Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

This is Breaking News---
Emergency Energy Report---

Raw, unedited content is now being simultaneously transputated---
From several different realms, at this very moment.

Earth Students, brace yourselves for an Incoming Portal Update:


All of this heavy traffic is due, partially, to all of the Mercury Retrogrades we've had this year---
And, there is one more, yet to come.
On December 26th---
Just in time for all the holidays this year---
One last punch in the gut
In the form of Mercury Retrograde.
Good news for everyone, I'm sure.

Couple all that Mercury crap, with a bunch of Grand Crosses---
And tense T-Squares---
A useless Level---
Throw a smidge of Saturn in Libra--
And toss THAT into the mix---and---
We ain't baking butter cookies here, Students!

This shi(f)t hasn't gone on without having a serious impact on some of us---
I'd like to say more, but it brings back painful memories of the recent months to me---
We can just say that this Reporter has had the shi(f)t kicked outta her.
But not so much, that she can't take a break from resting---
To bring you the latest news---
And real reality tips from---
The Middle World.

I was instructed to go into Meditation---
Then I opened my Akashic Records
And swiftly followed that with, A Shamanic Journey.

All of this was necessary in order for me to connect with these Transmutated Beings, who were waiting to speak to me.
These beings, having recently broken ties with the Ascended Masters, entered in the Vibrational Vibrations Vortex.
From there, they made their way through non ordinary reality, into a holding pen where they first tried to contact me via Skype and AIM.

Never before, in the history of my spiritual travels, had I ever been instructed to do Meditate, Open my Akashic Records and Journey---
One right after another, so this had to be important.

In the moments before I began my Journey, I felt information being downloaded right into my very DNA.
I knew it was happening because suddenly, and without warning, I sneezed deeply.
It was the kind of sneeze that we all wait for, when we really need to sneeze.
Only this time it didn't go back up and into my nose.
There were packets of information that were being pushed through the system, ahead of the actual Transmutated Being's arrival.

Here is part of that information that landed on my DNA, and, squarely in the middle of my 3rd Eye area.
That area is empty, void, and barren of life since the 3rd Eyes were phased out last spring.
Although my 3rd Eye is gone, it still feels like it's there.

Okay, everyone brace yourselves---
Here it comes---

Somehow, the 9-9 energetic and frenetic portal---
Followed quickly by the 10 - 10--- which actually adds up to 22 by the way---
And then the real kicker, 11 - 11 super charged up portal bars---
Which I have termed---
H---E---Double Hockey Sticks---

Well, somehow all of these portals managed to open about a month apart from each other.

Earth Students, it has been reported, have been going crazy--- following this numerical stuff for years now.
And actually, there's no proof that it's done us a damn bit of good.
So what, someone sees 333, or 222, or even 2456, repeatedly?
Where has it gotten them?
Has their life improved?

Thus---the 12 -12 portal is being put on lock down---
There will be no energetic doorway for Earthlings, Elementals and other Entities that begin with E, to enter any other dimensions or realities.
And we can all just forget about 1-1 and 2 -2. It's the same energy as 12 -12, so it's off limits for us now.

I'm not sure this crap is important enough to be in my DNA---
Now that I think about this.
I'm going to do a thorough saging later on, just in case.

I take a deep breath and begin to empty my mind.

As I was allowing my consciousness to go deep, deep, deep within me---
I feel my heartbeats matching that of the drumming.
I sink deeper into relaxation.
I began to walk down a familiar path on the beach---
And I see the rainbow escalator--- that was always there, at the beginning of my journeys.
I gave myself inner permission to walk backwards, on the rainbow escalator---
I never have the time to do this, as Spirit is always pushing me to hurry up when I'm journeying.
Just for a little bit, I walk backwards to see if there was anything interesting that I may have missed---
When I first closed my eyes---
And covered them with the bandanna, before I began my journey.
As I was walking backwards on this rainbow escalator---
I tripped, losing my balance for a moment, before I turned back around to pay attention to where I was going.

I instantly felt my dad there with me, saying something he always says to me---
Only this time, he was saying it with intensity.
"If you don't know where you're going, AW, you'll probably end up somewhere else."

I replied, "Dad--- trust me, the way things have been going, I'd be thrilled if I effing ended up somewhere else."

With that, I was whisked away, down into the cave, that I usually found myself walking down into---
I was in my Chakra Cave.
I didn't invent this, it just appeared when I began journeying, almost 5 years ago.

In my Chakra Cave, the walls glow brilliantly with all the colors of the chakras.
As I slowly walk past each color, I try to concentrate on the specific chakra and attempt---
To clear my chakras of any smudges of dirt or darkness.
I forget what they call those things that dirty up our chakras.
Oh yeah, smudges and clouds in our chakras, are ISSUES!
And frankly, I'm not sure it's even true, all this hullabaloo with chakras and clearing and cleaning them out.
But the Chakra Cave beckons me to begin my downward spiral---
So down, down, down I go---

As I make my way into the cave, it forms a Chakra Tunnel, and the walls twist and turn---
Spiraling down, the walls come closer and closer together until---
I am bathed in the light of the Chakra Colors.

