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We’d like to show the side of the world you don’t normally see on television.

We talk of 'natural' materials and 'manmade' materials as if there could possibly be a distinction between the two. What about 'beemade' materials such as honey and beeswax? Are they not natural? Of course they are because whatever a bee makes is part of a natural process. So does the same apply to us? Is not the products of humans part of a natural process?

Personally, I would say yes. The Internet, in particular, is very much a part of a natural process. Just as the mycelium of a fungus can expend for many miles, linking hundreds or even thousands of individual fruiting bodies, the Internet is our way of linking up around the globe. We consider it our invention and, quite possibly, bees would consider honey their own invention if their minds worked that way. This is the symbiosis of the planet and because we are in that loop, whatever we do cannot help but be a part of the natural development of the planet.

But this does not mean that whatever we do is fine from our own perspective. Abundance is the Way of Nature. Seeds are produced in abundance to accommodate the fact that most seeds fail to germinate and most seedlings fail to reach maturity. Most tadpoles fail to mature into adult frogs and so on. There is an abundance of worlds in the Universe and I do not doubt that there is an abundance of worlds on which life has evolved and will continue to evolve way beyond our own level. There is no guarantee that we will evolve into an Enlightened Humanity. If we fail, that, too, will be part of the natural process and it will matter little on the Cosmic level. But it's a bummer for the tadpole that gets eaten.

I see our progress to this point as walking up a plank that is supported on a central pivot like a see-saw. We see our progress as an upward progression. We look behind us and see how far we have risen and we look ahead and see only an upward path before us so it is tempting to continue along the same path. But what happens when we pass the central pivot? Suddenly, the way ahead is a downward progression and, when we look behind, it seems that we have been traveling downward all along. How can this be? Was it an illusion? It is a natural process. Just as a see-saw cannot support your weight when you pass the pivotal point, our evolution cannot support our unsustainable consumption past its own pivotal point.

We are now at that pivotal point. The path that has brought us this far must now be abandoned if we are to progress further. The very tools of our development so far now become the means of our own destruction. Religions that have provided a level of advancement in spiritual thought have, to a greater extent, been the controlling factor that has kept us on the path to this point. Fear and Awe has been the motivating factors. But now the fear and religious feuding is threatening our very survival. The Gods must now be abandoned and replaced with our own spiritual unfolding. They have sustained us just as the placenta sustains the growing infant. But the placenta must be abandoned and, indeed, its hitherto world of the womb if the child is to survive and develop further.

So it is with us. The concept of powerful leaders among us has also served its purpose. Like religions, government has also exploited and oppressed... but it has brought us to this point. It can sustain us no further. The illusory power of a few has reached a point at which 'population control', exploitation of finite resources and oppression of hitherto 'free societies' is threatening to spiral us into a downward path of our own destruction. The concept of monetary economy has provided a powerful motivation to develop to the point at which we now stand and our collapsing economies are as much a natural process as the withering of the flower before the swelling and ripening of the fruit. We now face global shortages because uncontrolled investment is pricing necessary commodities beyond the reach of the majority of the world's population. We have the technology that wealth has created but our use of it is limited by cost. It has become a self-consuming madness.

What do all these factors have in common? They are illusions.

The Gods are illusions. The concept of any individual having the power of authority over another is an illusion. The value of money is an illusion. The only factor that gives these illusions any substance is our willingness to 'buy into' them. They only work if we believe them. God only has authority if the majority acknowledges it. Government only has authority if the majority acknowledges and consents to it. Money only has the value that is assigned to it if the majority play along and accepts the value it represents. But they are all illusions.

Illusions are not necessarily bad. Everything we see is an illusion of light that is interpreted by the brain. But we can put the illusion to use because it is a consistent illusion in that we all see pretty much the same things. Perspective is an illusion that gives us spacial awareness. Without perspective, we would be in real trouble because we would be living in an apparently 2 dimensional world. However, if we actually start to believe that the cow in the distance is only two inches high... see what I mean? We use illusions all the time and most are to our benefit. The illusion of Gods has brought us to an awareness of ourselves as spiritual beings and to the point at which we can now truly begin our spiritual unfolding as one being. The illusion of government has enabled the development of industry and warfare to the point that we can, should we so choose, destroy the world. What could possibly be good about that? It has shown us our power. Power has a very dark side and power is the key to our further development. We had to develop our understanding of power through its dark side in order to know the boundaries. The most important aspect of any form of power is to know when not to exercise it.

