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Two Proven Tips to Create a Better New Year

Need a systematic Law of Attraction approach to have clarity and focused energy about what you intend for your life or your business in 2011? Here are two proven tips that will help you.

We are about to start not only a new year, but a new decade. I feel certain a great many of us are ready to put aspects of the past several years behind us and create a new-and-improved, fresher start, whatever that means for us.

If you use what is provided here, I ask you to keep the following in mind:

• Whatever you desire for work, finance, family, personal development, spiritual development, social and intimate relationships, fun, and health does not have to fulfill the desires others have for you or may try to impose on you, but does need to fulfill the desires you have for yourself.
• The power to use your mind on your behalf is far stronger (and more effective) than you, likely, practice consistently. (See Tip 2.)
• We frustrate ourselves with a non-serving belief that we are in CONSCIOUS control of everything. Even I could argue the point that we are ultimately in control, but that’s a different article for another time. My point is that our infinite selves and Source are collaborators on our ego-aspect’s behalf—meaning the aspect we are aware of that is experiencing our personal reality. We get into some really awful feelings when our greater path and purpose is directed from the infinite side of our human self and we find that what our ego-aspect thinks it wants doesn’t happen. There is always a reason.
• Keep in mind that there’s a difference between control and flow. You may say you want to be in flow, but do you trust Source and your infinite self that fully, or can you shift into that trust when it seems life has placed something unexpected into your life?

Tip 1

To create an Order Form, you need columns on a sheet of paper or on your computer as recommended here.

First column: Write what you don’t want (NOT feelings). Example: I don’t want people in my life who don’t value (or compensate) me; to overwork myself or be overworked by someone else. Or, I don’t want a relationship with someone who is emotionally unavailable. Make this list, and the ones that follow, as long as each needs to be.

It has been said that you should not focus on what you don’t want. The key words are FOCUS ON, meaning to play over and over in your mind because you are afraid something will be your reality. I’m asking you to do something else, to step out of denial, because what you don’t want is in your subconscious and will benefit from being extracted from inside of you by writing it down. If you don’t get these out, they whisper in your ear, so to speak, because they need to be heard and dealt with.

Second column: List what you don’t want to feel, like afraid, unsuccessful, overworked, undervalued, unsuccessful, confused, etc.).

Third column: Put down what you do want, like a certain number of new clients a month who pay on time and are delighted to do so, creation of your business or project to feel and be effortless, or to meet people who share important common interests.

Fourth column: List what you do want to feel, like valued, appreciated, respected, confident, on purpose, fulfilled, etc.).

Fifth column: Write your WHY . . . why you want what you believe or know you do. Let your WHY talk to you. A clear WHY generates inspired ideas and actions. A clear WHY causes you to feel enthusiasm or passionate commitment, or both. And, it’s very different from the energy of “It would be nice.”

Sixth column: Write how you will feel once you have this or something even better.

Seventh column: How will others feel once you have this? How will new clients feel when they work with you as a confident, fulfilled person? How will the person you move into a relationship with feel about being around you, especially if you are happy with yourself and your life?

Eighth column: Create a supportive statement (affirmation) that helps your energy about this like, “I want to believe that I can . . .” You want a true statement that does not trigger your other voice that doubts, and also doesn’t put pressure on you to believe more than you are able to at this moment.

Ninth column: Maybe one or more next actions come to you; write these down. If not, write to Source (or your word for the Infinite) to be shown one or more next actions. Then do something else, and watch how fast ideas or opportunities come to you.

Tip 2

Every night and several times during the day repeat, “While I sleep, I have dreams that cause me to have energy and enthusiasm, financial serenity and abundance, and freedom from stress, as my way of life; and this allows me to assist others to have the same, as appropriate. And so it is.”

Tip 1 is effective for obvious reasons. Use it for 2011, but it will work for the next decade, as well. Tip 2 is incredibly effective, as I have been experiencing in my own life. If you use either or both, you give yourself the opportunity to use your mind power in ways that are dynamic and provide quick results.

I’m relocating in a few weeks, so will not publish during the relocation and new set-up time period. I wish you a wonderful new year and a new year filled with wonders.

You are what you practice.
© Joyce Shafer

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Comment by Lorenzo Abbiati on January 20, 2011 at 10:12am

Oh so many thanks for your tips left me almost speechless....

I was impressed in particular the fact of "being with the flow" concept: we need time to repose (dreams).

we have to be in this networks as music with each to accompain our own works.

I had been working for companies and by myself, now i am in a state of self conscious remember your flow chart indicating how free we can be as long as our elementary needs are provided.......In the sheet of our life first colums are clear last columns will be clearer as time will tell.

you are a witness of this things, it's so important.




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