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the Divine Plan

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The Divine Plan

There is a Divine Plane

That holds us

At the Core of Our Being

That is the Reason

We are all Helping

To reveal our true nature

There is a Divine Purpose

That Resonates within the Souls Sanctuary

With a Love that Attracts us like a magnet

To the Source

And as we Discover Our Purpose and the… Continue

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Put your Trust in God

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Put your Trust in God

Put your trust in God

And release the worries of the Mind

Give Yourself to the One

Who would be the

Pure Light Within

That Reveals you purpose

And Brings you Joy in the Radiant Being

Of the One that… Continue

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Together as One

Together as One

Precious Angels of the Light

Fellow Servants of the Lord

We are connected by the Love

You hold in your heart

We all have a reason for being

We all find the truth in our Souls

We all know the Joy of expressing

God’s Blessings in our life

Redeem the innocence

That comes with Forgiveness

Set your Love Free to Embrace

The Ones who serve and lead the Way

Believe that God’s… Continue

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Free ... Written for a memorila service today..


It is a new day

With a New Light Shining

As Spirit comes into the Circle

With no Beginning or end

When we Have the illusions in the World

That we See but Do not Believe

We cry for the Truth of the Soul

To Set us Free

Sometimes believing the illusion

Sometimes Breathing the Light

From Moment to Moment

Until we are Through

With the Lessons this Life Brings

And the Journey Home brings us

Into the… Continue

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If you Believe

If you Believe

Here are the Keys to your Heart

Open the Doorway

To the Love that Lies There

Have Faith in the Journey

Have Faith in the Ones

Who would Be the

Teachers of the Way

For this Light Guides you

To be in the Presence of God

If you Believe

Let the Holy Presence

Come to you

And transform you

So you may see the Light of this Love

That lies within you and All

This is a… Continue

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the Sacred Song of Love

The Sacred Song of Love

Make a Space in Your Heart

For the Song of Love

It sings to you

And Lifts you to a redemption

That connects you to God

There is a Song that

Lives in the Cosmos

And if you Listen you will Hear

The Sacred Voices

That Bring Joy your Soul

Believe in your Heart and Soul

That this Love will Lift you

To the Source

So bright that Light that that Carries you

On this Journey of… Continue

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Messengers of God

Messengers of God

Hold steady in the Light

With the key to the Heart’s focus

On the purpose of the soul’s intent

Understand that this is your Joy

his is your Passion

And this is the Way

The Light of Love

Truly is the path of God

This Light will Shine thru the darkness

And leads you to the Blessings

of the Divine Gift

that allows you to Shine the Truth

of Who you are

This is the… Continue

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the Greatest Gift

The Greatest Gift

As a new and Integrated Light Comes

We find a Way to Attune it

To the Heart of Our Being

Opening up the possibilities

To use this light with Love as the Guiding Force

A love that is from the Heart of Hearts

That is from a Place

Of true Compassion and Understanding

A tool that is our Greatest Gift

And reason for Being

Know that you are Worthy of Love

Accept this in the Core of Your… Continue

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The power to choose

The Power to Choose

The Soul’s Presence is alive Within

Bringing energy into each Breath

Each Thought and each Perception

Each Precious Moment is Charged with Light

And as we Understand

How Love activates this Light that Lives in us

We learn the Tools of Being

We choose how we can use these tools in our Life

And as we walk the Path

Of the Ones who are of Light

We humbly ask for the Guidance

That Comes with… Continue

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The Miracle

The Miracle

Behold the Miracle of Life

for in this very moment

We are an integral part

Of the radiant Light of God

We are the Blessed Love of the

One who guides us to

The Heart of the Source

We are the very Living Breath of Being

And as we see the Power

Of this Spirit in form

We each find a Way to be reflection this

Divine Gift in our Life

As we give thanks for this Life

We find a way to Joyfully Serve… Continue

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Spring is here

Spring is Here

Feel the renewal of Spring

Feel the Essence of Love

Reaching into your Heart

To bring a rebirth