It is now time to cast these husks aside. Our needs for further development are way beyond changes in government policy or changes in our economies. All these must now be abandoned and we must literally redefine our societies and rebuild our social structures. The creature that emerges from the cocoon is not the creature that spun it.

So here we are at this pivotal point not only in our evolution as a species but in the evolution of our world. The responsibility of where we go from here does not lie with our governments or with the wealthy or even with God. It lies with you and with me. I lies as much with the homeless refugee from whom I bought my latest copy of the Big Issue as it does with presidents, prime ministers, dictators and kings. It lies with the soldier who, on hearing the command to shoot, must decide whether to pull the trigger or rise from his knees. It lies with Humanity.... of which, we are all a part.

So is this tadpole going to get eaten or will it become a frog? You decide.

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Ron, i feel that where we must go now is to organizing. Just a few days ago at my suggestion, AOAND published the video made by Paul Hawken showing how large what he called the "Blessed Unrest" movement is today. But the movement is very fragmented and we need to unite in such a way as to be "speaking with one voice." Parts of it are not moving at the speed necessary to get where we need to be, or are not moving at all because not enough people are involved as yet, or if they are subscribed they are not taking the actions necessary for change. So, we must act in ways that overcome this inertia.

However, what is moving is the Transition Town movement, and in particular, the movement headed by Les Squires. Les is a mover and shaker. Single-handedly, he set up what i will refer to as a grid across the U.S. which as well extends into other parts of the world, e.g., Europe, India and Australia. In the U.S. he has set up a headquarters for each state, although some of these may not as yet be manned.

Now the mission for TransitionUS is to engage local communities in relocalizing -- meaning that each community in the U.S. needs to get itself set up so that it is entirely self-sufficient and not dependent upon outside sources to meet its needs. So, this organization and the people who have joined it are bonding together and doing what needs to be done in order to be a Frog as Ron has named them.

What TUS is mainly about is learning how to provide one's own food so that as the corporations further downsize as they move into robotics in order to be more efficient, the people who are disenfranchised will have a place in the system that will allow them a way to get their needs met. But we will also need local currencies to keep us afloat and act as lifeboats until such time as a new economy can be established. Let there be no doubt that the current one is going down big time with nothing as yet to take its place.

So, when we are talking about re-localizing, we are talking about not only raising our own food, but creating local currencies, developing new forms of energy, etc. that have the ability to see us through this time of great turmoil and chaos as we seek a new level of conscious awareness that will allow us to operate in new ways.

And, evolving consciousness is what my organization Future Dawning Enterprises is all about. Les Squires helped me set it up so that we are moving right along with the Transition Movement and working to enable people in updrafting their brain/mind field so that we are operating in a more "holodynamic" manner. And, i have some of the most enlightened people in the world in the field of human consciousness from a science/biology point of working with me.

It was my feeling that we needed to leave myth and spirituality behind as we move forward at this time and biology coupled with quantum physics offers a view of consciousness at this time that is indisputable. We can no longer operate on myth or faith-based assumptions, we need to be on solid ground here. In order to get this going, i began to research for the book: "The Sacred Quest for the Who of I Am."

As well the TransitionUS movement has some very high profile people aboard there. Many of them are involved in "pattern recognition" as am i, because there are just too many of us who do not understand complex mathematics. So, what is happening is that we are quickly developing a new language that can be understood by all people.

So, what i see happening now is when people join any of several organizations, they will create, if there is not one already available, a group in each Transition Town in the U.S., fanning out from the headquarters established until each and every community is involved through its members. For instance, say San Diego is a headquarters town for TUS. Then Future Dawning will create a headquarters here for locals to join. And since Bioneers is a very large organization we need to create a local chapter for it so that members of Bioneers are linking up to TUS and FDE. And then since AOAND is shaping up nicely to be a major transformative media and entertainment group, it too should have a local group that is linked up with what we might say is the "Hub" group for California. Or, maybe one of the hub groups since California is so large.

