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The SAD Truth (Standard American Diet)

I have a question. Check out this screen shot:

And... we would all be much healthier than we are now, with less heart and circulation problems, cancer, and obesity. And... eating meat is brutal and cruel. Those who do it are less likely to be compassionate to other conscious beings of any kind. And... it's a HUGE burden on the ecology of our planet. Eating meat and dairy is extremely inefficient.…

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The Bird, the Boy, and the Tortoise

Once there was a beautiful forest, and in a small clearing, there was a boy, taking a walk. As he walked, he began to hear a slow, plodding voice. The voice said, "Young man, young man? Could you help me?" He looked around and saw no one, but the voice continued, "No, down here, it's me, and I need help."
The boy looked down and finally saw where the voice was coming from. He laughed and said, "Wow, it's a talking turtle!". Slowly, the turtle said, "Actually, I am not…

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