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Live Aura Video verification for light workers.

Have you seen the live aura video? Go to the link is on the right at the top. it is amazing! Got o it's at the top, on the right.


I write today about some fantastic Aura equipment, it is currently being used and supplied by my good friend Kevin of Aura Interpretations from East Anglia.


Go to at the home page you will see the link this is on the right top corner. This is a windows Media file and quite large, I found that it kept buffering, so when it has buffered once press play J


This equipment has so much that it can do it would take a good hour or so to explain the basics and I know nothing about it really.


A couple of months back now I meet Kevin during a local MBS show where he was demonstrating Aura Photography & Psychic readings. During the afternoon we had a chance to chat, he said” if you like these static images, (you know the ones that

have been around the shows for a while now), then you will love this” he went on to show me a short video on his mobile of Live Aura Video.  This week he invited me over to demonstrate what it could do, Wow.


To help me see what the possibilities were, he asked me to give him a reading and said he would record it. He then asked me to put my hand on a blue plate and said, “You need to keep your hand on this for the whole reading” So I gave him a reading.  


I now have a DVD showing Live Aura Video of myself doing a reading with it, this is 20 mins long and for confidentiality’s sake, it has no sound however, it is fascinating what can be seen and understood with Live colour interactions. 


This really is the future, it is hoped it will be able to validate many spiritual practises and bring a new scientific approach to this industry; yes it is a strange term isn’t it? And will also be able to give new healer’s readers and therapists more confidence in what they do.


I myself have hopes that it can bring about many positive changes.


This fabulous equipment takes live Aura pictures (in real time), which can be seen as you work, we will be putting the footage up on his web site and mine. I have transferred a twenty-minute copy to my site so you can see how I and it works but also the fabulous way in which so many things can be determined. 


You would not believe what this equipment can do it can revolutionise the world in so many ways.


Pause for thought... seeing is believing, equipment that can help prove healing is real; I firmly believe that this is the future and post 2012 this will also be a fantastic positive change.


Not a premonition exactly but can you imagine having a smaller version at your door? Forget conmen, forget sales people...


Anyway back to spirit, you can see me doing a reading for him and the way the energies move as the power comes through etc. Even though I know I have the link, the gift, etc it is so nice to be able to validate it.


Whilst viewing the recording back Kevin gave me some on-the-fly comments on what he was reading from the colours, he told me stuff about myself that only spirit or a few readers have ever given me and that’s just from decoding information from Live Aura Video Just amazing.


We are planning to do some demos with it in the future when the time is ready, this would be in small theatres at first. I know this is going to be the next big thing.


Here is the url where you can see the amazing effects of this machine bearing in mind that you are seeing a mere fraction of what it can do.


You can find Kevin at  where you will be able to see demos of much more.


Light, blessings, love and prayers, always.






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