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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

On this first day of Fall 2009 there is a chill and rain in the air. With winter on the way, just around the corner, to think of the many people who will struggle with higher utilities, food prices, and the like, here in Ohio, and some friends who just left to do a charity ride to the tip of South America, there is balance. Within our grasp is truly this New Dawn, the one it is always darkest just before. As we make our plans, promote our projects and find some comprehension; i say one word, sacrifice. When we can each of us sacrifice a bit more of ourselves: those needs, wants, & desires which often rule our lives and decisions, let us find ways to do more for the good of those less fortunate than ourselves. We have grown as human, in our relation with each other. We are all very much closer related, literally, than we can often realize, as more people fill this one planet where we live. Today, reach out to someone in need and be a friend; even more, a brother or a sister, for this is who we truly are. Teach as you go and stay close!

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