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Psychic Christopher Reburn
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Christopher Reburn is genuine. He's caring, professional and is sensitive to his client's needs. Christopher's highly-developed psychic abilities have enabled him to help people of all ages and backgrounds define and deal with their life problems and situations by offering his psychic insights and spiritual healing. 

Christopher is a internationally renowned and respected clairvoyant psychic medium, healer and spiritual teacher with an impressive twenty year-plus track record of accuracy. For years, Christopher has helped thousands of people worldwide with his indepth, accurate psychic readings about Lost Loved Ones, Romance, Good Fortune, Life Themes, Totems, Past Lives, Reincarnation, Career Paths, Health, Unsolved Crimes, Missing Persons, Hauntings, Ghosts, Dreams, Pets still living and Pets that have crossed over, The Unexplained, Spirits, Spirit Guides, Messages from The Other Side, Angels and much more.

For the past twenty years, Christopher Reburn has been on a timeless mission to help others. Christopher's first priority has always been and will always be to help others with his highly accurate and documented psychic abilities.

Christopher founded The Psychic Spirit organization for psychic insights, spiritual knowledge, growth and development in 2003. To date, Christopher continues to expand his spiritual mission, visions and gifts to help everyone within the universe who needs assistance, and remains one of the strongest forces in the psychic, spiritual, metaphysical and New Age arena.

Christopher is on a mission direct from God to help everyone who needs his invaluable psychic insights, powerful healings and making contact with The Other Side.

While Christopher maintains a hectic reading and personal appearances schedule, he remains one of the most compassionate and accessible psychics to anyone, anywhere.

Christopher also provides Spiritual Enrichment Classes, he has released eight highly acclaimed spoken word Audio CD's and he gives encouraging, captivating and uplifting lectures on topics relating to Spirituality, Psychic Phenomena, Angels, Spirit Guides and The Other Side. Christopher's first-ever book will be released in October 2009!

Visit Christopher’s website at


The Farewell Show

It's been an incredible run!! Join us for our final hurrah as we celebrate almost 15 years on the air!! During this show, I'll tell you all about my exciting new YouTube show, plans for the future, and so much more!! Are you ready to celebrate?? WE ARE!! 

Removing Negative People From Your Life with Christopher Reburn

Life is hard enough at times than to have to deal with negative and constantly pessimistic people. Sometimes the only thing you can do is walk away from these souls. Listen is I share some ways on how you can remove yourself from negative situations and people who drain your energy.

Connecting with your Angels with Christopher Reburn

Join us for a spirited discussion on angels, and ways that you can connect with your own guardian angels, what they do for you, what you can do to help them, and much more! 

Christopher Reburn welcomes Andrea Perron: Remembering April Perron

Two years ago, the Perron family suffered an unimaginable loss, the death of their beloved April. Listen as Christopher Reburn welcomes back Andrea Perron (author of the paranormal bestselling trilogy 'House of Darkness, House of Light' and the upcoming theatrical release) as she shares how her family got through the initial grief and shock of the loss. As we remember April, Andrea will share some of her favorite memories of her beautiful sister, and how April continues to guide her onward from the spirit world. This promises to be one of Andrea's most intimate interviews ever and you'll also want to hear her loving and compassionate words of encouragement for those who have lost a sibling. Join us as we celebrate April's life with Andrea's return to 'Conversations with Christopher' on the two year anniversary of April's earthbound graduation. 

Releasing Fear from a Paranormal Experience

Have you ever had a paranormal experience that frightened you? Listen as Christopher interviews Andrea Perron (HOUSE OF DARKNESS, HOUSE OF LIGHT) on different paranormal events that she endured and experienced while her family lived in a very haunted Rhode Island farmhouse, and ways you can heal in the aftermath of an experience frightening you beyond belief! We hope you'll be tuning in for this show!!

Beating The New Year Blues with Christopher Reburn

Starting a New Year is not always the easiest of tasks for those who've been struggling for so long. The thought of a New Year for some people brings forth tremendous anxiety, depression and other emotional, physical & spiritual ailments. Join me as we dive into some of these issues and how you can find your Light in the dark and beat the New Year blues & reclaim your crown!

Christmas with the Chickens & Helen Cooper at Big Red Rooster Rescue

Helen Cooper from the Big Red Rooster Rescue is back by popular demand!! We'll be celebrating Christmas and talking about the chickens at her rescue!! Check her out at 

Christopher Reburn & Jenny Stewart: Paranormal Christmas Reunion

Join dear friends Christopher & Jenny as they celebrate Christmas, and their record-breaking & triumphant 50th radio show appearance together!! Christopher and Jenny will be discussing their favorite holiday memories, how to feel positive during the holidays if you're feeling sad or too stressed, why/how loved ones in Heaven can be more active during this time of the year, how they love to join in on the Christmas festivities with us, and much more!! PLUS, Christopher & Jenny will be making a major announcement for 2019 that will be revealed first to our live listeners before it hits the press!! Join us for a lovely Christmasy show!!

A Simpler Christmas with Christopher Reburn & Sherry Dmytrewycz

Join besties Christopher Reburn & Sherry Dmytrewycz as they get together for their annual Christmas show. This time, Christopher & Sherry will talk about ways on how you can get back to basics this Christmas. Remember a time when there was a simpler Christmas? Join us as we take you back to that time, and offer ways how you can make this Christmas simpler, but still fabulous! It's always a great time with Christopher & Sherry get together, and this promises to be their greatest show of the year!!

