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New books echoes Pope's message - we all need to Take Care of Our Share of the Planet

New Book Stresses Message from Pope
VATICAN CITY (VIS): The Message of Pope Benedict XVI for the celebration of the forty-third World Day of Peace was made public today. the Day is due to be celebrated on 1 January 2010 and has as its theme: "If You Want To Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation".

Pope's Message for World Day of Peace

Man's inhumanity to man has given rise to numerous threats to peace and to authentic and integral human development - wars, international and regional conflicts, acts of terrorism, and violations of human rights. Yet no less troubling are the threats arising from the neglect - if not downright misuse - of the earth and the natural goods that God has given us. For this reason, it is imperative that mankind renew and strengthen "that covenant between human beings and the environment, which should mirror the creative love of God, from whom we come and towards whom we are journeying". read full article

In a coincidence inspired by the writer's own spiritual relationship with nature and the environment, a new book entitled How to Take Care of Your Share of the Planet, was released on the same day as the Pope's speech.

"When you talk about saving the planet, the concept is too huge and impersonal for some people to get personally attached to,” author Betsy Franz said. “You need to come back down to earth where you can get eye to eye with the little things….the miniscule miracles. The birds and the bees and other creatures that add color and song and a whole world of wonder to our lives if we will just take the time to get to know them.”

With that thought in mind, Franz has created a book that provides enough information to guide the reader in creating environmentally friendly landscapes that will be safe havens for local wildlife and then encourages them to keep a journal during their progress, both for the educational (left brained) benefits and for the sense of wonder (right brained) that will be discovered as they get to know the flora and fauna in their habitat on a more intimate level.

"I was amazed when I woke up and read the Pope's comments," Franz said. "I had felt an urgency to complete this book and have it available at the first of the year. I hope that I can help encourage more people to take the Pope's message to heart so that they each will accept the responsiblity to Take Care of Their Share of the Planet.

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