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Shakti Meditation's Blog – February 2015 Archive (3)

Experience of Infinite Joy

"When you immerse your attention

into the peace that is the essence

of this moment,

you find that it is limitless.

It is completely formless

and that formless peace

goes on forever.

The emptiness is so vast

so intoxicating, so fulfilling,

there is no end to exploring it.

I call it peace

but the peace is…


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How to Transcend Separation & Realize Oneness

"An object

does not become an object

separate from you

until you define it.

In order to not define it,

you simply remain in awareness.

You do not allow your attention

to leave awareness

to become fixated on thinking;

rather, attention remains resting

in itself as consciousness.

When you remain in…


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3 Paths to Realize Pure Consciousness & Bliss

"To be alive

is to be conscious in this moment.

In order to be conscious

you have to fully allow everything

in this moment to be as it is.

Awareness can only fully reveal itself

when there is full allowing.

In the full allowing of this moment,

you, as a separate…


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