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Please believe in all that you are,

Believe in the Bigger Picture at work here,

Realize the gifts given, and give thanks

For as you believe in your heart of Hearts so you are


And there is the Blessing that is waiting,

The Love that is the priceless jewel in your heart.

So sweet the blessings of this love,

So sweet the visions you impart.


 Find the power to believe

So you can receive this…


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A moment

Just a Moment of your time, my friend

Just a moment to be with you,


A moment to stop what you are doing

I know there is so much to do, and it’s hard to find a moment

One perfect moment to just stop and be with you.


So take a moment with your true self,

The soul that lights the way

and guides and sees you through.


A moment to reflect the beauty

 of all that’s been given to see

And the paradise…


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A perch in Heaven

A perch in heaven


If I could reach down and touch you

With all the love that is here

If I could find a ray of light that shined

From the heavens to appear


I would find a perch in Heaven

From where I am able to fly

Across the grace of the rainbow

From the colors that come from God on high


For there is no beginning

And there is no end we can find

To the song of life we sing

There is…


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heaven and beyond

For all the visions of the Light

Beyond the world of dreams you’ve dreamed,

Have only been a shadow of the truth that’s you’ve yet to see.

Just an outline drawn from a memory given once so long ago

Some small token to hold on to

 from the home you once did know.


And as you draw yet closer to the Lighted way

That leads ever on, to that Promised land you praise,

And you see the a path to lead you on

You release the cross…


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May al Good things Come to you

May all good things


May all good things bless you

Each and every day

May the good Lord’s light shine on you

As you go upon your way


May all good things come to you

And find their way into your life

And the Holy Spirit feed your soul

With the Presence of God always shining Bright


May you find the Power and wisdom

To face the challenges life may bring

And may the Love you hunger…


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let go let and God Empower You

When you feel so weary

And there is still so much left to do

if you’re feeling overwhelmed

just take a moment from all that’s  needed of you


just be still and go to the silence

just take a deep, deep breath and then let it go

 go to the heart and soul of you

 and let go and let God work through you


For God’s  power at work in you

and that Power rests in the Light

it holds your true direction



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How do you serve God and Man

How do you Serve God and Man


How do you amplify the silence within

And listen to how God speaks to you

So you can speak of God in what you say and do


How do you serve others

So that there is a true exchange of minds

And the energy of Light and spirit

And so serve God and Humankind


Can you tap into the invisible threads of the fabric

Of the robe you would choose to wear

Would you accept the gift…


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the river of life

Within each breath of spirit

Within the power of light

As the energy of being becomes it

And you flow through the river of life


There is nothing to hold on to

As through the sands of time we fly

So we sit and in silence we experience it

And we jump into the river and hide


And we are bathed by the baptism of fire and water

And we breathe deep the breath of God

And we believe in the sacred creation on…


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mystic fire

Mystic flame


Mystic Flame of light divine

The soul’s bright fire that ignites the skies

A sacrifice for all to see

The price you pay to finally be free


You watch across the shores of Life

And see the burning funeral pyre

You wait to find what brought you here

Perhaps to come erase your fears


And who will untie the…


Added by cindy paulos on January 15, 2013 at 9:01am — No Comments

All the ones of spirit

 And all the ones of Spirit

Who came to shine their Light on you

All the line of teachers and the masters

along the way who awakened to the truth


All the nameless ones who came here

 to find out how this earth did  work

to teach us how to get past the illusions

and distractions that fill this space on earth.


To all those who found what they were…


Added by cindy paulos on January 14, 2013 at 8:47am — No Comments

What if...

What if….


What if I were to become the blossoms of the One Flower of the World,

And I am intoxicated by the Bliss from the One that Breathes in

The Fragrance of  this gift given to the universe.


And with each breath of this being the spirit experiences

Each dream this flower was,

Which is now is the essence of the Presence

Formless yet remembering its roots in form


Ahh, the sweet, sweet dreams held by…


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laughter of the Cosmos

If all the Pain and suffering were released by you right now

And by the simple act of redemption you could just realize how

you could choose in this very moment the bliss and joy that’s true


and God’s pure energy of love was granted

 would you draw it inside of you

And could you choose to be that great happiness

that is offered now to you.


For between each flashing moment in time

In the light of lights that you may…


Added by cindy paulos on January 11, 2013 at 9:10am — No Comments

Lord Use me

God Use Me

Take what I have to offer

And use me for what you can

For I am but a way to speak

The words that describe the Great I Am


And I could prove the blessings

 all come from the heart of you

And I could show all that you gave me

Was such a gift of your sacred truth


Let the wisdom that I’ve learned

Be at work in what I do

Let the love you’ve offered me

Humble me as I seek to serve…


Added by cindy paulos on January 10, 2013 at 8:12am — No Comments

the lifeline

The merging and re-emerging of worlds combine

As hands reach out to touch ,

 to meet and reach and join,

Across the universe through all space and time


 so to you is a helping hand is extended

As we connect with our life force on earth

With our energy of spirits merging and re-emerging

 in the spinning of the world’s evolution and rebirth


And the very threads of our frequency

Hold the power to carry our…


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Stand up

Live up

Live up to your soul’s destination

Live up to your true given name

Live up to your divine inheritance

And the reason for which you came


Live up to your many reasons

And the purpose which you came to claim

Live up to your divine inheritance

And the long line of those who remain


Stand before the Holy Spirit

And let it be with you

And take time on your sacred Journey

To share the love…


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An interview with God

And  as you appear before the throne of God

And the source of Love and Light

And ask ,

How would you express your presence in me?

And listen to hear,


 As you receive life, so you receive understanding


Receive the touch of the angels wings as they surround your soul

Receive the grace of the Blessings in your life that come to you as love

Breathe in the fragrance of Heavens garden

As the blossoms of bliss fall…


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How would You recognize God

As Life evolves, spirit evolves,

As spirit evolves life evolves,

The face of the formless power of light

Is recognized not by how someone would imagine it to be

But by the energy of the frequency it holds

What was once the face of Jesus is dissolved

Into the idea of the face of the one who holds the love of the Christ


That love is alive in the energy the spirit holds

this is the spirit that you can hold in your heart and…


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We are all One

We are One


We are All One in the Light

The Light that is the very fiber of  all Energy

An energy that that holds us a together

here on this earthly plane


And each Soul’s light radiates

with a brilliance that brings spirit to form

and in form seeks to be  in tune with that Spirit

alive in Each Precious Breath of life


And with each Breath we are given a choice

Of how to express that living…


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Beyond the Land of Answered dreams

Beyond the Land of Answered Dreams

To the part where the path leads us to finally be free

To stand upon the mountaintop and see

What on earth we really need

And all of that time we wasted asleep

All those lifetimes til we realized our worth

Way Beyond the words, and beyond the fall

There comes a moment when you understand why you’re here

For even God in his wisdom can not know it all

For many times you dwelled in heaven’s realm

And many…


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Speak to me Beloved

Speak to Me


Speak to me, my beloved

Let your voice ring true

Let me be your instrument

with which your words speak through


Whisper to my heart, beloved

So I may softly hear

The love that is alive in you

That is the magnet that draws us ever near


Let your radiance translate

The universal Light

That pours into this vessel

And illuminates the night


Speak to me,…


Added by cindy paulos on January 1, 2013 at 10:42am — No Comments


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