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~~~In the Now~~~

It was there that I came upon came upon Beach Buddy.
It wasn't actually anywhere in particular, he was over by the dining room table.
Of all the Transmutated Transitional Beings, the last one I expected to run into was Beach Buddy.
It shouldn't surprise me, we share this space in this reality, but it was the energy that I was feeling that surprised me.
Something made me grab my lap top, the intention to type all of what was about to take place, uppermost in my mind.

The first thing he said when he saw me was---
"I'm driving on automatic today, so I'm tied up." he called over to me as I settled in with my lap top on the couch.

"Excuse Me?" I said as politely as I could.

Beach Buddy continued to stare at me.

I try to coax Beach Buddy along by saying, "Remember when we used to be able to point out Spiritual Bull Shi(f)t and laugh?"

He answered, "It's all a bunch of bull shit, all of it. Everything else is mind based belief systems of past emotion and archetypal contracts to go with it."

I'm sitting here typing this stuff and I can't wait to hear the rest of what he has to say.
Archetypal contracts, mind based belief systems?
Mother of God, just what I need.

"What makes you say that?" I ask, in an attempt to get this thing going.

"It's like Tolle says, all structures are unstable, anything we believe in one moment could be gone the next. It's all forms of structure. Which is all destined to death and ultimate change."

He thinks he's saying something real intense here.

"Why did you just come out with that?" I questioned, wondering what the hell was going on.

"Maybe because of the book I've been listening to." Beach Buddy replied.

"What book is that?" I asked because it was expected of me to ask that.

"A New Earth," he answered.

"Great, that explains a lot", a voice murmurs in my head.

"Why is that book any different from other spiritual bull-shi(f)t books?" I asked bluntly, "Why does that one hit you the way it does?"

I've given up on books like that myself. There isn't a bit of proof that the books work, and it's Spiritual Bull Shi(f)t mass marketing at its best.
We'll buy almost anything, I've noticed, if there's some salve for the spirit contained in the book, cards, CD's etc.

"Because to have a pretty logical approach to creating change, coming to realizations, his 3 step approach is of: acceptance, enjoyment, and enthusiasm."

"What else?" I ask, "Oh it's 3 steps." I had lost track for a moment, of the conversation at hand.

"How's it working for you?" I probed, because I sensed that I was onto something with Beach Buddy here.

"What's that?" he deflected. He does this frequently, you know.
I'll ask a question and either there will be a pause in the conversation---
Which could last for a half hour, and sometimes I decide to give up.
Or, he'll come back with another question as a way not to answer the original question--
Or to give himself more time to figure out an answer to my question.

"What you're reading or listening to, how is it working for you?" That was my way of channeling Dr. Phil.

"I think it's pretty good." Beach Buddy answered, without really answering.

"Why?" I asked, not falling for his deflection/non-answering ploy.

"Well, for one it goes right to technique of arresting the ego, both in yourself and in others; it shows perspective in situations." Beach Buddy states.

Finally some kind of typical wooey wooey spiritual gobbledegook answer was given.
I realize that this will keep me going for days now, probing into this.
Since work is so freakin' busy, and my mind is usually toast after work, this will be a great distraction for me, and who knows, maybe fun!

"Is it helping you?" I feel compelled to ask.

"I would say, yeah, " he answers, thinking that I'm going to fall for all of these typical responses from him!

"How?" I continue to beat about for an answer from this guy.

"How what?" Beach Buddy asks in return.
If he thinks he's going to get away with this stuff---
If he thinks that I'm going to give up with this, he's got another thing coming to him.

"How is it helping you?" I hammered back at him.

"Um, why do I have to say this?" he asked.

"Because I'm writing it down so I can mock you later on." I answer as truthfully as I can.
Beach Buddy knows that I do this, so this shouldn't come as any surprise to him.

"It shows me the best way to react to possible stressful situations--
And by trying to look at it with consciousness rather than emotional response---
And at the same time, recognizing emotional responses and not necessarily acting on it---" he explains.

"Do you think you could act on it and not notice all the other stuff you just said?" I queried.

"Unconscious yeah. Like the lady who calls you an effing a-hole from insanity, and whether she knows it or not she's acting unconscious." He replies and I wonder if he's talking about me?

