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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Themost important video you could ever see

Every word of this is true. It is ME it is I it is the way I live.

The video is stunning, (little Grandmother) I have cried watching it for I have known this and know why I am here.

Today finally, I have a more complete understanding of why
I  and YOU have chosen to BE, at THIS TIME. Neither YOU nor I can ever be the same again.

The greatest blessing you can have is to know your true destiny. Nothing else matters.

For the fifth or sixth time in my life I had have an epiphany watching this video.
I hope it touches you in the same way.

For the fifth or sixth time in my life, I have been touched by love watching it.

It has spoken my dream, my destiny, my prediction, the reason
I BE. The reason I have come here NOW.

The LOVE I spread to all unconditionally, to release me from my present bonds, so that I and everyone, can show their colours, their spirit, can bring on this world to its conclusion. There is nothing more important in your lives than to understand this, NOTHING.

For those of light it speaks the truth, for me it is a validation of ME, the
I and why I have chosen to be here THIS TIME. For THIS TIME, for never in humanity has there been such a time to bring light to earth for this evolution is here.

Be there light for all humanity. Amen. If you believe in life of all forms, for the crucifixion of this earth and the life's of animals upon it and within it, that we have allowed, if you understand you are greater than  what you see then you do need to see this. This IS why YOU are here, NOW.

This is so you can do something to save the planet and yourselves.

Little Grandmother. 
For why, who and what you are and here for

This is why I teach in the rainbow, why I have been chosen to teach through the colours, why I have been made.... Been asked to be here.

Always wait in the light, look to love, and just be who you are, where you are, for you are God.

It encompasses the predictions that have been given through me, and many others. It shows who you are or should be. Change the planet in this way.

search under 2012 and scroll down for my predictions for thecoming and post 2012)

The change is happening, the change of spontaneous massive shift in consciousness.
Understand what we as light workers are doing whether subconsciously or not.

Within the light, always.
From your God (you within) to my God (you within).

The soul who, at this time, calls himself, LEO.

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