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Psychics that walk the Talk (not the PLANK

We all know that Cleo is not going to be on the spiritual plane anytime soon. There are still so many people that do not believe that people really do have a gift of ESP, Clairvoyance, Psychometry and on and on; since they are jaded; from all of the con artists, gypsies, and frauds that cast spells and ask for more money in advance. Well, If I had to pay a $3,000 dollar phone bill, I would be pretty pissed off too! I used to call psychics alot one year, and 9 out of 10 of them really hit the nail on the head. They were so accurate that they could see my nationality, (Asian), Feel my emotional state at the time, and give me accurate information about my past. Well, I am blogging today, because there is a very unique, private social site that you should check out at, It is the social lounge of Korean twins who are psychics, mediums, channelers and Energy healers. They will give you a sample reading by appointment only (due to their busy schedule) and you can watch a cold reading on a stranger that was filmed live in their video section. There are also 500 other psychics, healers that are there that will do free distant healings and mini readings, along with 12 other radio host psychics that do free readings every Wednesday for one hour. So, if you do not click with any gifted people there, and you are not told what color hair you have; you must keep searching on the site. You are bound to connect with some of them. Even if you have deep personal issues, or you want to cheat on your boyfriend or girlfriend; they will only deliver the truth with subtle New York Bluntness. So....head over to the lounge because you wont spend a dime at The lounge also offers free advertising, if you own a spiritual based business. Its basically like a spiritual Myspace, but is down to earth, where you can make true friends. If you have the bucks for a reading, cleansing, or energy healing, you can go to their psychic boutique ( where there are 25 hand picked quality readers that are available by appointment only.

There are 700 members and most of the psychcis walk the talk. I mean, they work out, eat healthy, and they take care of their bodies, minds and spirits. They are High Energy, Gifted Givers and love to help people; so the vibrations on both sites, are BOOMING! They feature psychic musicians, psychic Artists, psychic Celebrities, psychic Professionals, Ghost Hunters, Indigo and Rainbow children.

Thanks for Reading, and all the givers and Beautiful spirits, we would be honored to have you,

See you there!!

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