I have but a moment to enjoy that before I find myself somersaulting---
As usual--
Out of a little opening that appears at the end of the Chakra Tunnel---
And I find myself tumbling out---
Head over heels, onto the grass, just barely missing some prickly shrubs---

I am now in the Lower World.

Yes, I know---
I know I said that I was going to bring you all the news from the Middle World---
But when I journey, I always end up in the Lower World first---
I don't know why that is...

I pick myself up off the ground and I begin to walk down the little pathway, that is always before me, when I arrive.
Sometimes I hear birds---
Or see something scurrying just out of sight.
Other times, I'm met by The Monk or sometimes my Native American Guide, who still won't tell me his name.

Other times, certain Power Animals will greet me and lead me somewhere, leaving me with no clue how I got there.
I've come to realize, that when the animals lead me somewhere, it's because I'm in serious trouble with my Guides.
Enough about them right now.

I walk along the path, and see a familiar hill off to my left.
I make my way over to the hill, walk to the top, where I see an enormous tree.
This tree has the most amazingly woven branches, that reach and reach, for the sky above.

I walk over to the tree, first checking to make sure no one has followed me, or is spying on me.
I look in every conceivable direction, trying to act all nonchalant about it, so I look normal.
When I'm sure no one is looking, I walk over to the leaves that form a carpet over the underbrush.
I reach into the leaves, and feel my way around---
Until I feel the metal of the ladder I have hidden there.
I pull out the ladder and drag it over to the tree.
I climb up the ladder and into the tree
And, I begin to make my way up the branches, climbing gingerly from one branch to the next.

Up, up, up I go, until I reach an area where the branches reach, that form almost a bridge, over to the edge of---
The Middle World.

Trust me, I'd rather not have to climb that tree just to get to The Middle World.
But only once or twice have I ended up in the Middle World without having to climb that tree first.

So anyway, the Middle World that I am visiting, is much like this world that we are all in now.
There is, however, a discernible difference in what I see, or feel, as my eyes take in what is before me.
I'm usually not anywhere that is familiar to me, but that never worries me.
I usually put up my protection first, so I know I've got the 4 Pillars of Protection around me---
ArchAngel Michael, ArchAngel Gabriel, ArchAngel Raphael and last, but not least, my all time favorite---
ArchAngel Uriel.

With that kind of armor, what could possibly go wrong?
I'm not always certain they are right there, two of them walking in front of me---
And the other two taking up the rear, but I visualize them walking with me, forming a---
Grand Square of Protection around me.

So, here I am, in the almost regular, normal reality.
That place that is called The Middle World.
One needs to be careful here, just like in real life.
I usually try not to talk to any strangers and if I see someone suspicious---
I avoid eye contact.

If I see someone who looks weird, I usually mutter to myself---
And today was no exception, I said---
"Good vibrations, good vibrations, good vibrations."
It's important to say it 3 times.
I learned this when I was a young girl and someone told me that if a stray dog came near me---
I should say, inside my head, "Good vibrations, good vibrations, good vibrations," so that the dog would sense that I was okay and relaxed.
Therefore, the dog wouldn't pounce on me and maul me into oblivion.

I begin to see a gathering of beings ahead of me. And I feel their energy too.
I veer off down a side street and come upon a bank.
Blazoned across the top of the building, these words were written:
"Bank of Illusion, LLC"

Walking down the broad stairs, that led up to the Bank of Illusion, I see a studious young man walking towards me.
He had pens and pencils in a holder, attached to his chest pocket.
Tucked under his arm was a folio, which he suddenly snapped open.
Furiously, he made a calculated swipe with his hand, raised it up, and made a swirling gesture after that.
He held it arms length and looked at what he had written, then crossed it out
Tore the page off of the pad, crumpled it and tossed it to the ground.

This time, he wrote carefully and slowly, and turned the pad towards me.
Clearly I could see, written numerical numbers all over the page.
A myriad of numbers fading into, and then, bolded over other numbers, on the page.

He grabbed my arm, moved the pad closer to my face and he said---
"Do you really think there's anything better about 5, then there is when it comes to 1, or 8 or 0?"
He continued, "Or any combination of numbers one could imagine, do you REALLY believe they have power?"

I didn't know what to say, except that, of course I knew he was right, "I have been saying that myself, all along. " I informed him.

Ha! I don't know how many times I said to Beach Buddy, "Big deal, I saw 4:44 twice yesterday, at the same exact time!"
It doesn't matter that my cell phone clock was a bit behind the car clock, I still saw 4:44 twice, without really trying.

One night, I even got to stay awake long enough to see 11:55.
I braced myself because that had never happened to me before.
I quickly felt around myself, and inside of myself, to see if I could feel the shi(f)t that was about to happen.
I prayed mightily to Spirit to---
"Bring that new reality into my usual ordinary reality! Open the portal!"


"Open The Portal!" I say again, louder this time.