"How do you know you're not also?" I decide to ask, if only to see if he can turn this on himself as well.

"You very well could be and a normal response to that could be possibly to react similarly." Beach Buddy replies. Notice how he used the word "you" there and not the word "I."

And, I'm wondering if he can really see that this applies to him?
And while we all might believe there are times we've arrested our ego, do we REALLY?
And, how typically self-centered can one be, that they think they might be arresting the ego of another?
Who died and left any of us in charge of arresting the ego of someone else?
To me, that IS the ultimate core of EGOISM, but---

Let's all continue to listen in on this conversation with Beach Buddy.

"What if that's not the way someone reacts?" I ask.

"What do you mean?" he asks quizzically.

"I'm not going to fall for this crappola from him!" I hear myself say inside my head.

"Someone could react from a place of thinking that they're participating in a contractual experience, when maybe it's about their contracts with themselves." I toss at him.

"Well ultimately, acceptance of that, or the contract with oneself and the I AM, and the contract is with oneself, have bad experiences and label them and continue them." he responds.
Anyone else feel their eyes glazing over right about now?

"Then acceptance of that experience you are having at that time, is teaching you something you have to realize and learn.
The sooner you can look at it and not judge it, begin to accept it for what it is---invite the true joy of the I AM being to envelop it an your life;
I think that gets you closer to living life with enthusiasm again." Beach Buddy finishes with a flourish.

"I have to say that I think it's bull shit." I quickly snap back to life after that missive from him.

"All of it?" he squeaks.

"Yes all of it." I say emphatically.

"I would believe that coming from you." he shoots back at me.

"I think that makes it too technical and it removes the responsibility to really to look at oneself---
Instead of in reaction to the other person or contract being the precipitating event." I explain.

"What do you think of that?" I ask curtly.

"I would beg to differ with you." Beach Buddy responds

"I'm not surprised, to be honest with you." I say back to him

"Reason being, I wouldn't have, and don't plan to, have to continue relationships where I would have to worry about that." We're beginning to see daylight with this answer from Beach Buddy.

"Wouldn't that mean removing from a relationship with oneself, and there is no more accountable relationship to have?" he asks.

I stopped typing what he was saying here, because it distracted me from listening to what he was saying.

We got to talking, and Beach Buddy said---
"We are both dealing with extremely unconscious people.
You where you are at the call center, me with these old people here.
You have employees to deal with and irate customers. All coming at you from a point of unconsciousness."

I just walked up to him and said---
"I think the I AM stuff is all bull shit. Where does it come from?" I continued---
"Not Christ, just tedious interpretations and ego driven channeling of the so called I AM Presence.
Christ didn't go around saying that He Was...or He Is. He didn't have to!"

"I think it's run by total ego driven New Age Professional Babble Speakers---
Who want to cast a net over bunch of spiritual teachings and bring them all over and up the side of their trawler.
On one side, it's the I AM's and on the other, the other I wanna be's." I explained to him.

"It's all bull crap, as it is an ego attempt to deflect from the fact that no one KNOWS.
So, one could think that the best reaction is to whoosh their consciousness out of the reality of the experience with the other person---
While at the same time thinking that they're not judging it and that they are accepting it---
When they're removing a conscious part of themselves---
Putting that back into themselves, and supposedly that helps to bring about more of the I AM presence." I paused to take a breath.

"Non-sense." I said and from there, we both became distracted with something else.

I realize that this conversation will continue in the days to come, and I look forward to more scintillating discussions with Beach Buddy.

In upcoming segments of this ongoing drama between Beach Buddy and I, we will explore:

Why is The NOW over so quickly?

What use is the NOW to us, and how can we keep The NOW for longer periods of time?

Are all The Nows of the past gone forever, or, because they are Now moments, do they stay in The Now, although they are really in the past?

Why are there no real sustainable answers to be found in The Now?

Till the next time Earth Students~~~
Let's be thrilled with The Now~~~
Let's release The Now once it's all over and done with~~~
Which as fate would have it~~~
We can do every single moment of every single minute, of every single hour, etc and ad nauseum!


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