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The SAD Truth (Standard American Diet)

I have a question. Check out this screen shot:

And... we would all be much healthier than we are now, with less heart and circulation problems, cancer, and obesity. And... eating meat is brutal and cruel. Those who do it are less likely to be compassionate to other conscious beings of any kind. And... it's a HUGE burden on the ecology of our planet. Eating meat and dairy is extremely inefficient. It wastes unbelievable amounts of labor and natural resources. And... we are not genetically designed to eat meat. We are far more like apes than cats. And... it's just gross.

So why do we, who claim to be intelligent, still do it, and how can we get everyone to stop this destructive, unnecessary and cruel practice?

Our survival as a species may depend on what we decide to do about our diet, even if we do everything else right. A sure sign that we have reached a level of great enlightenment is when we have stopped raising animals for food.

Please, let's do this.

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