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Zen & the Art of Visualization #1


Close eyes...


A scene unfolds on mind-dark panorama

over-grown with weeds & fragrant wildflowers

a path opens up …

the intrusive drone of distant traffic

fades in forest echoes

fades… softer…fades… fainter…. fainter

whisperings of cool wind ripple treetops gently

caressing blushing green

as pools of sunlight stream

through filigree branches…

… and drift away… drift away


Soft mosses glisten with sweet pure moisture

‘neath trees of noble poise

 step onto the beckoning path

no fear to where it goes

just yearning within heart & soul

to walk a little ways

to sooth the spirit

in incandescent haze…


Closed eyes miss not a single sight

such profound tranquillity wrapped in an echo of sound

 let feet slowly wander

not caring where …

willows brush the path-edge….a delicate gentle tune

and between the lace-like branches

notice both sun and moon

- star-jasmine grows in trailing vine

… pause to breath the perfumed threads

tendrils weave a garland...


Walk on with measured pace

through fragrant air soft & light

the haunting notes of an ancient flute

speeks of the balance of day & night

emerald shadows beckon

to leave the overgrown path

beckoned to follow

the hollow echo of a distant laugh…


The way through verdant green

opens up  and closes

no fear nor phobia plague…

no negativity trails  behind

oh so calm

essence of returning home

to a place

…. not remembered or forgetton…

walk boldly

the way the forest shows

lost in surreal tranquillity

enchanted by an ethereal glow…


A clearing opens and in amongst tumbled stone

a waterfall dances merrily

singing in sweet tones

in this place of whispered echoes

essence of home…




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