Born of Sacred Light

Here in this Moment we can

Choose To be transformed

with the Breath of Pure Energy

that feeds our Soul

We can Claim this energy as our Own

And let it Bring us the Hope

Of the Fulfillment of Our Life’s purpose

Believe in your Heart

In the Power of this Love

Believe in… Continue

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a prayer

The Light of Your Love

Lord Give me the strength to Live

With the Light of Your Love

Believing in the Words that are given

Believing with the Heart

The Truth of the Power of Your Love

Hold Me in the Peace

That is the Gift of Releasing

Myself to the Blessings of your Presence

Let the Souls Light Guide Me

To Be in the Breath of each Moment

Where there is only Now

For I am Grateful for the Precious

Gifts… Continue

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Listen to the Call

Listen to the Call

It’s the Continual Light with Lights

That leads you to see who you are

The spark within the soul that burns through

The illusions and distractions

To your divine self

Guiding you towards the True Love

Of the Infinite Source

Through the Centuries

The Angels and guardians have offered their Light

To all who would serve the One

Lifetimes on the path have been offered

To the Devotion of the Divine… Continue

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You are the Journey

You are the Journey

You are the Journey

You are the path

And Within you lies

The Essence of Light

A light that is of the Source

A light that is Alive

Eternally in your Soul

A light that Will guide you and direct you

And will be your guiding Star

Breathe in this radiant Light

Breathe it in Deep

And Let it Fill every cell in your being

Until you are reflecting

The Source of this Light

In your Heart and… Continue

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In this Precious Moment

In this Precious Moment

There are no secrets on the path

For this is the Path that you have Created

There are countless Experiences

Found and Lived

Digested and Used

Given and taken

As you create an opening

To receive the tools you are given

As you understand

What is truly important to You

You direct yourself to receive

In this world of Infinite Possibilities

You live and Breathe

Love and Plan

Work and Build… Continue

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God's gift to you

God’s Gift to you

Embody the true Spirit

Of the Source of creation

For that Light is the Pure

Energy that you Are

Embody the Pure Love that is the transforming

Reason for Living

As it holds the seeds for making

A true connection with others

Embody the humility

That comes from Understanding

How blessed we are

To be given this life to Live

And Breath in the Grace of the Holy Spirit

Which lights the fire… Continue

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We are not alone

We are not Alone

With all the Magic of the inner teachings

As your inspiration finds the Power to Be

With all the Grace of the Holy Spirit

Allow yourself to Receive

With the Light from the Source

Invite the way to be open

To share the gifts that have been Bestowed upon you

For although you may seem to be alone

Remember we are all one

And together we are walking on this Journey

With no beginning or end

And as we… Continue

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the Source

The Source

Beyond the Earth

Beyond this Blessed Planet

With all the Divine Elements of such Sacred Beauty

Lies the Infinite Heart of the Source

An energy so Exquisite without beginning or end

Living without Breath Existing Beyond Time

In the Secret of Nothing Yet within all things

The Sacred Source

Creator of Light

At the Core of All Being

The Source which can not be Seen

Yet lives within all forms

That is the love that you… Continue

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The Love that You are

The Love that You are

Redeem the Divine Inheritance

Of the Souls Source

Invite Yourself to Be

The Love that You are

Build a Foundation of Light

Within the depths of your Being

Choosing to see Beyond the Illusions

That have Distracted you

From fulfilling your destiny

There is an Innocence

That is redeemed with Forgiveness

There is a Purity that is Present

When you recognize

The Truth of Unconditional… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on March 12, 2010 at 10:11am — 3 Comments

Heaven to Earth

Heaven to Earth

Within all manifestations

Are the seeds of the Creator

Brought into Being by the Human Element

Each a reflection of the Source

Resplendent in possibilities

And merged with all the

Naked co-creators human form

All children of the Dream

Ripe with Potential

Holding the invaluable lessons of Life

All played out upon the Human Stage

And attuned to the intention

Set in their Creation

All… Continue

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