And, so what happens then instead of all of these organizations operating as "particles" we unite them so they become "wave" organizations capable of addressing multiple needs. And one of the nice things about NING is that we can have "groups" join under the main name. So, for instance again, we have TUS, FDE, Bioneers and AOAND all attached together to form a "Hub" and each group representing a different but related interest. And then organizations that fall into the same category as any one of these larger organizations could join as a "group" under one of them rather than floating around on their own and getting lost in the shuffle, but yet they don't have to lose their identity since they can retain their own name and NGO status as a group attached to say FDE, but yet still work together, share information, do fund-raising events together or separately, etc.

Social networking i do believe is fast becoming the world BRAIN enabling billions of "nodes" to link together in ways that make "information exchange" an instantaneous event. This is what is going to replace banking, government, and education as we know it today. The major decisions will be made not by governments or political parties, or Congresses or at the UN or the World Bank. We the people through our involvement will make the decisions in the best interests of all concerned.

This is the Future Dawning.
Whether or not Rick and Carlos recognize it, i just made AOAND the new Hollywood for the world.
e is a perfect half, rest of it is an illusion’, look at it he said, ‘all it is illusion’.

The Truth about Creation or The Big Bang Theory commonly explained.

When I was still a teenager, in my fourteens, my father called me to his watch-making workshop, sat me down on the top of his lap swinging to the left and to the right along with the tick-tack’s sound of the grandfather clock’s pendulum coming from the furthest corner of the room, he said:

“Close your eyes my son and imagine, just imagine”,

“Imagine what?” I said,

“Imagine the world. Imagine the whole universe” he said calmly

“That would be difficult” I replied,

But when he pushed me out off of this earthly environment view into Space, helping me to create and build another view about surrounding me cosmos by adding into the imagined picture every part of the existing visible and invisible world; all existing planets, suns, moons, comets, stars, pulsars, quasars, galaxies and all possible imaginable objects of the all existing space between here and there, moving me away from the Solar system, further and further away, passing by all those visible objects and other, he ended me up somewhere where I have just passed the last, or I’d rather say the first star dust, somewhere a few …illiard light years away from our planet Earth, somewhere where I ended up in a deep-deep dark matter drifting away further and further somewhere where I could not see anything, somewhere where I could not hear anything, somewhere where I did not feel anything or any motion. There was a silence, just motionless silence, nothing else but darkness and silence. Inertia. Total inertia.

He kept me within this motionless stage for some time when with the same calm voice he asked the first question:

‘Imagine it? Are you?’

‘Yes’, I nodded,



‘Now my son’ he simply said, ‘Draw a straight line right across this image of yours, divide it into two pieces, into two halves. Not equal ones! There is nothing like equal halves existing in the entire universe. There is no single particle equal with another… not to mention about a half of the universe. Put one of the cut halves aside and the other half divide in the same manner into two (halves). Continue. Continue cutting remaining halves until it become so small that you have to use a magnifying glass to continue. Continue. Then when it becomes so small again that you have to use a microscope to continue, continue. Continue cutting until you have to use the most powerful electronic microscope on earth to continue. Continue. Continue until you have to only use the most powerful imaginary microscope to continue. Continue’, he said.

Then he asked:

‘When or will you ever be able to cut “the last half”? If anything like that “the last half” exist? There will be always a remaining half ready to be cut and divided into two indefinitely’, he added.

‘For some time the world of science is discovering what metaphysical and spiritual teachers have known for centuries. The physical world is not really composed of any matter at all; the basic component of it is a force or essence, which is called energy. Things appear to be solid and separate from each other where our physical senses normally perceive them. While on the atomic and subatomic level, a solid matter is a cluster of small particles. Particles within particle called sub-particles. Bosons, which are assumed to be massless. They were detected by high-energy experiments at the CERN laboratories in 1983. Weinberg, Salam, and Glashow shared the 1979 Nobel Prize for physics for their model, protons, and eventually photons which turn out to be just pure energy’, they said.

The speed of light may be the only constant in the universe. Everything else changes! Mr. Einstein observed that matter could be converted into energy just as energy was converted into matter (and anti-matter) when the universe was created. If everything changes, so the speed of light, too, is changeable.

