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At 11:08am on May 19, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…
Thank you for posting the poem! You can write, my friend. It is so much more than just the words. You can touch the soul. Thank you so much!

At 10:45am on May 19, 2009, Vickie Sumner said…
In the origin of the bible, God's first name is referred to as El Shaddai, the large breasted nourishing mother, who raises her children to the point where they are ready to learn from the father, who is called Yahveh, the teacher of laws and justice to ensure man learns to be fair in living in his communities. Moses bride, Miriam, after learning deeper understanding and realizing the truth of taking the promised land (the heart and mind of the evolved being (pertinent to the time)) aloud..."My Yahveh has become my Yeshua". Yeshua does translate to Jesus, but first it translates to "Joshua" who did not fear and proceeded to confront what sought to prevent passage to peaceful existence and change the path and the way from following the traditions of men, to following the spirit of Christ. "Man does not live by bread alone (the word of the bible), but by EVERY word from the mouth of God". God is the father/mother, the creator, the savior, the combined truth of love and life from all cultures around the world. From the Hopi to the Hebrew, the voice is love and it sustains life. My personal greatest relationship is with Yeshua, this is how my relationship has evolved to the point of my change from a nature of selfishness to the joy of giving and growing to give more. The fruits of spirit of love. I love the diversity of creation, the voice of the mother, the power of the father, the language of the earth, and the companionship of my teacher, Yeshua.
At 9:25am on May 19, 2009, The Ancient One said…
Buddhist Prayer

By the power and the truth of this practice, may all beings have happiness, and the causes of happiness,
May all be free from sorrow, and the causes of sorrow,
May all never be separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless,
And may all live in equanimity, without too much attachment and too much aversion,
And live believing in the equality of all that lives.

translated by Sogyal Rinpoche
At 7:00am on May 19, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

Hi Ron!
Your spirit is truly shining all over, the sparkle and the joy that you give to the people. It is so great to be your friend. Blessings, Silja
At 8:32pm on May 18, 2009, Michele Selinger said…
Hi Ron - Thank you for adding me as a friend, and "favorite teacher of gratitude" I am honored.

Namaste - Michele
At 7:17am on May 18, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

Thank you! I just love these ideas that you share.
At 9:31am on May 15, 2009, Sylvia said…
Hi Ron Alexander,
great to meet you. Are you an artist?
At 10:59am on May 12, 2009, Sharon Taphorn said…
if you see something and it makes you would send me that...she is surely guiding you there...

love and light...Sharon
At 6:23pm on May 11, 2009, Marinspin said…
I grew up near China Camp in lower Lucas Valley but have lived in Muir Woods Woodacre Thrill Valley you name it. I am now near the coast out West.. breezy here today and some fog. I like it here but prefer the weather over the hill. I love heat! Nice to meet you. I lived in Tiburon for a bit too.. I am going to Germany next month and will be blogging about it here
At 6:18am on May 8, 2009, Marian said…
THANK YOU SO MUCH RON: I knew you would! x
At 11:11am on May 1, 2009, Heli Aarniranta said…
Thankyou for your wonderufl message and request to connect joyful for that.

Bright "global" love day wishes for now and for every day to you.

I am thrilled to see so many people actually being love sharing that around in so many positive ways imagined.

Love from Finland we's been gourgeous and sunny here bless.

Heli and Anton Aarniranta
At 11:51am on April 24, 2009, Brian Narelle said…
Yesterday I met a woman in the part nearby (with her old dog) and I wound up telling her all about Honey, including how she assisted you in group. I also told her about the funeral ceremony where those two big sled dogs took turns standing up in the middle of us and licking us all as we stood on Honey's grave. Special dog. Special memories.
At 1:17pm on April 21, 2009, Silja Saareoks-Kaldre said…

Thank you Ron!
You're a blessing too! The showing who we really are keeps us growing who we are.
:-) P.S. And that is why one bee was flying in between the open windows today. Have a happy day!
At 1:10pm on April 21, 2009, Candice Wilmore said…
Well my goodness, your compliments will give me a big head!

Nice meeting you Ron. All the best,
At 6:19pm on April 20, 2009, drmike said…
Last one for the day...I sent this to my republican sportfishing captain buddy who has been maligned as racist (I view him as just a knucklehead from high school)....

I sent him the following:

"One blind guys says tree
One blind guy says snake
One blind guy says leaf

They are touching different parts of the same elephant. Such it is with politics, and race.

One day we will become unblind and realize it that there is one race: Human.

When that occurs, I'll likely be dead or the world as we know it just won't exist anymore..."

At 9:37am on April 20, 2009, drmike said…
Dear Ron,

I would love that sort of dialouge. As funny as it may sound, I was working around the USC area in Los Angeles and had a conversation with a young coed who told me "This the most controversial (presidential) election we have ever had." I of course, did not understand why, except to look at the elephant in the room: This really rich Spoiled Child (which is how the University gets it name, sort of the same I suppose as 'SC in your parts) really had a problem with Obama's racial background. Some things are hard to change, and as you are mentioning we can only pray for their spiritual awakening, as very little can be done otherwise for others who want to continue to hold on to bigotry, fear, and racial hatred. The real challenge is how the individual lives his/her life. I've been typed-casted for a long time, and have suffered professionally by my background, but I still march on. I was really relieved to leave a job in Atlanta, because that cultural mesh was entirely different from that which I was raised in.

Let hope that Obama doesn't get shot, and will continue to march forward with what I think is a reasoned and responsible approach to the fiscal and cultural healing that we need it this country.

Let me know if you get in touch with your friends.

At 11:54am on April 19, 2009, AlwaysLove4U said…
dreaming dreams of you Pictures, Images and Photos
The best reason for having dreams
is that in dreams
no reasons are necessary.
~Ashleigh Brilliant
At 9:05pm on April 18, 2009, AlwaysLove4U said…
dancing under the stars Pictures, Images and Photos
Be glad of life because it gives you
the chance to love and to work and
to play and to look up at the stars.
~Henry Van Dyke
At 8:02pm on April 18, 2009, drmike said…
Hey Ron,
I'm sure you meant that God's love is free and unconditional. However, some of un in the grand old U. S of A. particularly in your parts hold nationhood before a loving God concept, thus the allusion to the tax deadline. Myrtle Beach is supposedly so beautiful and the golf is rated top notch down there. Thanks for adding me on, I appreciate your well reasoned comments on the site.

At 11:56am on April 17, 2009, drmike said…
Hey Ron,

Like the comment regarding having enough money for God. Just not sure what it means however, two days ago was the Fed's pay day ...HA!


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