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New books echoes Pope's message - we all need to Take Care of Our Share of the Planet

New Book Stresses Message from Pope

VATICAN CITY (VIS): The Message of Pope Benedict XVI for the celebration of the forty-third World Day of Peace was made public today. the Day is due to be celebrated on 1 January 2010 and has as its theme: "If You Want To Cultivate Peace, Protect Creation".

Pope's Message for World Day of Peace

Man's inhumanity to man has given rise to numerous threats to peace and to authentic and integral… Continue

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Ive been banned from AARP!!

I think it's kind of funny, really. I am a member of a lot of on-line communities and, until today, one of them was the AARP website. Today I tried to login to that one and it says that my account has been suspended for posting something that is against their policy.

Now, the only things I post anywhere are messages about my environmental program. And the AARP community is supposed to be a place to share ideas about what we are doing in our "retirement" years.

Maybe they… Continue

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CPR for the Planet ~ Conservation, Preservation, Restoration ~ NEW FORUM

CPR* for the Planet ~ Conservation, Preservation, Restoration

Image this scenario. You are walking down the road and you see a man, lying on the ground, gasping his last breath. Do you:

1) Pass him by

2) Stand around and discuss how he got in that predicament

3) Immediately jump in and try to help

4) Commit to educate yourself so that you can better handle the situation if it occurs again

Well, our planet is… Continue

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"Politicians are like weather vanes. Our jobs are to make the wind blow"

The quote above is from esteemed environmentalist David Brower who is my current inspiration to keep going on my environmental project to encourage our governments to educate and encourage all of us to Take Care of Our Share of the planet.

Our aim is to encourage all levels of government to join together to provide information to their residents about what they can do as individuals to help make a… Continue

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Take Care of Your Share - OF THE WORLD !! How You Can Help

The Take Care of Your Share project was started in 2003 to encourage all residents of Brevard County, Florida to learn to Take Care of Thier Share of the environment. The project soon expanded to include the entire state of Florida and then the entire United States.

Now that we are starting to get requests from citizens of other countries looking for information, and since this is a planetary… Continue

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Please sign this petition - commit to Take Care of Your Share of the environment

Over the last two centuries, we have witnessed unprecedented ecological deterioration, including the thinning of the ozone layer, global warming, pollution of air, land, and water, daily extinction of plant and animal species, continuing destruction of vast portions of the world's wildlife habitat and loss of vital agricultural land.

Scientific research continues to show that the causes… Continue

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