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write to not believe - spring 2019 prayer

i'll be at your place in our love affair

i'll be hurt by your hard possession

my earth will be destroyed by your lust

i'll be enough strong to even defeat my ego

 we run again on this highway

of life everlasting climb to heaven

we'll start running as we'll se the target

target we'll never be able to reach

no human eye will see the crime

after my claims so high to partecipate in her desire

i ll quit to regular life hoping not to put up a fire

to get rid of your worries but being myself

to conquer the Kingdom of peace and serenity

through hard faith i will survive to the end of mankind

the end will never come until the end, when we'll know the truth

it will be too late to put words in any fool's mouth

please sell me the truth - truth whispers through poverty 

rich man stay on the table to wait for a sign to myself the truth is not being able to commit a sin.  stay away from me don't like me don't give me like ...most defeats come from a too protracted feast.  quit in silence then you'll be able to find the secret of secrets even in science....... 

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