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At 11:52am on March 22, 2010, Korani said…
Nice to meet you Arieljoy! Love and blessings, Korani
At 5:34am on March 17, 2010, Ron Hornung said…
thank you for taking an interest in my
are a Fine friend...
At 2:57pm on March 12, 2010, Astari said…
Well, I declare its YOU, Arieljoy! So glad to see you here! We will have to do some catching up. I moved into the Pent House and talk about being busy. It's like I wondered how in the world I ever lived in 1200 sq ft. What a trip!

Love ya,
At 6:10am on February 24, 2010, Rita O'Gorman said…
I am finding these in my spam. Don't know where to change that. I've been missing a lot.
At 9:49am on February 15, 2010, Rita O'Gorman said…
Ah Jeeze, I am having such a time trying to navigate around this site. I was reading your comment about Ho'oponopono and I don't know how to get to the rest of it. UGH.

I have heard of this but not in regard to a meditation. Please let me know how I can find this comment. Thanks
At 8:26am on February 3, 2010, NAE said…
you're welcome! thank you, for being a friend♥
At 5:51am on January 22, 2010, Jesus said…
Love you page and wanted to share this beautiful friend who visits me. Hope you enjoy Arieljoy.

At 9:29am on January 17, 2010, Gabriela Thanner said…
Gabriela Thanner Comment by Gabriela Thanner 1 minute ago
Delete Comment We are joining in un Earth-Healing-Meditation every day at 7 o'clock p.m. european time for Haiti
please join us! We are ONE with the Grace of Divine Mother, being ONE in the Eternal Source of Light from Divine Father and ONE in the Divne Christ Matrix, together with Metatron, Gabriel, Michael, the Archangels and the Elohim.
Just imaging to surround the planet EARTH in the universe and send the pure Diamond Light from the Center of your Hearts and Hands as pure Healing Energy for HAITI!
Thank you for joining us in LOVE and PURE LIGHT!
ASTREA RA Gabriela
At 10:34am on January 14, 2010, Linda Slasberg said…
Hi Ariel

Nice to have you aboard
Love Linda
At 3:54pm on January 6, 2010, Arieljoy Fine said…
Thank you Brenda for adding the balance that I forgot. I just listened to your new CD on your page and I love your voice and the lyrics and music. Thank you so much.

In Love and Light,
At 11:57am on January 6, 2010, Brenda MacIntyre said…
Thank you for connecting with me. Glad you appreciated the Freedom Chant video from Women's Remembrance Day. I'd add that whenever one woman smiles, laughs or lights up with love, a piece of all women glows. :)

Love & Light,
Brenda, Medicine Song Woman
At 6:04am on January 5, 2010, Jorge Andrés Pareja said…
Off course! :)

Cotacachi es un sitio muy interesante y bello, pueden conocer algo del ecuador y Sudamérica por medio de esta web , el es primo mío.

También pueden leer algo en las novelas del escritor Alfredo Pareja Diezcanseco.
At 8:41am on January 3, 2010, P.Ann Turner said…
HEllo there, Thanks for being my friend. Have you seen the website and the work we do with horses? I think I have the best job in the world, as the healing never stops. cheers, Ann. Also: and
At 8:12am on January 3, 2010, Astari said…
Arieljoy, OHHH my goodness here you are! Thanks for being my friend on here!

At 1:27am on January 2, 2010, Arieljoy Fine said…
And thank you, AW. I hope you have been having a wonderfilled New Year. A New Year's Eve like this one only comes around once in a blue moon! :-)))

In Love and Light,
At 10:34am on January 1, 2010, AkashicWreckage said…
Thank you for the gift of friendship! I am honored to call you friend!
At 1:23pm on December 29, 2009, Ron Alexander said…
You are welcome, Arieljoy. I enjoy inquiry and dialogue, and you provide both in your commentaries. "Love is letting go of fear", ron
At 1:23am on December 23, 2009, Arieljoy Fine said…
It is because we humans worship at the altar of fear instead of worshiping at the altar of love. And "the church" preys (and prays) upon this tendency. And the church told us it would take care of us and protect us from our fear and we allowed our souls to become imprisoned by the bigger and bigger "yarns" that the priests spun. And before long we had lost all memory of our divinity, in fact we sold our dignity for the security of shackles. Some folks say we were stripped of our ability to remember our true power when we fell from grace in Atlantis. I personally believe the story goes much further back than that. The soul of humankind begged for the fall of the Atlantean civilization. And the Great Mystery loved us so much that he was willing to watch us destroy ourselves so that we could begin anew from that point on. Christians believe that it pained the Great Mystery to sacrifice his "only begotten son" but can you imagine how it must have pained our father to sacrifice so many of his children? Humankind was out-of-control and would never have arrived at the doorstep of ascension if allowed to continue on the path that had become the tradgedy of Atlantis. We would NEVER have made it back home were it not for that meltdown. And he knew; the Great Mystery/Father G-d knew that we would fail and that he would have to send us the gift of Jeshua to resurrect our hearts from the tomb of fear.

But something else happened. Jeshua's love for us was hijacked by power grabbing men who never knew Jeshua but spoke for him and ran interference on his demonstrated love to keep us bound by the shackles of our fear. And then "the church" created hatred for those who would not comply with it; hatred for those who would not be bought off by the churchmen's corruption, greed, and asassinations.

To be continued...time for dreams now.
In Love and Light,
At 12:19am on December 23, 2009, Chris Anderson/Onefeather said…
Excellent post!
It seems so difficult for humankind to let go of their guilt and reverence of death... as eternal beings so much light shines within each of us that we exhaust ourselves trying to hide it... how odd mankind has become ;-)

At 5:50am on December 21, 2009, The Ancient One said…
It's The Journey That's Important
By John McLeod

Life, sometimes so wearying
Is worth its weight in gold
The experience of traveling
Lends a wisdom that is old
Beyond our 'living memory'
A softly spoken prayer:

"It's the journey that's important,
Not the getting there!"

Ins and outs and ups and downs
Life's road meanders aimlessly?
Or so it seems, but somehow
Leads us where we need to be,
And being simply human
We oft question and compare...

"Is the journey so important
Or the getting there?"

And thus it's always been
That question pondered down the ages
By simple men with simple ways
To wise and ancient sages...
How sweet then, quietly knowing
Reaching destination fair:

"It's the journey that's important,
Not the getting there!"


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