I clear my throat, attempting to remove any nervousness from my voice.
"Look, " I say vehemently, "I happened to be awake, and I just so happened to glance at the clock.
I felt that the numbers had to meaningful, if I was noticing them. I have fulfilled, most likely, any necessary pre-requisites."
I can feel myself rising to this challenge, as I said loudly, yet with certainty in my voice---
"Oooo----PPPPPP---PEN, The Portal!!!!!"

Again, nothing.

"Why are all these portals closed?" I decided to ask this weird young man who was with me.

I turned towards him to hear his answer and I see that it's not a weird young man with me any longer.
The Being now with me, was one of those Transmutational Whatshamacallits---
And now, before me, was an older, late middle aged man, chiseled features, a few age lines, steel blue eyes---
Wearing a weird toga.
Not bad legs, but I certainly didn't want to think about weird things like that---
That moment called for me to be fully conscious of myself---
Something I usually avoid at all costs---

Before me is this not bad, older type of being---his eyes drilling holes in my head.
I muster all the courage I have left within me, and I said---
"Why are the Portals being closed?"

"You all need to be conscious and present in yourselves," he stated firmly.

"We are, " I answered on behalf of everyone like myself.

"Not if you're out on the grids, strolling along the matrices, and fooling around in the ethers!" he shot back at me.
"You can't focus on what you have within you, if you're looking at numbers, or quickly trying to add up the numbers in a particular date---
To see if it's significant! Numbers do not open Portals to other realities!
And, by the way, AW, demanding that the Portals be opened, doesn't do a lick of good." This steel blue eyed man said.

"People need that stuff, it feels good!" I exclaimed.
"Once---that I know of--- I was out on the grids, " I think aloud.
"I had been meditating, and suddenly felt a whoosh and then I was sliding along these lines, with a rich flannel grey colored nothingness around it.
But, moving in and out of those lines, were these silvery threads and I caught one and grabbed onto it.
And then I found myself, almost like on a slow motion roller coaster ride.
That's about all I could take anyway, the shock of this experience, was unnerving me.
I had gone out onto THE GRIDS!" I excitedly lectured this Being.

"Yes----and?" this toga wearing man asked sharply.
"What good did it do you, other than giving you the opportunity to qvell about it with those other wooey wooey New Agers you used to hang out with?" he asked.
"You're not stupid, AkashicWreckage, think about this: people are so busy thinking about the grids, the portals, the numbers shit. Looking
for signs, making everything into a sign---so that they can somehow, be raised to some kind of new vibrational vibration?" he paused for a moment before continuing.

"People then imagine that they have risen, above other so called lower vibrations, their fellow human beings who share your Earth. They separate themselves,
and think that they are different, apart and on a Higher Calling wavelength. They are not somewhere else, they are, in reality, right where they were." Mr. Toga stated.

"I don't really believe this nonsense, are you serious? My bull shi(f)t meter is fine," I responded.
"I know it's too good to be true. If one can focus on numbers and numerical patterns, and then magically something incredible happens, like a portal opening---
Is it the numbers or something else that people think is weilding power that opens a portal to a different reality?"

"What portal, AW, are you talking about?" Steel grey eyed Toga Man asked.

I just slipped back into my real reality, for what I thought would be a brief moment to ask, "Beach Buddy, what do you think of all this, do you get where I am going?"

He opens up his eyes slowly, I think he was dozing while I read this to him.
He looks at me and says, "Yes, I get where you're going."

"That's good," I inform him, "Now--- will you tell ME?"

He laughs, but I'm serious.

Beach Buddy gets up and begins to walk towards the kitchen, "Seriously, I can't remember where it was that I intended to go with this channeling!"
"And," I continue, "I thought this was just going to be a fun exercise, updating all the Earth Students, but now I forgot where this was going!"

"How do you expect me to know where you were going?" Beach Buddy asks.

I wish I had a recorder in my mind, one that would record the genesis of my thoughts and my channelings too.

I calm my mind, trying not to panic about getting to the point of this so I can finish up and get ready for work.

I guess where I am going is this---
What they are telling me now to tell you, Earth Students:

"If you don't know where you're going, you're probably going to end up somewhere else."

The us that is in all of us, must be present, within who we are.
We get there when we get there, but it isn't--- out there.
It can't be.
It doesn't make sense.
If it is our spirit, our connection, our love, our compassion, that brings us into the total now--
(More on The Now later on)

It's not out there, it's somewhere down here.
Damned if I know exactly where, but I'm sure it's here.

Our journey begins, within the me that is me, and the you that is you---
Seeing that, understanding that---is what this is about.
It's not about getting somewhere else, it's about getting where we are.

And numbers don't speak, and numbers don't listen---
The only power they have is the power that is granted---
By people who are busy---
Looking outside of themselves---
Searching for the Portal Opening---
Escaping to the Grids---
Setting inner reminders to notice the time---
Lest they miss the opportunity---
To be whooshed into The Portal---
Awaiting a New Reality---
That is different from the Old Reality---

I have to get going now, I just looked at the clock and it's approaching 11:55.
I'm giving this numbers stuff one last chance.
I must swiftly get myself meditated, and get the incense burning.
There must be a portal here, I'm sure of it.

Till the next time, Earth Students---
Let's be careful out there---
Wherever it is---
That we're going---

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