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At 9:47pm on September 5, 2012, Steve H said…
Hi Imelda,

Thanks for the ideas, I had not wanted to use too many of your works in the video and that along with my picturing sitting by the water, then glancing from time to time up in the trees and such is what lead to a limited amount of them in the video but I do see what you mean with repeating the same image and you have a good point. I haven't had a chance to reach out to other artists, hopefully I can find some others that would like to collaborate and any and all ideas or anything that you think would help are graciously accepted and welcome!

Thanks and Peace,
At 8:47pm on September 1, 2012, Steve H said…

Hi Imelda,

Just got the first video with your art uploaded! Hope you like it but please let me know if you feel anything should be different.

Thanks and Peace,


At 9:23pm on August 30, 2012, Steve H said…

Super! Thanks and enjoy the Moon!


At 8:27pm on August 30, 2012, Steve H said…
Awesome, I like that "Birth of Star" one and hey.....I just got two songs mixed down and ready to start videos. Not sure how much progress I'll make tonight but they'll be brought to light asap!
I'll have to check back and see how you said the exact credits should be for your name and whatever link(s) you would like on them. If you happen to see this soonish could you either comment on here or message me or email through my site?
Thanks again Imelda!
PS.... Blue Moon 31st August, plus in Australia there is a call for people to do a ceremony for the whales by the water Sat Sept 1st @ 2:00pm (their time, so adjust for your local time). While they are asking people to do a traditional ceremony they ask that anyone be involved so anyone praying or meditating for whales, water, life, Peace, Earth or anything positive will help.
At 10:59pm on August 20, 2012, Steve H said…
Thanks for the kind words and the encouragement and of course thanks again for being willing to share your art!

I hope to be able to get a song or two mixed and ready for video this week, I should be able to but I know with any of this it can't be done unless the right energy is flowing so we shall see.

Plus there will soon be another poem on there, I just haven't had time to add it.

Peace to you now and always,
At 11:29pm on August 11, 2012, Steve H said…

Hi Imelda!

Looks like I am starting to catch up a bit on the songs/videos and have been experimenting with adding images, this one is video but a few others have images and am looking for one that would fit some of your art if that's still ok.

If you do check out any of the ones I have with pics those were all sent to me from people that got them copyright free and so I had no way to credit them but yours will definitely have credit and links back if it's still ok.

Thanks and Peace,

At 9:14pm on April 21, 2012, Steve H said…

At 2:06am on April 10, 2012, Gary Rocha said…

 Thanks Imelda for the friendship. I'm just being a silent observer.

At 6:33pm on April 4, 2012, IamAnotherYou said…








At 11:33pm on March 29, 2012, Steve H said…

Hi Imelda,

Thanks for the offer on incorporating your art in with the music for Peace, that is awesome! That's great, perfectly great.

That link just took me to the sign in page, I'll try signing in later or tomorrow and see if that takes me there, but I think maybe it as just the sign in page. We'll see. Either way that is great and any that I use on there I'll make sure to have the link to whatever site(s) you want, just let me know how i should credit them (exact name) and link(s) to have.

Thanks again, I really really appreciate it.



At 8:06pm on March 28, 2012, Steve H said…

At 7:49pm on March 28, 2012, Steve H said…
Hi Imelda,

Looks like you already found some of the music and shared some, that's great, thanks! I hadn't seen the comment or the share as I was working through the messages, so I'm glad you like them, plus if you have any of your poems or art or anything that you feel would fit on the project site just let me know and I can add them with a link back to wherever you want.

Thanks again and Peace,
At 2:35am on June 29, 2010, Frizzey Greif said…
Love & Light
dear Imelda
At 4:06am on March 20, 2010, Colleen O'Rourke said…
I must say that I agree with you about the wonderful friendships on the Ning sites. I have met so many great people, and it has become a daily part of my life! Makes me happy! Love and joy, my friend. Colleen
At 6:38pm on March 19, 2010, Colleen O'Rourke said…
Thank you for your St. Patrick's Day wishes, Imelda! I treasure your friendship. Love and joy, Colleen
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At 5:40am on August 18, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
The spirit and depth of your art leaves me truly breathless---the energy is absolutely amazing. Thank you for sharing your spirit with us!
Blessings and love,
At 8:10pm on August 16, 2009, AkashicWreckage said…
My dear Imelda,
I am deeply grateful and blessed to be your friend.
Thank you for the wisdom, the validation and the love!
At 7:02pm on June 19, 2009, Jeanne said…
Thank-you Imelda for joining Crone to the Bone. We are honored to have you join us and share your wonderful fairy story and painting. And while I love the delicate painting and the talent involved in painting it, I am intrigued by the woman who could see that fairy... a woman whose gifts are many. Metta, Jeanne
At 12:35pm on June 1, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

Yes, these are apple blossoms from our garden. Thank you for being my friend!
At 10:14am on June 1, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

Really, these artworks are so amazing! I just love the way the colors are used, it makes the paintings shine.


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