As it was in 1989 scientists proposed this theory that there is no single sub-particle equal with another sub-particle in the entire universe, ‘Let’s apply this theory to an equation. Let’s try it on the equation of: E=MC2 ‘, he said.

An equation is a mathematical statement, expressed in symbols, that two things are the same (or equivalent). Equations are written with an equal sign ‘=’. Equations are often used to state the equality of two expressions containing one or more variables.

An equation contains left & right side.

When the left side of the equation is ‘E’ – one particle

the right side of the equation is ‘MC2’ – another particle,

logically speaking;

one particle = another particle

Above equation is untrue.

one sub-particle ≠ another sub-particle

Above equation might be or is true.

When the left side of equation is not equal ‘≠’ with the right side, then

E = MC2

Above equation is untrue,

Because and especially that there is a progress; power 2, then

E ≠ MC2

Above equation might be or is true.

When the left side is not equal with the right side of equation it must be then

smaller or greater, > or <.

Then the left side can be or is only < (smaller) because the progress is on the right side.

E < MC2

When variable mass symbol M is replaced by photon symbol Φ

E < ΦC2

Above equation might be or is true,

When the power ‘2’ is replaced by power to ‘3, 4, 5, 6, 7’…etc. or ‘’ (to infinity) then the left side of the equation is definitely not equal with the right side because there is even greater progress, then

E < ΦC∞ , then

e < ΦC∞.

‘e is a perfect half, rest of it is an illusion’, look at it he said,

‘all it is illusion’.

‘There are still some who believe that the speed of light may be the only constant in the whole universe, everything else changes. If everything changes so the speed of light does. Everything is energy. Energy is everything. Everything is a light/photon in the infinite speed of light’.

Einstein's statement that 'the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion' comes from a letter he wrote to the family of his lifelong friend Michele Besso on 21 March 1955, Einstein Archive, 7-245, published in The Quotable Einstein (Princeton University Press, 1996), p.61.

The Big Bang Theory commonly explained.
Just follow the sequence of opening of the Russian Doll, and keep it opening to Infinity.

...'the distinction between past, present, and future is only an illusion'...

A. Einstein
I do feel that the global Transition movement is the way to go. I think local currencies are an acceptable interim to get the control away from the banks. But, ideally, we need to overcome our addiction to currency. What we need to do is to adopt the mindset necessary to put symbolic economies behind us. Real economies would be based on production and distribution.

As well as becoming self-sufficient, we need to find a way to accommodate areas that need help. I once suggested to a friend that there is no reason why we can't plant food on waste ground. We don't need to seek permission but just do it. His response was "How would we prevent people from stealing the food we grow?" That is exactly the mindset we need to put behind us.

The Earth is fruitful where it is fertile... enough to accommodate areas that are less fertile. We have the technology to maintain an adequate infrastructure. We just have to get into the mindset of doing it to improve our societies and, consequently our own lives instead of the illusion of accumulating wealth. We have to get into the mindset that what is here is the property of everyone.

So much is already in place and we just need to change our thinking.

Les is a remarkable man and he certainly seems to have the organising abilities to get this heavy boulder rolling.
..."The value of money is an illusion"... as Ron Tocknell wrote.

Imagining a World Without Money?

Now have a look at the proposed answers:
That is exactly what I am talking about. This is why I have a slightly jaundiced view of local currencies. They are a good interim to reduce the unhealthy level of power that the banks hold but we have to be aware of the tendency for 'temporary' solutions becoming permanent.

Money itself is not bad because all it is is an idea. It is the mindset that embraces the concept of money that is dangerous. It is a divisive and accumulative mindset. We already have this and we need to move away from it.

Marek Zielinski said:
..."The value of money is an illusion"... as Ron Tocknell wrote.

Imagining a World Without Money?

Now have a look at the proposed answers:

All of our wealth unfolds from health, knowledge, skill and persistence. Materials are transformed into our many tools and works of art. Grains of sand become forged by our minds into glass, transistors, and computers. Realizing that improving your health, knowledge, skill and perseverance gives you the dream you have been wishing for so long. Our economies are to satisfy some craving or remove some aspect of suffering. After we have solved our hungers, illnesses, and various other suffering, we crave to give our love in many forms of art.





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