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At 12:46am on March 18, 2012, Steve H said…

Thanks, will check out everything here asap.

Thanks and Peace,

At 8:26pm on December 31, 2011, Christopher Stewart said…

hey Lorenzo !

sorry about the belated reply... thanks for your offer to collaborate, but as you can see, 2011 has been very demanding timewise...

wishing you much love & joy in 2012 and on ! :o)


At 7:26am on September 16, 2011, Dave Clarke said…
Cheers mate ;-)
At 8:26pm on July 10, 2011, Christopher Stewart said…

thanks Lorenzo ! :o)


wishing you a creative & joyful week ! 

« The world is but a canvas to the imagination. » — Henry David Thoreau

At 9:00am on June 13, 2011, cindy paulos said…
Aloha Lorenzo, So Sweet, I can't thank you enough for taking the time to SOAR..

I put a little video together yeserday before I heard you music..Bu tI like your music better...

Love and Light from Maui
At 10:26am on March 22, 2011, Alaniya Patton said…

Ciao Lorenzo,


Love Thy Enemy (unconditionally)

Fear drives people to many actions that are seemingly irrational. One thing that has come into my field of experience is that when fear dims one's light, the light of someone centered in love may become too strong for them to feel comfortable in that environment.

sorry I can't understand but i would be grateful if you could explain to me this keypoint because I am involved in a kind of similar situation.....


What this keypoint means to say is that if a person is in fear and their own light is dimmed because of it, they may feel irritated or threatened by someone who is in a state of no fear, fully embracing their own light and shining it out into the world. That is a mirror effect that shows the person who is in fear what they are denying within themselves (their true light).  Thus I say that the undimmed light of a person without fear may be overwhelmingly strong (a mirror) for the fearful person and they attempt to diminish that light, to remain comfortable in an environment that is not as brightly lit. Often this is done by means of trying to attack or instill fear in a person who resides fully in their heart. 


Spero che mi spiego meglio cosi. :)


At 1:10pm on March 8, 2011, Blanche Toney said…
You're very welcome., and thank you for having the courage to start this group ;-)
At 6:34am on February 23, 2011, KeepinthePeace said…
Lorenzo, Thank you for your kind words.  It was actually my Mother who passed away on February 8th, 2011.  However, my Grandmother did leave us in 2007 at 96 years old.  My Mother was 77 yrs old.  I felt she left us too early.  I was looking forward to taking her where ever she wanted to go and taking care of her needs in her home.  It is what it is though and I must accept this to move through it.  She is in my heart and will be forever.  Thank you for displaying her photos in your slide show on your page.  In peace and light, KTP
At 3:43pm on February 4, 2011, Larry Cooperman said…

Thank you, Lorenzo,

I'll take that interesting congratulations!  Celtic and Cuban is good.  I thought it was hippie music.  It's called "walking on the water."

Best to you,


At 10:18am on January 26, 2011, jb said…

Thank "You" Lorenzo :)

"Appreciate" It Brother !!

and...that was really :Awesome"...;earning of Your Insight & especially, the timing of it !

Thank "You" for that also & also "Appreciated" :)



At 5:57pm on January 22, 2011, Angela said…

Be blessed Lorenzo
At 6:30am on January 21, 2011, Angela said…
Hi Lorenzo, thank you for the friendship :)))
At 9:55am on November 30, 2010, Illuminara said…
Thanks for your feedback...we are generating a global matrix of Light powerful in its frequency of intent...we are transforming even as we are transformers. Each of us is a point of Light flowing out to other points of Light...remember this - one person standing in - and as - the Light projects greater power, through love, then 100 individuals standing in - and as - darkness. Our integrity of intent will carry forth the essence of our Consciousness. We will touch those who will never personally meet us as this energy ripples forth in waves. We are the changes we want to see in our world! Blessings Friend!
At 9:16am on November 29, 2010, Illuminara said…
WOW! Great page...Yes...there is a faction that would just as soon do away with the middle class and have just the working class providing for their needs and government could use a shakedown! Perhaps as we shine the Light of Consciousness transformation will be born from the chaos that exists "out there." We are the people we have been waiting for! One person standing in Light has greater power than one hundred standing in darkness. Shine the light that you are. Feel free to explore my website the blog was just added and won't be up for a few more days....Thanks for being a part of this community...Blessings
At 7:30pm on November 5, 2010, Meta said…
Lorenzo, thank You for the comment and it is great to be able to share this experience of Carlos live with You now........... a smile and a well wish ~M~
At 6:13pm on November 3, 2010, Sherry Swiney said…
Thanks for the add Lorenzo! It's a pleasure meeting members of AOAND.
Sherry Swiney (pronounced Sweeney)
At 10:34pm on October 29, 2010, Steven Graves said…
Great to connect Lorenzo! Thanks for being a friend and a part of this new paradigm community. If you have a chance to hear my CD, "Make A New World" that would be great. You can hear it at and also on my facebook page at Its uplifting rock/reggae with a positive message and groove! Take care!
At 11:16am on October 15, 2010, Soma Khare said…
thank u so very much for makin me ur so lucky...n wat a beautiful lines u hav writtn on my commnts list....thank u for sharing those lines....they r so perfect...i loved them..........ur truely a wonderful blessed to hav u in my frn's list....!!!
At 12:56pm on October 14, 2010, Christopher Stewart said…
thanks for your friendship Lorenzo ! :o)

best wishes,
At 11:05am on October 13, 2010, Soma Khare said…
thank u for the invitation.....!!! its nice to add u as a frnd...!!!


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