Improving Your Self-Esteem with Christopher Reburn

With so much going on in the world around us, and in our own individual lives, sometimes it's not difficult to become disheartened and discouraged, and often the first thing to take a hit, is your self-esteem. Whether you were verbally abused, bullied, or worse -- this show is for you, as we celebrate YOU the SURVIVOR, how to increase your own beliefs in your self, and personal healing methods to help you get that crown back on your head again to keep conquering life once more!! Christopher will also lead you through a short healing meditation to help with personal empowerment & motivation!

World Peace: We Can Do It! with Christopher Reburn & Holly Riddel

Making her 2nd appearance on 'Conversations with Christopher', join us as we welcome back the amazing Holly Riddel for a discussion on ways on how we can support each other to create world peace. We'll discuss some easy ways, and some more complex ways, on how everyone can get involved to help the world come together as one!! This is going to be one of the most powerful shows of the year, hands down!! Don't miss it!! Welcome back, Holly!!!

Decommercializing Christmas with Christopher Reburn, Jean Callanan & Manolo Link

Join Christopher Reburn, Jean Callanan & Manolo Link as they join forces for their 2nd annual Christmas show. This year, they'll be focusing on decommercializing Christmas, and sharing ways and gift giving ideas that will make the holiday absolutely lovely, we'll remember some of our fondest Christmas memories and more!! Join us!!

Bypassing Life 2: The Return of Melissa Rodriguez

Join us as Melissa Rodriguez returns to our show to give us an update. It's been over a year since her successful gastric bypass surgery and she's back to share with us how much weight she's lost in her advice for other struggling with their weight.

Walking Away A Winner: When To Move On with Christopher Reburn

Sometimes the only thing you can do is walk away from someone. This is one of the most difficult things in life we have to deal with, and although sometimes people make it easy for us to cut ties, it's still difficult and emotionally draining when you have to cut someone out of your life. Listen as I share some ways on how you can walk away a winner with your head held high, with no guilt, nor apologizes. You really have to think about your life, and how far you've come, and what you've survived thus far, and that begs the question 'Is this person really worth the toxic pain, anxiety and stress they cause me??'. We'll explore this topic and more on this informative show!

Dealing with Social Media Trolls & Bullies with Christopher Reburn

Have you been bullied on social media? If your answer is NO, consider yourself one of the lucky ones. Listen as I share some ways on how you can avoid trolls on Facebook & Twitter, and why it's important your voice be heard, regardless of what other people may think. Never let anyone shut you up just because they don't agree with you -- NEWSFLASH - they don't have to!! If you've been recently bullied or trolled on social media, listen in as I lead a powerful healing meditation to release unnecessary negative energy attachments and more. #BeTheVoiceTheWorldNeeds

A New Life In Bali: A Conversation with Manolo Link

It's always a wonderful time? when my dear friend & spiritual big brother Manolo Link joins the show! Listen as I interview him on the upcoming American release of his fantastic book A NEW LIFE IN BALI - which details the loss of his beloved wife, starting over, finding one's self and purpose again, and so much more!! Manolo is one of the most genuine people I've ever known, and it's always a pleasure & privilege to host him on Conversations with Christopher.

Christopher Reburn welcomes Helen Cooper from Big Red Rooster Rescue

In 2014, Helen Cooper set up Big Red Rooster as she had for many years been rescuing Chickens and especially Cockerels. Helen did this as she had spent several years working with Chickens and seeing first hand the plight of unwanted Cockerels. After finding out there was no UK rescue for Cockerels, she was about to change that! Big Red Rooster was started in 2014. After several years of taking in and sometimes re-homing Cockerels for people for various reasons, we decided to make it an official and registered as a not-for-profit organization. We did this to enable us to raise funds, to allow is to expand and ultimately be able to help rescue and find homes for them! We are thrilled to welcome Helen Cooper to our show for the very first time!! 

Importance of Personal Boundaries with Christopher Reburn & Sherry Dmytrewycz

Do you have someone in your life who is constantly crossing boundaries that you've put in place? Are you tired of being manipulated by loved ones and people you consider your friends? Join us as we share some direct and honest ways on how you can release these people from your life, and if you must deal with them on a regular basis (i.e. family member, co-worker, neighbor, etc) we'll share with you some ways on how you can not let them press your buttons, and have the courage and strength to stand up and say NO! I'VE HAD ENOUGH! This promises to be a very powerful show with one of my dearest and most precious friends, Sherry Dmytrewycz from Healing Gateway ??

Dealing with Narcissistic People with Christopher Reburn

Need help dealing or recovering from a narcissist? Listen in to learn more

The Rise of Spirituality with Christopher Reburn & Jean Callanan

In her 5th appearance on Conversations, join us as we welcome back the always wonderful Jean Callanan, for a discussion on the rise of spirituality, and how we all can make a difference!  Jean is changing lives daily with her successful company, Momenta Hub, which we'll talk more about. She's traveled the Camino de Santiago and has been in many parts of the world. Jean has seen spirituality at it's weakest, and at it's strongest, and we're thrilled she's back with us once again to share her wit and wisdom with the world! Join us as we welcome back one of my dearest friends for an endearing conversation!

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