy!"
peeped Jay, the Bluejay
and he hopped from his nest
to the place he liked best
and he planted the seeds
with care for the Sun's quest
And he called to the sun
"Now this is the test
Can you really bring rain?
Mr. Sun do your best."
And Mr. Sun called the Raincloud Germaine
who gladly responded with rivers of rain
and the soil drank water
until the sun came
and shined on the sprouting young seeds agrowin'

We thank you for
the Love you gave
to plant us today
And to the sun
and the rain
and the fresh air we say
"Thank you,
for you all truly made our day!
And thank you too
Mr. Jay, the Bluejay

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Comment by Jeanne on October 18, 2009 at 8:17am
...a bird saint indeed!


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