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I have read a number of items about 2012. Some predict the End of The World, some predict some kind of 'shift' in which "The Worthy" will ascend to a Higher dimension via "Rainbow Bridges" etc. etc. Most predict a shift in consciousness.

Let's be very wary of prophesies and warier still of prophets. Civilisation has passed through many ages and one factor that has remained constant throughout has been the Rule Of Fear. Our leaders have taken the forms of prophets, warriors, kings, emperors, presidents, dictators, religious leaders and elected "representatives". All share two elements in common: (A) they promise protection from some perceived danger and (B) they wield the power to dictate that they shall live in luxury while many starve.

Now we are being fed warnings of a possibly doom-laden fate and many are vying for the position to Show The Way.

Isn't it time we abandoned this infantile path?

I say infantile because the mindset is that we must be protected and nurtured. It's time we were weened off the breast of elitism and stood as equals. Yes. There is a growing shift in consciousness. This isn't a prediction but an observation. It is happening now. Yes. We are heading toward a doom-laden fate. Again, this is not a prediction but an observation because this, too, is happening now. The seas and the air is being polluted and poisoned, the food we eat is being loaded with chemicals, the food we grow is being genetically modified, our governments are becoming ever more dictatorial and every day new "crimes" are being invented to keep us under control. There is war, unrest, corporate destruction of the environment and an overall sense of fear.

And we are predicting a doom-laden future?



This is happening NOW!

Our leaders are not protecting us from this fate. They are leading us into it. And we continue to follow like sheep. We have dumbed-down TV and labour-saving devices and alcohol and drugs and fashion and celebrity and fridge magnets and all these things seem to be distracting us from the fact that we are being screwed. Our consent to corporate pollution, war, taxation, exploitation of other nations, demonisation of other cultures and increasingly machiavillian laws is assumed by default. Why? Because we remain silent.

We are silent because we are under the illusion that we have no power to prevent this.

We are kept contented and asleep with mindless game shows, toys, trinkets and fantasy-based aspirations of wealth and celebrity. We are kept on our knees by the Rule Of Fear.

In the past, we have taken up arms and embarked on revolutions, civil wars and violent demonstrations to display our discontent. OK, these have brought about change... of a sort. But the status quo has always required an elite to govern. Look at the Russian communist uprising: when the peasants rose up against the Tsar and culture of aristocrasy. Where the hell did it get them? They went from one power-based elite to another.

We don't have to take up arms. The way to exercise our own power was shown to us by a man who died 62 years ago. Ghandi. We speak his name with reverence but when are we going to follow his example? When are we going to simply stop following the rules that keep us in "our place"? When are we going to stop believing the illusions?

We don't need to be led by an elite that assumes "power" over us. We don't need government, we need coordination. We need an administration that is in service, not in power. If this sounds like communism, forget it. I am not advocating any kind of ism but a mutual voluntary coordination of our communities. We don't need a monatory system to distribute the abundance we are now capable of producing and we don't need a whip to keep us in line. We are like the adolescents who whine about parental control without taking on board that we are actually old enough to fend for ourselves.

If we cannot make it as a harmonious global community and begin to treat our world and its inhabitants as the single organism of which we are a part, then the sooner we destroy ourselves, the better.

Waiting for Rainbow Bridges or taking responsibility? You decide.

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Ciao Ron, I totally agree to what you wrote.
The cavern of Platon seems to be very strong, though!
Too few, yet, awared of their own lives.
Good to keep on saying that so that someone else can wake up and stand upon rights.
You said you read ..."that rainbow bridges will appear to carry those who are spiritually evolved to the next dimension..."?????

Jeeeeee! Woncha spiritally evolve, Ron? (He! he! he!)
I'm still splitting my side by laughing!!!
ha! ha! ha! ha! Oh, my God!
(No! Not you, Ron! Ha! ha! ha......... laughing laughing )



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