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The White Peacocks Journey

In the land of Zen there lived a white peacock.
She spent her days dreaming in a tree,
longing of the magic sparkles in the grass,
where the rainbows flowed so free.

She wondered of the Maidens Sphere,
She marveled of her wings.
how will I find the blue-eyed plume,
unless I sread my wings.

On winds of Bluebells Cloak, she flew,
beyond the unicorns pastures,
as nighttime fell she found a tree,
whose gifts would give her shelter.

At mornings light she stretched her wings,
and blessed the tree so gently.
On spheric winds, she glided free,
sparkling grasses, glowing near.

The white peacock laughed so joyfully.
What tis the Maiden's Sphere to be ? ...

a short story written by Elizabeth SkyRaven

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