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Take Care of Your Share - OF THE WORLD !! How You Can Help

The Take Care of Your Share project was started in 2003 to encourage all residents of Brevard County, Florida to learn to Take Care of Thier Share of the environment. The project soon expanded to include the entire state of Florida and then the entire United States.
Now that we are starting to get requests from citizens of other countries looking for information, and since this is a planetary problem, we are trying our best to comply.

We are a very small group of individuals trying to do our part to Conserve, Preserve and Restore the planet. It is a daunting task, but one to which we are committed.

The project is run entirely by volunteers who, over the last six years, have provided thousands of man hours as well as their own monetary contributions to keep the project running.

If you would like to help with this project, you may do so is many ways:

Join our team. Add your name, your face, your positive words of encouragement, your webpage skills, your time.

Share this page by emailing it to a friend...or two or three. Post it on your blog. Link to it from your Facebook or Myspace page. Encourage others to Take Care of Their Share of the planet.

Sign our petition to let us, and your political leaders, know your concern and commitment to the environment.

Contact your local government to encourage them to create their own central website that educates their citizens to Take Care of Their Share of the environment, or to link to ours. Sample Letter

Shop at the affiliates listed on this site. All affiliates are carefully chosen for their shared concern to the environment. By shopping from this site, a small percentage of your purchase will help support the Take Care of Your Share Program

Help us apply for grant money to continue our work. If you are a grant writer or are associated with any group that provides grants, please consider helping us receive grants.

Help us apply for 501c non-profit status so that we may be eligible for more grants.

Contribute links and information that should be added to this website. If you found this website while searching the internet for environmental information, please share whatever links you have found which you think would be appropriate for this website.

Make a donation.

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