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Cindy paulos's Blog – December 2010 Archive (20)

the Sacred Call

The Sacred call

Tune me to the Sacred Call of the Soul..

A Soul that asks to be heard

in the very breath of being..

Tune me to the Brilliant Explosion

Of the First Light of God’s Existence..

Which carries the Breath of the Brightest Flame

Into the Sun, Stars and every Atom..

Let me hear the Voice that Speaks of God’s nature

In the Soft whisper of a Breeze

that calls my eternal name

that Lives now and until I… Continue

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the Spiral of thee Universe

Peals of Silver laughter

Fall from the Stars

as the Spiral of the Universe spins to the Sound

of a Burning spark of Light

Within the Mind of God the ember burns

The Light is fed by the Ones

Who hold the torch

We choose to believe

in the Brilliance Of the Life

that can be a Reflection of the

Sweet song of the Cosmos

And we are Molded to the Form of our Beliefs

We dare to say Yes

To the Divine Dance

We breathe… Continue

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Clear Spirit

Clear Spirit

Be a constant Light

Let the Ever present Energy

Flow through the days and Nights

Of the Eternal Thread

Let the Circle of being

Bring the All encompassing

Recognition of Who we are

To all Parts of the Dream

Til we awaken

And we breathe this clear spirit into our being

And we Know

with every Breath that there Is more

and that there Is Nothing

We realize with the Grace of Spirit

The Formless beyond… Continue

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a Prayer

Divine Master Use me

To share your Love

Use me to be your teachings

And Let me Live your truth

For it is your Love that gives Life meaning

And it is your Love that Accepts the Way I am

As your child seeking to live as you would have me Live

And it is your Word that is Alive in the Teachings of Life

For all of life is a World of Learning

How to Accept the Love that you are

And it is your Truth that gives me the Choice

To… Continue

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This Bright Knowing

There is a bright Knowing

In our souls as who we are

The sure recognition of God

Holding forth the Divine presence

That reflects the perfection of our Soul

And we hold that Shining Presence

In our smile

As our heart

In our being

With each Breath

And we learn to accept

That through all of us

And all of who we are

That presence can live as Love

And Survive as love

And Be as the Love

That is God within… Continue

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The Oneness of Life

The Oneness of Life

When you Recognize the Source

as the giver and the receiver

the One who provides

the all encompassing dream of the Experience

and you see that you control the way you

choose to dream the Life experience

you recognize the oneness of Life

You recognize the Story

And the roles we play

We see the Power

and the Control we give others

and we see where the Responsibility

for giving our own power… Continue

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your life story

Let your Story

Reflect the Good that is in Yourself

Let the Blessings that are abundant in your life

Be recognized and accepted

For God would have you shine your Light forth

And be full of Love

For your story is a Reflection of the Good

That you can accept and believe in

Your Life is a Miracle

That is born of Love

Shine that light with in you forth

Be the Miracle with Blessings from God

And Life that Love… Continue

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God's way of Being

God’s Way of Being

There is a Love that reaches into the

Deepest levels of existence

And calls the Brilliant energy of the source into all Being

There is a Love that accepts the ultimate destiny

that receives and becomes it

So that the very nature of the is Being

is revitalized with the Source of all Creation

and in the Acceptance and the receiving

a recognition is Birthed and Becomes alive

Matter and Spirit bonded… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on December 23, 2010 at 8:33am — No Comments

Trust in God

Trust in God
For the Light to guide you to the Divine Presence

Trust in the Light that holds the presence
To bring you to the Source Of all
And to spark the flame that is Alive in the Soul

For in truth you are never separate from God
You are always alive in the Light of the Soul

And the Soul Lives eternally through Time
And brings the Presence into Being

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Even in the Darkest Night

And in the Darkest night
We standby

And when there is a call
The Sky shudders
And the Light finds an opening
And still we are here

Even through the Darkness
Through all the eons
Still we are here

And When the Dark meets the Light
Even in the Glimmer
Of a new Day Dawning
We reach out to the sun
And the Hearts Call
When we hear

