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At 3:39pm on February 26, 2019, Dawn Eve said…

Hi, new friend.

Thank you for your friendship and for signing my petitions. I will forward your music connection to musicians I know, thank you.

Peace and love Dawn.

I am also starting a group,

hoping to gather everybody on the site.

Called: A new dawn :)

It will be there soon.

At 4:54pm on July 29, 2016, Susan M. Davis said…

Yes, I'm new around here, Steve. AOAND seems a place of many aligned souls. Thanks for connecting.

At 9:15am on December 5, 2014, Barbara Ocskai said…

Thank you for your answer Steve.  I'll look deeper. 

At 3:37pm on December 4, 2014, Barbara Ocskai said…

Hello.  I think it's a fair answer, as an advocate for peace Santana seems to come from the heart.  I didn't realize what exactly I was signing onto here.  Each time I log in, there aren't any (or only one) members active.  Can you say how well used this site is?  And to what outcome?  Thanks for any time to answer these questions.  Be well.

At 9:09pm on September 5, 2014, A Diverse World Foundation said…


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or watch

At 11:01pm on April 16, 2013, Miriam Jeanne Greenfield said…
I'm sorry that I signed up and a lot of past have let go but to this I will from now on me delve into it..pressure to reorganize my house as a studio and art on my father to the ranking; He has Alzheimer now but traveled extensively and painted.
I'm a photographer and have done more..also I go again painting and filming for new material.
At 5:12pm on February 4, 2013, SoulSparkle11411 said…

Lovely music ~Thanks for sharing Steve,  I see you live in Ohio too!

At 12:58am on October 27, 2012, Imelda Maguire said…

Just thought you might like to have a browse through some of the images on the blog;


What ever works for you... works for me.





At 12:55am on October 27, 2012, Imelda Maguire said…

You are always welcome Steve to browse through the files to see if there is anything at all that might help you with your sounds for peace.  Amazing you are, I am very proud of you.

The flute music is very healing with images of nature.  There is one called Fallen Moment that would lend itself better to the Fall Birch than the Spring Willow, unless of course your thought was to have one of each season.  Unfortunately I was not able to capture any of the winter images, they were sold over the years, or given away as gifts and not documented before hand.

Always you are welcome to browse through or just send an email to let me know what you might be in need of and we can confer.

A pure delight it is Steve to work with you on your project.  Great Job!!!



how are you making out with other artist contribution of paintings... or sculpture?

At 1:17pm on October 26, 2012, vikki lightweaver said…

Thank you for the welcome.x

At 11:59am on October 26, 2012, Kabir Bakie said…

Hola mi amigo!

At 9:09pm on October 25, 2012, Reginald Todd Hewitt said…

Thanks Steve, I really appreciate your fedback!

At 11:29am on October 10, 2012, Cat Anderson said…

 Thank you... love the message... I always tell myself when something negative happens to to focus on the positive side of it.  Its what helped me get thru life better and does give me inner peace.  By my focusing on the positive also lets me see the lifes gifts that are there for me :) LOVE how you worded it , Thank you so much and you have a positive day too! 

At 8:39am on September 17, 2012, Kelly Hostetler said…

Thanks Steve, have a good journey my friend.

At 6:44pm on September 5, 2012, Imelda Maguire said…

Hello Steve,

It is truly beautiful healing sound through native peaceful rhythm.  "Gather and Heal" by Jude Smith, Janice T Sunflower, Jackie Millay, Kabir Bakie and Steven Douglas Howard is a magical contribution to "Sounds Like".  It is a great honor as well as humbling to be part of this collaboration of such fine gifted artists.


The only concern I have is that there are not other artists with more images contributing to all the effort of your wonderful diversity.  It would also add interest for your video not to repeat the same images to avoid seeming repetitive to your viewer.  Perhaps panning from one shot into the other may enhance the 'Flow' experience of the listener by keeping the attention on the beauty of musical rhythm.

Kudos to you Steve and the gifted musicians who have taken the time and the effort to contribute to the Healing of Earth is this grand creative way ~ Deeply honored I am.

Should you find it difficult to find other contributors of artwork,  If you like I can put a file together there for you with your name on title to make it a bit easier to select rather than have to muddle through everything there. 



At 10:47pm on September 3, 2012, Celebrate World Peace said…

What happened with the quest of the man who is on the video regarding the auction which was to occur on the 25th of August ?

Thank you

At 10:28pm on September 3, 2012, Celebrate World Peace said…

Thank you for welcoming here tonight ! I was invited to the group by the Founders of Peace Day TV ~ I've posted some of my photography....and look forward to discovering what is here

Kind Regards

Sian Lindemann

Founder ~ Celebrate World Peace

At 4:37pm on September 3, 2012, Nancy Red Star said…

Documentary Bot Done Yet...Almost in Post-Production

At 9:31pm on August 30, 2012, Imelda Maguire said…

~Big Hug to you <3

At 9:05pm on August 30, 2012, Imelda Maguire said…

Yes indeed Steve it is a Blue Moon, I am on the easel as we speak... Brilliant is this energy tonight.

Thank you for sharing the information on the Australian Ceremony for Whales, water, life, Peace and Earth... Saturday at 2:00 pm Ozzie time, I will connect to the grid at that time.

Not to worry about the credits, it will all unfold as it is meant to be.

Looking forward to hearing your new pieces and seeing the videos.  These surely are exciting times.

Happy ~*Blue Moon*~ to you Steve

God Bless




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