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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

There once was a beautiful, young, independent turtle named Fijit. She loved to hear stories from the elders and paint pictures with her mind. She especially loved the story of the Secret Sacred Pearl that could carry her anywhere she wished in an instant. She painted in her mind that if she could cross the widest oceans, traverse the driest deserts, and climb the highest mountains, surely she would be able to find the Sacred Pearl.

So she did, she carried the Sacred Pearl (in her heart) to every corner of the four directions. Through the forests she skipped, across the widest oceans she swam, over the driest deserts she trudged, upon the highest mountains she climbed - around and around until she became dizzy with wonder - had she missed it - had she passed it by? In her heart the Sacred Pearl was glowing brighter every day, yet her eyes perceived only the darkness of her folly. And she looked up at the perfect twinkling stars with a little sadness and loneliness.

She was alone on the mountaintop and the stars within her eyes welled up and rained on the sacred ground. The Divine Mother appeared as the butterfly whispering in her lonely ear. "Let go" was all she said...and in an instant that was less than an instant, Fijit, The Restless Turtle was left behind...and the unnameable, Eternal Sacred Pearl was floating away from the colorful and mosaic shell on the mountaintop. She experienced more colors, more sounds, more beings and more places than she had ever dreamed possible on her fantastic voyage.

She soon had the roller coaster tummy feeling of reeling back in. She looked up at the perfect twinkling stars...and they felt perfect. Fijit was no longer restless. She walked down the ascended mountain with the Sacred Pearl awakened in her heart to share with her family...they rejoiced upon her returning. She hugged the ones she left behind... and oh, what a story she had to tell, Fijit the Restless turtle!

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Comment by Jeanne on October 18, 2009 at 8:22am
Fijit, like your other animal characters went on a noble quest... and then shared her secrets and stories with her less adventurous friends. All such wonderful fireside tales to tell children... Thank-you, Scott.


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