Be not afraid
For we are Here

Added by cindy paulos on December 21, 2010 at 8:22am — 1 Comment

The Sacred Guide

The Sacred Guide

If I were to take an empty page

And dedicate it to your Love

Would the words come through to speak of You

Would the Love come from your heart

So many pages of your wisdom and love

So many gifts have been brought to me

So many ways that you can reach out

And be a guide in the darkness when I cannot see

And if my mind is busy

You still it enough so I can be

In the sacred place where the truth comes… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on December 19, 2010 at 9:42am — No Comments

The Angels SIng

The Angels Sing

The Angels in their Glory Sing

And the song is heard throughout the World

Christ is Born so we may Live again

Spread the Joyous Word

There is a Joy at Christmas Time

That is the Greatest Gift of All

The Gift of Love, brings a blessed Peace

And We can hear the call

What would you bring to this Birth within

Of the Love of God inside your heart

For here is the Gift of which the Angels Sing

The gift of a… Continue

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Redemption comes in Accepting

The Love that is Who you are

Acceptance of Who you are comes

When you find your soul and your true Nature

You true nature is eternal

And seeks expression in all that you do

As you can understand this you can

Forgive yourself

And so you can forgive others

As you understand who you are

You can love your self

And see that you are worthy of Redemption

You are worthy of… Continue

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the Divine Marriage

The Divine Marriage

Bring all of yourself

To met and be seen

Bring all of your hopes and fears

Bring all of the Light and all dark

And all your life is made of

See it all and let it be here

Let your self be the one

That merges the High and the Low

Let yourself be the love that you know

Let this Love accept everything

And all of who you are

For you are Worthy

And although it seems

This dream is all that you… Continue

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The Voice of the ANgel

The Voice of the Angel

The Voice of the Angel is heard in your Heart

Let the voice be heard

Long on the path you’ve carried the word

Open your heart and Receive it here

Softly it is carried

Gently its prepared

The Voice of the Angel awaits you

Listen to every Word

Spirit lives in everything

In every image that you see

On every thought

you can Find God’s Presence

listen and let it be

The Angel’s Voice… Continue

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Peace on earth

Peace to Earth

Far Greater the Reaches

of peace on Earth

For the Prince of peace to Live

Far Greater the light that comes to Bring

This peace of mind to Give

Beyond all the Countless Right and wrongs

Beyond all our Hopes and dreams

Comes the Way the World can Finally Live

To be the Planet that God redeemed

Even the Everlasting Battle

Between the Darkness and Light

Must come into understanding

To end all of… Continue

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A celebration of the Universe

The Celebration of the Universe

There is a Celebration of the Universe

That the Heavens Sing

There is a Song of Light so Bright

A Symphony it brings

God is a Song in our Heart’s that is Love

Listen to the Angels Sing

And in this song the Joy is Heard

great Blessings they do bring

There is a Song at Christmas time

That heals the bodys Woes

This song brings such a great release

And let’s our minds be at… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on December 9, 2010 at 8:16am — No Comments

How precious

How Precious

How Precious the Chance to Love

To Love inspite of all of the things

That have been brought to the table

that are of the Ego

born of misunderstanding and pain.

To Love for the Heart of the other is begging to be seen,

Begging to be revealed as Love.

And if they can find the Love in their heart

And forgive themselves they can be forgiven.

And if God can forgive them you can forgive them.

And all of the ways… Continue

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thread of light

Threads of light

And from the Soul Eternal Comes the Truth

Of the Breath that brings Hope

I am the Light

I am the path

And the Way

I am the peace that Dwells

In the Heart of understanding

Breathe in the light

Breathe in the Hope

Restore the Place of Peace

That dwells in your Heart

And from the Threads of Light Make a Robe

to Cover you so you can feel the Protection

God’s Love can… Continue

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remember to remember

Remember to Remember

Remember to remember

The Dream Behind the Dream

The Vision Beyond the Vision

The Light Behind the Light

And the Love behind the Love

For there is the True seeing in the Eternal Light

And a real Devotion in the Heart of Unconditional Love

And there is an Awakening in the Remembering

of Why We are Living this Life

For all of Life is But a reflection

Of the energy that created it

We are reflections… Continue

Added by cindy paulos on December 2, 2010 at 8:32am — No Comments


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