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Shakti Meditation's Blog – March 2015 Archive (3)

From "I Am" to Realizing Oneness with Everything in Meditation

"'I am' and 'everything is'

are the same.

You may start in meditation with resting in 'I am,'

and feeling your sense of being

that is beyond thinking.

And that may turn into witnessing.

And witnessing may turn into

'everything simply is,'

the sense of no separation

between you and the world.

In this, the…


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How to Attain Witness Consciousnes in Meditation

"There are 4 things required

in order to be able to become

a witness to thoughts.

The first is the full allowing

of thinking to be.

If you try and manipulate thinking

or stop the thinking in any way,

you will not be able to witness it.

It is only in fully allowing thoughts

to naturally happen

like wind…


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Meditation : Become Comfortable Being Consciousness

"Become comfortable

just being consciousness.

Become aware of awareness itself

and let your attention remain there.

Don't look to get anything out of it,

just let your attention rest

in consciousness itself.

If you spend time during your day

resting your attention in consciousness

rather than always being lost in…


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