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I love yoga, because it loves me. When I breath into a pose, the energy that comes back is regenerative and healing, like love. And so - it is love. It is the attention focused and care given to my body and spirit that returns to me multiplied and metamorphosed. Yoga is the (re)cycling of energy, moving from the point of intention within my distracted monkey mind through the breath, body, emotions and spirit divine; and back again to a more focused state of mind. With each cycle returning a stronger, more clear sense of well being.

It is difficult to speak of an experience that quiets the chatter and induces tranquility. The best that could be said would be the utterance of a deep blissful moan, which all would understand, but doesn't translate well onto paper. Yoga unties the knots that develop from daily stress. It can be a self massage, a dynamic work out and an equanimity experiment. It connects me with a place that honors gentleness and determination. A place where only the truth of the moment exists.

Yoga means "union with god"; and she is me! humbly speaking…

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