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Cindy paulos's Blog – February 2012 Archive (4)

your Golden opportunity

Sometimes, it seems we are so hardened by all the sales pithes and marketing manipulations that we can not recognize the simple opportunities that life offers us for free..

Here is your Golden Opportunity,

Here is your moment in the Sun.

Hold onto your chance to be with the light

Of your most powerful gift which is the Soul.


Join with the Source,

Be one with the Force,

And release all blocks and fears.


This is your…


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This Divine Human Predicament

This Divine Human Predicament

Thinking we are alone,

While in truth we are all one.

Thinking we have to fight to survive,

When to survive we have not to fight.


This divine human predicament

Of relearning the way of God’s love.

Thinking we are really better,

And fearing we’re not good enough.


All reaching out for the answers,

And all so sure we already know,

Yet this Divine human…


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The True beauty

Magnify the gift of Who you truly are.

Magnify the true Beauty of the Love that’s in your Heart,

For it is from the source of all,

And it is a gift from which you should never depart.


Can you see the power that you hold within,

Can you let others find it,

 and let it show as the Precious flower it is?


And can you find this precious gift that lies within all souls.

Can you see the Garden that here on Earth in beauty…


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Here is a Flower for you

You are a Precious Flower of Love

A Blessed Blossom of Light from above.

Born from a seed of heaven’s Garden and

 Given Life By the Creator’s Son,


Plant the seed of the flower

 in your heart so it will grow,

Bring this gift of beauty to those

who would care for it  and know


you are a precious flower of Heaven,

with all of the elements to live

with roots in the earth, Kissed by breath of the…


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