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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

Have you ever wondered what it will take to shake the entitled consumerist consciousness from everyday ordinary folks who take more than their fair global share?

Is it possible that the current “economic crisis” is actually an opportunity for positive change… not just at the level of big corporations, but also the average consumer?

Crisis can be a powerful agent of change and recognition of frugality - a means of global survival.

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Thanks for posting this---I think that there really is a "new reality" out there, or the beginnings of it. More and more people are having to do with less and less. Jobs, at least where I am, are becoming fewer and fewer and the wages being offered are at least 25% of what was offered maybe a little less than a year ago.

I believe if people can get past the fear that this brings to them, there is so much in these experiences that can bring about wonderful change. I've seen more and more people who almost by mistake (the mistake being unemployed) are discovering that this is bringing about an opportunity to try their hands at doing things they love to do, or really WANT to do..

I truly believe that if more people were actually doing what they had wanted to do when they grew up, we would see happier people.
Violette Ruffley said:
As an addendum, I recall acts performed with certain self absorbtion and lack of awareness that I did change as soon as I did become aware. This selfishness was never performed with knowlege. Nameste, Violette

...........and there-in lies the crux of all problems, this one included. The only answer that I can find workable in my life is to continue educating myself so my example is ever improving. On AOAND I have found several examples from which I can and do learn, so here-in is one step, of many, toward solution, a wonderful interactive step.

Thanks Everyone
yes, the capacity of suffering to cause movement and change is great...and our capacity to adapt to suffering is also great, both within our own lives and with what we observe around us - it can seem normal after not much time at all... i would appeal to myself and others who have a desire for more balance and health in our existence here to reach into the endless source we have inside ourselves, our ideas, our creativity, our brilliant minds - to dig deep, to listen, to find those bridges of understanding that allow us to discover "option c, or d" rather than fighting about if option a or b is better, and to risk sharing what we have so others/all of us can benefit. i admit i am one of those resilient optimists, who believes there is plenty to go around, and in the power of the heart and mind to create what might seem like miracles at first glance... there are many, many solutions available right now, on many levels - and we need them all.
Amy Allis said:"i admit i am one of those resilient optimists, who believes there is plenty to go around, and in the power of the heart and mind to create what might seem like miracles at first glance... there are many, many solutions available right now, on many levels - and we need them all.

Amy, I really agree with what you said above--- and I believe that it can be just a bit of willingness to consider the shift one's perception of what they think they see, to see what is really there.
Thank you for putting that out there!
I have to agree crisis is an extraordinary opportunity for change and growth on both a personal level and a group level. I have noticed that it is in times where people are faced with losing everything that all of a sudden everything come together exactly as it should. I think it's because when at "the bottom" the healthy mentality is there is nowhere to go but up. and the logical question that follows is what can I do to go up? how can I change and better myself to start the climb. I also think a secondary offshoot of that is being okay with losing something and/or everything. When you are able to let go and ready to make a positive forward motion good things happen. Sadly in times of crisis some people turn towards fear and desperation, and not only do good things not happen but bad things happen. If people can only learn to let go of the fear and accept that life will happen as it's meant to be I think the consciousness of the universe would start to change into a truly beautiful thing.

As for an Economic crisis.... I know of numerous people who are ready to start trying their hands at gardening as opposed to running out and buying, who are thinking of ways to conserve as much as they can from energy, to water use, etc. Good things can happen but do people have the strength to continue once the crisis is over that's the real question.
It is absolutely an opportunity. Emerging markets will expand next year while industrialized countries like the U.S. will contract; this will create a need for less abject consumerism in the U.S., and level the playing field. The best investment opportunities are with companies like ShareMyBiz that provide a platform for emerging markets to earn in the new global village of cyberspace.

In the new market it's the consumer/Individual with the power, not so much the corporations; Thomas Friedman in the "World is Flat" states correctly that we're now in phase 3 of GLobalization. Phase 1 was from the 1400's to 1800 and was the globalization of countries (Spain, England, the Dutch); phase 2 was 1800 to 2000 with a globalization of corporations into multi-nationals who are beyond regulation of a singular nation-state jurisdiction, now we are in phase 3 - the globalization of the individual. This will be good for the world as a whole, not so good for those in industrial nations who now must contend with a level playing field, a world that is FLAT in terms of individual capacity to compete. To survive and thrive in this changeover, look for companies that can access the emerging markets, and become a creator of products that are exportable to the emerging markets over cell-phones or computers such as music, books, video, consulting, and like what ShareMyBiz empowers - Marketing! (I've attached a summary of them for those interested in seeing the plan), and here's a introductory video - don't miss out on understanding the revolution of Globalization 3.0, you have the opportunity to profit by it. As the video above stated, you're either going to be left behind, and ride the crest to even greater prosperity.
Here is a discussion from PeacePortals Radio Network that really gets into this topic, listen here.

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