Architects of a New Dawn

We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Tell me What comes to your heart when you hear "Architects of a New Dawn"?

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First of all it comes to the heart, the mind will follow. It's the beginning.
Unity, Hope, and Freedom
joy, inner peace, happiness, optimisim, a positive future
A new vision of the people, of the life, a new world where the hearts came explain their love, the minds can explain their creativity.

One people, one nation, one love, one world..... all is one.

In my heart is the feeling I get when I want to write a new song, or build a sandcastle. It is a playful, yet intense focused energy, which tends to push aside other more mundane chores or things. I get focused on it and hardly notice time passing at all.
Hi! Clint,
I remember "Bringers of the Dawn."
Love, Erin (Peace)
Positive reinforcement, and I am learning that I really need to open my heart and mind to the unknown, again. Leaving the fear behind is tough though. It was like a comforting blanket that enveloped me, and told me that I didn't need to look elsewhere for people. I haven't been friends with anyone close, except for my wife, in a long time. But making friends on here, so far.
Architects Of A New Dawn to me is the future of the global world peace because we are making changes to the world to have a better future because in our global world today lots of war poverty and other stuff thats going on and people arent doing anything its time for us to change all that because we are the Architect Of A New Dawn

This is the vision and dream of bro Santana to make a change in the world like he said its not the love for power its the power of love and peace and love defeats the fear.

This is a very great site everybody should joined AOAND and change our global world make it happend
What comes to my heart is the feeling of being connected in some way to people around the planet that share my values for making the world a more beautiful and peaceful place... and my heart feels happy to be connected to these people through Architects...
People who like to get up early in the morning and draw houses?
Too funny...

steven meglitsch said:
People who like to get up early in the morning and draw houses?
It's early... we are only waking up, building a fire and making breakfast. We have so much to learn about a culture of peace, how to live without a war system, how to speak nonviolently to our own families, how to use power with and for, not over. Here we are... ready to build a new dawn and not just try to recharge an old myth.

That's what comes to my heart...

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